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Fun Monday #38 Signup Sheet.

Just leave a comment if you are going to participate in the clothing art Fun Monday. Make sure you fill in your blog address.

So far we have:

Molly, Holtie, Blue Momma, Jenni in KS, Fianna, Min, Robin, Junebug, Stephanie, ChrisB, Kila, Kaytabug, Sandy, Laurie, Retrohipster, Karisma, Lisa, Beckie, Robinella, Anglophile Football Fan, Sirdar, Janet, Robin in CA, Mommyca, Joy T, Kerith, Sayre, Katie(kitten), her indoors, Alix, Nikki, Dawn, Susan, Karina, Tiggerlane, Hootin’ Anni, Bethany, Julie, Beth, My4kids, Hayden, AlisonwonderlandEmma, Bindi, AreWeThereYetMom, Arkansas Songbird, SwampAngel65, Lisa, jill,

Just a few minor points:

  • If you’re not going to post don’t sign up!
  • If you’re a commercial venture, piss off.
  • If you can’t post for some reason, let people know.
  • If you’re hosting a giveaway, then go away.
  • Unless you’re Swampy, post only the assignment.

We’re looking for a host for next week.


50 Responses

  1. Testing 1-2-3…

  2. Okay, I can do this. Count me in. Put me on the list.

  3. Ya got me ya smooth talker.

  4. Me, too, though any kind of art scares me!

  5. Sign me up! Even though you specified it must be something we own (I went to Goodwill last week and saw some *great* items), I think we’ve got plenty of what you’re looking for. Sounds like a fun Fun Monday to me!

  6. With my limited clothing options in the hotel, this might very well be a short post.

  7. okay. I’ll find something.

  8. I’m an American and I know what a stinkin’ hat trick is, thankyewverymuch….!

    And, yessir, I’m in :).

    Thanks for taking charge, you decisive dictator, you! Or is it a monarchy?

  9. Yes, count me in.

  10. Make me a tentative.

    Meaning I’m hoping Jenny or Mindy will give me something cool from one of their closets. ‘Cause I’m not exactly a clothes horse. Nope.

    Wait a minute… I have … an idea…

    Yeah, count me in.

  11. How could I refuse when you put it so sweetly!

  12. I love a man that takes charge and doesn’t need a damn poll to guide him.

    You can sign me up, but I’m already laughing at the thought of this one, just imagining the graphics we are going to see.

  13. I am totally IN!

  14. I love being told what to do! Count me in.

  15. i’ve never done a fun monday before, but i have a story for this one, so count me in. i hope i follow proper etiquette….

  16. I knew some of that stuff from high school would come in handy for something!!!!

  17. I will endeavor to be caught up after my scatter brained holidays in order to participate, unlike this week where I have not even had time to write my Fun Monday post.

  18. Sure sign me up. Have no cluse what I’m commiting to other than being here next Monday but am sure I’ll figure it out. 🙂

  19. I’m in on this one.

  20. I’ll play!


    (so you don’t actually have to click on my blog to get it – I’m that nice! And I think you demanded it in your sign up post.)

  21. I’m not sure I have a whole heckuva lot of graphic clothing, but I’ll be happy to share the little I do.

  22. Count me in!! I wonder if I have my old Ted Nugent concert t-shirt……

  23. ok. i’m in, though i will have to do some thinkin’ ….

  24. Okay, I am game..count me in.

  25. oh, count me in!!:o)

  26. YOU are my hero! Now these are the kind of assignments I like. Please sign me up.

  27. sign me up!!!

  28. I’m not sure what this is, but I’ll give it a shot….


  29. Okay, count me in!

  30. sign me up, now wait i will sign me up, ok just put me on the list! please

  31. Yes count me in, sounds fun

  32. Okay, sign me up. I’m a clothing whore so I have many, many options to choose from.

  33. I’m in. It will be fun. It will be like a scavenger hunt too.

  34. Despite the fact that we have boring clothes, I’ll see what I can come up with…even if it’s just the company logo lol

  35. I knew this would be a fun one! I’m so in!


  36. SO in. In, in, IN!

  37. Count me in!! I’ll be there…with bells on! No wait…with garment art! Awww, shucks. Not matter, I’ll be there.

  38. I’m in!

  39. I’m in…..hope some r-rated is ok….lol

  40. Count me in !

  41. Sign me up I’ll do it we have a lot of graphic tee’s….

  42. sure, why not?

  43. all right – i’ve got an idea, so i’m signing up …

  44. Okay I want to do this one. And it’s not one of those where I say I will and then don’t…I really will!

  45. Yep, sounds fun. (this is my first fun monday!)

  46. Count me in. Love ‘Garment Art’!

  47. Hey Darlin’…thanks for the ‘reprieve’ on having to follow directions…I will seriously try to adhere to them, but who knows what will end up at The Asylum.
    Between having no Internet connection and leaving home tomorrow until November 12, will certainly provide for some interesting blog fodder.
    I will have my laptop and will be with 5 high school girlfriends for the first leg of the trip.
    Stay tuned. It could get interesting.
    Kath 🙂

  48. Wow! I love your new look. Very nice. Please sign me up for the clothing art Fun Monday assignment.

  49. I’m going on a road trip this weekend. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for some interesting articles of clothing for Monday! Can’t wait to see what people come up with! Count me in!

  50. All right, I’m in, I have enough crappy clothes with graphics that this should be easy!

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