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TV is so innovative.

I guess Hollywood and Burbank have a different definition for the word innovation than the rest of us. When I first looked up innovation many years ago, the description went something like "The creation, development and implementation of a new
product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency,
effectiveness or competitive advantage.
" Ok since that was a cut and paste from a dictionary, it probably went exactly like that.

However I think, the TV moguls have changed the meaning slightly to mean "Observe and monitor all products currently available with a view to identifying those that seem good candidates for possible minor variations so as not to tax our creative people too much, while maximising the amount of mindless garbage that we are able to produce, thereby foisting hours of repetitive crap upon the viewing public"

Wow that was a mouthful! Let me break it down a little, think "Reality TV" or if you don’t watch that sort of thing, try "Search for a Star", don’t watch those either? ok, then think Police Drama, Hospital Drama or Sitcom and you get the idea.

Why am I bringing this up? Well it just so happens that tonight (or, for those of you who watch American TV, tonite) my TV Guide lists the new series of House at 8:30 followed at 9:30 by the new show Life. This pairing tickles my funny bone because, having gained moderate success with a Hospital Drama revolving around a somewhat idiosyncratic American doctor played by an Englishman, the network decided to make a Police Drama revolving around a somewhat idiosyncratic American detective played by an Englishman.

But wait (as the Demtel man would say) there’s more! Not only did they seamlessly shift from one genre to another, the guy in Life looks so much like the guy in House that it looks like the doctor is moonlighting as a detective by changing clothes during the ad break!

And while we’re on the subject of idiosyncratic characters, has anyone ever wondered how come Monk has this phobia about touching things, and uses handkerchiefs and all sorts of humours devices to ensure he never touches things even if they have been washed, yet when walking down the street he has to touch every post he passes? How about some consistency… please!