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Too many words.

Yesterday’s Fun Monday was another of those wordy assignments (I’m more of a picture type guy), which in itself isn’t so bad, but there was quite a large turnout and today I’m all worded out, both reading and writing. So today’s post is more of the pictorial variety.

Here’s a couple of roadside signs, with some input from the public.


Now this one is a little crass if you ask me. The language of some people!

Before you go, just to prove that I really am an nice guy, babies just love me.

Oh Geez, I almost for this one. I’m all about bringing you the classiest stuff on the net. This proves that size does matter. Go on, click it, it’s safe for work.


36 Responses

  1. Up too early with sick children…the “Be Polite” sign just captures my mood perfectly…crap.

    When they stop hurking will have to show them the pictures of the micro-art, they will love it.

  2. Willowtree, you’d better be careful…you might get arrested if they catch you with that can of black spray point. Of course I’m talking about the SECOND billboard–you’d never add a smiley face to your graffiti.

    (hmmmm, I might, though 😉 ).

  3. I must remember that excuse if I’m ever caught speeding.
    I’ve seen the eye of the needles art before, it’s amazing how anyone can do this.

  4. I’m still snorting from the first sign. Dunno where you find these things but please don’t stop!

  5. Too funny. Naw, you didn’t offend, we 2 have have had our laughs.

  6. So that’s what you do in your spare time! Just make sure you throw away the spray paint cans. No need to hold on to the evidence.

  7. Why are 2 of the 8 wives missing? Were they already beheaded? Couldn’t they still be on the needle? Maybe they fell off.

  8. Hahahahahaha! Just showed why I don’t do so well on trivia. Henry the EIGHTH and his SIX wives. Not Henry and his eight wives. Hisory sucks!

  9. Oh, and spelling.

  10. do you own a can of black spray paint?

    oh crap just saw robin’s response. ah well….great minds….

  11. I’ve gotta say, that second sign reflects my mood today. I think it’s actually a little dangerous for me to come see you in this mood. You seem perfectly normal and rational to me today. Scary.

  12. I love how you assure us that the size matters site is okay to open at work after we’ve already blasted our coworkers with Go Fuck Yourself!

    Of course, I’m not at work, so I don’t care. Ah, who the hell am I kidding? I wouldn’t care there either.

  13. Go on – admit it. You totally spray painted the ‘Be Polite’ sign.

    That baby gif was kinda freaky.

  14. the irony of that first picture…. the older you get, the more likely that would be your excuse.

    And then, you see the blinking light in your rear view.

    It was time to detail the car anyway.

  15. That second pic would make a great bumper sticker.

  16. Hi, WT, nice signs! I saw that miniature work the other day, it’s startling!

  17. Lovin’ the signs, the needle thing is incredible -is that really possible?

  18. To funny;)

  19. That gif is creep-ay.

  20. Those minature sculptures are amazing! I’ve never seen anything so small.

    Those signs are grea. I especially liked the second one, made my day!!

  21. Wow, those mini sculptures are amazing, and hard to believe, especially for someone with dyslexia! No way would my middle son (who has D) consider doing something like that FUN! Very cool, thanks for sharing.

  22. Thinking about that needle stuff makes my head hurt.

    This post made me laugh, though!

  23. Oh very cool – you always find such interesting things, WT. THe road signs are hilarious!

  24. Why put Snowwhite in the eye of a needle?

    Of course – because he can.

  25. Oh, yes – agreed on the Fun Monday post from yesterday. I read until my eyes bled. Sap, sicky-sweet….

    I’ve already got two t-shirts lined up – just have to find mine…

  26. Those road signs may become extinct soon. The gov. are planning to spend money, painting them over IMMEDIATELY, to discourage the little devils. WT your paint may start getting expensive with having to rewrite everyday.

    Personally. I “liked” the baby clip. Looks like a little Yoda. I could just see her saying “You are so full of shit! Get outta here!”

  27. Our billboards are going digital and change every few seconds to something else. It would be interesting to see how the graffiti played out.

    So if it went from the cop asking why you sped to be polite and both said go fuck yourself. Well, I think that one would do for both. It’s universal!

  28. Funny signs. At least he top guy was being honest 🙂

    Second guy…not so much.

    The guy with the miniatures is sure talented. At lot of detail. I don’t think I would have the patience.

  29. My Fun Monday wasn’t wordy, it was only six words: WE MET IN A BAR !
    Of course, there were other words, but they made no sense at all.

  30. The tiny things are cool. When I was young, my parents gave me tiny ivory figures of jungle animals than fit in a seed about the size of a pea. Being a careless kid, I did not take care of this treasure. (I do know that it is not environmentally sound to use ivory in this way, but these were different times.)

  31. God help me if there’s ever a bomb…or something…on one of those “go ahead just click it it’s safe” links. Because I can’t help it. I HAVE to click. This time was safe though. And I’m glad I clicked on it. Very cool!

  32. Amazing art Peter! and the baby amused me! Thank you!

  33. Love the signs but am far more impressed with the artist, how does he make those minatures? Amazing.

  34. That kid looks like he could have a big future as a hypnotist.

  35. WTHeck is black spray point?


    I.HATE.MY.FLIPPIN.TYPOS!!! Yours, I’ve grown to love ;).

  36. I’m a little behind in my reading…GREAT Stuff!!

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