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Fun Monday #37

This week’s event is hosted by Janet (thanks, you did a great job), but wait there’s more…I’m hosting next week, so follow the instructions at the end of this post. But this week it’s all about how you met your whatever. I almost didn’t sign up as I just recently wrote a post about this very thing (as part of a series I’m doing), but then it dawned on me "Are you crazy?! All you have to do is cut and paste and you’re done!".

So that’s exactly what I’ve done. But I still have a nagging fear that there’s a possibility that parallel worlds could collide. What this means is that if you’re a regular Dingo reader, you are now officially ahead of schedule, if you’re a regular Fun Mondayer, you’re in for a real literary treat! And god help us all if a regular Dingo reader, a Fun Mondayer and regular Dingo reader who usually does Fun Monday all click on my blog at the same time! There’s no telling what may happen, but my guess is that the entire blogosphere could implode.

Oh just one more thing, I found a photo that illustrates the whole seat cover thing, the seats in the photo are the seat covers in the story, so you can now appreciate how hard it was putting them on. Read on…

It was a dark and stormy night. Or it would have been if it wasn’t a beautiful balmy Sunday afternoon in the middle of a Californian Spring. Truth be told, there was nary a cloud to be seen (sorry, there’s still
a few pirate words hanging around), but a storm was brewing inside the house, one that would change my life forever.

ET and I were doing what we did best, smoking waccy tabbacy and idling away the hours talking about the things we should be doing, when suddenly the phone rang (ok, it didn’t ring any more of a sudden than
it usually did, but this is a story, so everything has to have an adjective, or in this case an adverb). It was MDW. Both ET and Mrs ET (although she wasn’t at the time), had known MDW (who also wasn’t yet)
for a long time, in fact ET had travelled extensively with her and Chuck (maybe more on him later) in South East Asia.

This shared experience was not looked upon fondly by Mrs ET, who was at the time trying to ensnare ET on a long term basis, so a phone call from MDW was about as welcome as a fart in a space suit. There was an ensuing conversation between ET and Mrs ET full of hushed tones and strained looks, with the upshot being the statement to me to the effect that "MDW needs you to go and help her put some carseat covers on". Now if you’re anything like me (and even if you’re not), you’d be thinking
1) why would she need me, she doesn’t even know me and/or, 2) why would she need help putting carseat covers on?

As it happens, she didn’t ask for me because understandably, in much the same way as I didn’t know her, she didn’t know me too. (now that’s some English right there!) What had transpired was that Mrs ET put her foot down, and ET put his in his mouth and volunteered me for the job to get Mrs ET off his back (if you knew Mrs ET you’d know this was not a comfortable position to be in, we’re talking serious back
strain). So it was with high hopes and a hard member that I threw my bike in back of ET’s pickup and we headed to MDW’s apartment, where ET dropped me and my bike off, and then took off like the scurvy bilge rat he is!

Both my high hopes and my hard member were dashed when I realised that MDW really did just need a hand getting the seat covers on, and it wasn’t simply an elaborate ploy to get her some man meat. But the deed
was done and here I was, plus there’s no way Mrs ET would have ever believed that MDW wasn’t after her fella, so it was probably all for the best. Anyway, these bastards weren’t your usual stretch terry
towelling numbers, they were the real deal, made out of the same vinyl as the originals and were even the same colour. They were, in fact, a DIY reupholstering kit that required the removal of the seats and a
couple of hours of genuine grunt work!

However, and if you’ve been reading me for any length of time you know there’s always a however, we eventually got them on and then retired to her apartment for some refreshments and stimulating
conversation. Well, at least that’s how I saw it…

Ok, wasn’t that fun wasn’t it! After you’ve left a nice comment, click on the link at the top of the right hand sidebar to check out the assignment for next week.

Enjoy the rest of you Fun Monday.


41 Responses

  1. And they lived happily ever after… in separate homes!!

    BTW, who knew seat covers could be SO romantic!!

  2. by the way, that serial narrative needs another installment soon.

  3. you are too funny Peter! 🙂

  4. This post is so much better now than the last time you posted it all because of that picture. That Westie is adorable! Please tell us more about him/her. Did the Westie have a B name, too, or is that something you started and not YDW?

  5. OH god. Not a westie. I have westie trauma.

  6. Bring in the violin music.

  7. Yes, I’d like the next instalment, please.

  8. You mnean all I have to do is call up a guy and ask him to help with my car seat covers? I better get a car.

  9. How you got those sets on is beyond me. Wow.

    And can I just say? Today’s trivia thingy made me realize how little I know about Australia. Boy, do I feel stupid. Still, got half of ’em right, which isn’t too bad for answering by logic, hunches and closing my eyes and pointing the cursor… 😉

  10. Well it seems I learn something new about you every time I visit. I knew you were funny. But you’re quite useful too! Those are some good looking seats if I do say so myself.

