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I’m not mean!

There were a couple of comments about yesterday’s post, relating to Belle, the table and why did I put her bowl there. Let me splain…the table is a breakfast nook type table and the the shelf is to put (I think) place mats and other assorted crap such as salt and pepper etc. away so that you can read a newspaper or whatever you do when you’re not eating breakfast.

Why were was the bowl there, and why was I being mean to Belle by putting it there? As it happens I wasn’t being mean to her, that bowl was right where it has been for the past four years and actually belongs to Buzz and Booey. I have fed them there without incident for four years. Neither Bentley nor Buddy ever thought of trying to get to their food and everything was just fine…


The cats got to eat their dinner in peace, and the dogs didn’t cost me a fortune in pilfered cat food…


That was until Belle showed up! From the very beginning she was a climber, and used to climb up the latticed side of the table to get to their food. She got so good at it that I had to move the cats’ food higher up (onto another table, but she can still get to it) in an effort to maintain some shred of sanity at mealtimes. I just wish I had got a picture of her as a pup climbing the table. Hang on, I think I’ve got something…


It’s not actually of her climbing (which used to be pretty funny) but rather shortly after she made it to the shelf. Here’s yet another clip of the youngsters from a couple of months ago…


21 Responses

  1. I figured that was the cat dish. Who called you mean? I only call you Australian. Or creamy thighed.

  2. Kila did in the comment after yours.

  3. I didn’t think that was mean. I thought it was a pretty good prank. Funny about the cats and Belle getting to the food. We have a number of animals and fortunately, they provide us with lots of entertainment….that and poop, dead and alive mice, dead birds, the odd old bone, donkey poop, etc.

  4. You, mean? Never!

  5. I don’t have any problem believing Belle would steal cat food or cake.

  6. I love your cat feeding spot! Very cute and very clever.

    Our German shorthair, Scout, used to climb the chain link fence at our old house and we occasionally watched a couple of English sheepdogs that would climb it, too. In fact, I think one of the sheepdogs taught Scout to climb. It was the goofiest thing because all three of them could easily have jumped that fence, but they preferred to climb. Scout liked to climb the ladder to the slide at the old house, too, and then sit up there “on watch”. Sometimes he would climb the ladder just for the fun of sliding down the slide.

  7. anyone who names a cat “booey” cannot possibly be mean.

  8. You must be the most maligned man in the blogosphere. What ARE people thinking?

  9. oh, brilliant cat feeding idea. My mum has that exact breakfast nook table but with a different material on the seats. I must ask her to feed my cats over at her place for a while. And by the way your video? Makes me think your couch looks SOOOO comfortable, I just want to come over and sleep on it in front of the TV. 🙂

  10. Love the cats dining table! That video was adorable

  11. Time to get a giant Baby-gate.

    I had to put up one to the laundry room to keep the dogs out of there and the cat food safe. I couldn’t figure out why my cat was suddenly scarfing his dry food down every night…..(I knew it was the dogs, but they suddenly had become ravenous!)

  12. Oh! I didn’t even see the bowl in yesterday’s video – guess I was too busy looking at Belle’s contortions. That’s seriously funny! And I love the pics of Buzz and Booey eating, each sitting on a chair. Endlessly amusing, the wee buggers.

  13. Jeez they really are worse then children sometimes. Little food stealer. It’s a darn good thing Belle’s so cute…and funny…and playful….and…

  14. OK, I guess that makes sense. I was trying to figure out why the dish would be there, and thought maybe you were teasing her. (Of course I was joking around when I called you mean, having “known” you for over a year.)

    I have climbers, too (the kids, not the dog), and can emphasize with trying to keep the kids out of each other’s stuff! Trying to keep a growing puppy away from food, whew, that’s a tall order!

    You do move the dish when you sit down there yourself to eat, right? That sight might take away my appetite! 😉

  15. Oops, wrote that wrong word. That should be empathize, not emphasize, LOL!

  16. Maybe whoever built the table put the shelf there on purpose…for feeding cats??

  17. that’s actually a REALLY good idea for feeding the cats. we’re hoping to get cats and a dog next year so I’m going to have to remember this little trick 🙂

  18. That kind of conniving (ahem, sorry, cunning) might be the Border Collie in her, no?

  19. My, my…you’ve been rather prolific while I’ve been gone. It’s always interesting when I haven’t visited the Dingo for a bit, to return and see the juxtaposition of your posts….and as you said yourself, it’s all good ;).

  20. Nobody who’s investing that much moola in pet food could possibly be mean. Crazy, maybe, but not mean.

  21. Ahh yes, you have to be clever with dogs and cat food. Our dog that we had would get up on the table thne the counter to get the cat food. We went through cat food alot faster when we had him…

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