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TV is so innovative.

I guess Hollywood and Burbank have a different definition for the word innovation than the rest of us. When I first looked up innovation many years ago, the description went something like "The creation, development and implementation of a new
product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency,
effectiveness or competitive advantage.
" Ok since that was a cut and paste from a dictionary, it probably went exactly like that.

However I think, the TV moguls have changed the meaning slightly to mean "Observe and monitor all products currently available with a view to identifying those that seem good candidates for possible minor variations so as not to tax our creative people too much, while maximising the amount of mindless garbage that we are able to produce, thereby foisting hours of repetitive crap upon the viewing public"

Wow that was a mouthful! Let me break it down a little, think "Reality TV" or if you don’t watch that sort of thing, try "Search for a Star", don’t watch those either? ok, then think Police Drama, Hospital Drama or Sitcom and you get the idea.

Why am I bringing this up? Well it just so happens that tonight (or, for those of you who watch American TV, tonite) my TV Guide lists the new series of House at 8:30 followed at 9:30 by the new show Life. This pairing tickles my funny bone because, having gained moderate success with a Hospital Drama revolving around a somewhat idiosyncratic American doctor played by an Englishman, the network decided to make a Police Drama revolving around a somewhat idiosyncratic American detective played by an Englishman.

But wait (as the Demtel man would say) there’s more! Not only did they seamlessly shift from one genre to another, the guy in Life looks so much like the guy in House that it looks like the doctor is moonlighting as a detective by changing clothes during the ad break!

And while we’re on the subject of idiosyncratic characters, has anyone ever wondered how come Monk has this phobia about touching things, and uses handkerchiefs and all sorts of humours devices to ensure he never touches things even if they have been washed, yet when walking down the street he has to touch every post he passes? How about some consistency… please!


39 Responses

  1. Oh first, if I type fast. Monk may be my favorite television program; however, you are right there are inconsistencies. But gosh, Willowtree, it is all make believe.

  2. They think we’re asleep.


  3. No comment because I don’t know those shows your writing about!

  4. Don’t get me started on the awful reality TV what’s real about it, as it’s all contrived even where it’s supposed to be live!! or am I naive and people really do behave and treat each other, like they do on Big Brother (BTW I DO NOT WATCH IT)but I read what the papers say.

  5. Have you seen Pushing Daisies? Pretty interesting concept…plus I love the quirky way it is filmed. It’s kind of “Tim Burtonish.”

  6. I’m amazed peeps find time to watch tv!

  7. The main necessity for watching most television programs: suspend your penchant for logic and just let it wash over you. It’s entertainment.

    That said, I don’t watch much tv. I despise reality shows. I’d rather watch my grass grow than watch American Idol. I do love the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and my local public television channel, though.

    And Willow, lay off Monk! He’s crazy. Why should his phobias make any sense. I mean, come on, he’s afraid of milk. Pasteurized, homogonized milk.

  8. I hate reality TV which we all know…is NOT reality.

    I don’t watch much TV.

    BTW I got an award for you. 😀

  9. Hi. My name is Blue Momma and I’m a reality tv addict. Quit talking about me people. Blogs are just reality tv in print!

    I love House. Haven’t watched that new show as it will interfere with Road Rules 972 when it comes back on.

  10. I just find it hard to believe that out of 300 million people in America, they couldn’t find two to act in a couple of shows instead of getting English actors. That was really the point of the post. That and I didn’t have any ideas for a proper post.

  11. Love House, not sure about life, hate reality TV. They seem to have have run out of American actresses too as the new Bionic Woman is English as is the female lead in Pushing up Daisy’s!

  12. I’ve got an answer for you. It’s because all network television is designed to appeal to the lowest (and broadest) common denominator. Anything original is considered too eccentric (and quickly snapped up by HBO or Showime) until it wins many awards and then they all jump on the bandwagon. House is a perfect example (although it’s Fox). The Brits will watch it for Hugh Laurie, the Americans will watch it to see how perfect his accent is and the rest of the world will watch it to wonder why the hell they couldn’t find an American actor to play the part.

    Bottom line? They’re all watching. Mission accomplished.

    Don’t get me started…

  13. My theory on Monk is that he not only suffers from OCD, but also a mild form of Tourette syndrome which causes the involuntary touching of things. People who have this don’t “want” to touch things, the brain just signals them to do it.

  14. House is about the only show on TV that I hate to miss… life is becoming another favourite…. to lazy to change channels??
    Do NOT watch reality shows!!!!!

  15. All the American actors/actresses are in rehab.

  16. RC – That pretty much sums up what I was thinking (almost exactly in fact, except for the part about everyone watching).

    Min – That’s brilliant (and it makes sense too), I never thought of that!

    Sandy – Hahahahahahaha!

  17. Yawn. Let’s talk about whether George and Izzy will really last.

  18. Sorry, you’ve got the wrong blog. You need the one where they give a shit about those losers. Izzy should never have left Roswell for Seattle!