  11. Yeah, she married you ’cause your handy. Uh-hmmm!

  12. Whew, that IS a literary treat 😉 It was such a treat to read it again that I next clicked on the other parts of the story on the sidebar. I think we need a Part 4 sometime this week, when you aren’t too busy.

    Not sure if I have it in me to do this Fun Monday, seeing as how the D in DH rarely stands for Dear, and I met him only because of moving here for my old boyfriend, the real love of my life, who I happened to see today…

  13. déjà vu!!

  14. vuja de!

  15. Copy and paste…what I good idea. I might do that for this Fun Monday too. Maybe I will copy and paste your story and change a few details.

    Is the sequel finished? Dare I ask?

  16. Sometimes I think you just made up this woman.

    But now that I’ve seen the car seat photo I’m forced to believe you.

  17. Well that was easy wasn’t it? I should have though of that! Hang on. I don’t have any of those soppy love stories, I get enough reading yours and Ree’s. Probably why I wasn’t in a rush to write mine this week.

  18. Maybe I should have asked you to pen my post as I’m afraid I am not as eloquent with words as you are, Mr Adjective.

  19. Can anyone do Fun Monday, or do we need a special dispensation from the host?

  20. The Volkswagen! And the seat covers!

    I did a meme just recently about how I met the man – but I guess I’m going to cut and paste, too. And look for a picture

  21. You coulda saved time and linked like I did! I have to say it was better reading the 2nd time around and me, myself and I all concur on that point!

  22. Car seat covers? That is pure romance. Any man who can be handy with tools and gadgetry is the kind of manly man girls drool over.

  23. All I can say is that there must be a story behind the story. Perhaps after being a regular Dingo reader it will all become clear as to who you are actually married to 🙂 Would I be correct that you are married to MDW but you were married to Mrs. ET before MDW?

  24. seat covers! now THAT’s what my story was missing!!

  25. Everyone’s talking about the seat covers, but I’d like to hear more of the waccy tabbacy. I can just handle so much romance….

  26. The visual was the finishing touch this story needed…that and the finale!!!
    I wish I had pictures for my story…

  27. I uploaded the site as fast as fast can be, thinking, hey, it’s the night before, maybe i can be the first comment!
    yeah, not so much.

  28. tap tap tap. That would be me waiting for the rest of the story. It’s been too long since you left us hanging.

  29. Well, you got me from the beginning….”It was a dark and stormy night!” It forced me to read further.

    Copying and pasting—such a neat concept. I wouldn’t even consider that cheating at all. Especially with the involvement of those beauties —the seat covers.

    You went over the top here. And it deserves an a+ for doing what you did.

    Your share got me so flustered see what I did?

    An error occurred…
    Name and email address are required.

    Please correct the error in the form below, then press Post to post your comment.”

    [I forgot to add my name for crying up a crutch!] All fixed now tho.

  30. I was thking about copying and pasting my previous comments from this post, and then I worried about ripping a hole in the space-time continuum. I’ll just wait for the next installment.

  31. oohhh…that was funny…and seat covers are a you-know-what to put on!!!

  32. yep that was fun! and did the westie in the car help?! lol

  33. That is a great story. You have a great way of putting things to amuse the mind and the senses. Very funny.

  34. All these people wasting hard earned dollars on match making services when all they need to do is put a man to work? Huh, who knew???

  35. I loved the story, but even more, I loved the way you told it. Funny!

    So, what if you’re a Fun Mondayer, an occasional Dingo reader, who may just become a regular reader…what happens then?

  36. Man meat? Funny!!! I WANT WEDDING PICS, NOW DAMMIT!!

  37. Interesting stories you have!

    Thanks for visiting my Blog – and yes, I thought I was quite brave. It would have been stupid if hadn’t done an intensive background and security check. Just kidding! I can’t imagine living in a different house and still being married. It wouldn’t work for us. Glad you found a way to have your cake and eat it too! I mean that in the nicest way.


  38. “Enjoy the rest of you Fun Monday…?” Still a ‘lil pirate left in ya?

    Now that I see the seat covers, it’s a damn good thing you got laid for it.

  39. Kaboom

    Hey – you forgot about the part where she just happened to have strawberries and champagne ready.

  40. ChrisB stole my line days ago :/.

    If I’m not mistaken, shouldn’t I win an award for the longest FM post EVAH??? Not that that’s what I was gunning for, but I figured it wasn’t the time to start a serial…..

    Does YDW ever read this???? Does she know you have a blog? I think you’ve mentioned she doesn’t read it, but does that mean NEVER??

    Toodles :).

  41. Ha! I’d ask my husband to put antifreeze in my radiator, (and new brakes,tires,and put the window back up)! It does work!!
    Having a ‘Handy’man around the house is very ‘Handy’! Loved the story.

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