  19. I have to admit that I have not watched House.
    I am ashamed to say I’ve left the TV on after Dancing with the Stars and seen bits & pieces of Bachelor. WHICH, I believe they use the same dialogue but just put in different faces and places. “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.”

  20. come on, don’t blame the creative types. It’s the producers. They don’t want to hear about original – to them, the word means *untested*.

    perfect example is the way creative types MUST pitch to producers if they expect to be listened to – they have 30 sec to say something like:

    “it’s like House, only with detectives” if they expect to have a chance to show what they’ve come up with….that LITERALLY must be the words used in the lead sentance…

  21. Amen. Just… amen.

  22. Michael has been bugging me to watch House. I guess I would have to buy it I’m so far behind. (ugh) Could I possibly just jump in.

    BTW…Is that all there is on the when Hari met Kiri serial? I’ve been waiting quite patiently. I’m pretty much a linear reader and like to finish what I start before I move on so this is really disturbing me.

  23. But should Addison have left Seattle for LA? Discuss.

  24. Uh…there’s stuff on tv right now besides baseball and football??

    And melissa – I think Addison should have stayed put. I can’t watch and get committed to another whole set of angst-ridden-oversexed doctors. CAN’T.

  25. WT – you need a hobby. Other than this gig of entertaining us, of course.

  26. I agree with Tiggerlane. Getting involved with another set of whole set of angst-ridden-oversexed doctors is a pain. We have blogs to write, trivia contests to take, clever comments to up. Our lives are full.

    Now, let’s talk about what’s important. Are Callie and George staying married? If not, what will happen to Callie O’Malley?

  27. Clever comments to think up…well, not so clever, eh?

  28. WT – the whole reason for English actors is because Americans chicks dig the accent. The only reason, okay?

  29. Pamela – Next season on Dancing, two of the contestants must get married (or find and immunity treasure somewhere), no wait I think that the Batchelor has to learn to dance, yeah that’s right.

    Hayden – So what words do you think Allen Ball used when he pitched Six Feet Under, or Gene Rodenberry when he pitched Star Trek?

    Lene – A woman. Lots of women.

    Mary – Of course you could just jump in, none of it makes sense anyway! The HariKari serial will continue shortly. I might even give you an episode in a day or so.

    Tiff – You and Melissa seem to be in the wrong chat room.

    Robinella – Huh! You mean masturbation isn’t a hobby?

    Molly – Don’t make me get the belt!

    Karmyn – Errr, that was sort of the point of the post, they are all talking with a Californian (American to anyone outside Ca) accents! Including the 20 or so Aussie actors currently on American made TV.

  30. I predict Callie O’Malley will team up with Dr. Bailey to run the entire hospital.

    Also, I am already hooked on the new oversexed doctors. I blame Taye Diggs.

    Hi WT!

  31. I’m actually afraid to comment because I’m totally out of the loop – I only watch (hides behind a cushion then you can’t see me) FRIENDS! Series 9 was showing when we left SA, then when we got here, luckily Series 10 was on, then it all ended, (it’s on EVERY night of the week), and the next night, they started with series 1 again. It’s like Friends does Groundhog Day. But I still hate to miss an episode.
    Oh and I watch the news. I’m not all bad.

  32. Love House, but then I have this thing about smartasses 🙂 Haven’t watched Life. Other than House, I only have one “must see” show on network TV, which is Hell’s Kitchen. I’ve watched Kitchen Nightmares just to get more of Gordon Ramsay, but it’s not as much fun as HK. (And yes, I know this proves your point about innovation because those shows were BBC shows before America decided, “Hey, let’s jump on THAT bandwagon.” Oh, and without any remorse I can say that I so have the hots for Aussie “Take Home Chef” Curtis Stone.

  33. I don’t watch TV at home much.
    I do watch TV shows on my iPod on the way to and from work in the train, whole seasons at a time. A couple of weeks ago I watched seasons 1 to 3 of Greys Anatomy. This week I am on House, just started season 2 last night. If you watch things that was (all in one hit) you’ll never notice that they are all recycled plots and characters.

  34. I meant “if you watch things that way” not that was.

  35. LOL! I love House, but haven’t tuned in yet this season, but I was just thinking last week how the guy in Life looks like the guy in house!

    Great post!

    Wait… do we really spell “tonite” like that?
    That’s awful! I don’t want to be lumped in with THOSE people!

  36. Why are we so fascinated by these grumpy men with some type of British accents?? 🙂

  37. Ok I love watching House…I do love me some Grumpy old smart ass men with foreign accents! Haven’t heard of Life except the board game…

    I too am hooked on the oversexed Dr’s in LA…melissa call me we’ll dish!

    One of these days I need to do that post about my other addiction…my shows!

  38. Fortunately I don’t watch a lot of TV. I sometimes catch a few minutes of House and actually enjoy it most of the time. But I haven’t seen Life or even heard of it. I’ll have to ask the wife or kids what they think of it.

  39. I must admit I too am a Grey’s fan, as well as Private Practice. (It is all Taye Diggs fault!!) George, Izzy, and Callie, need to go on vacation together so the rest of the season can be interesting. They are losing alot of fans!!

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