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Why didn’t I think of that?

I’ve been stealing stuff from all over the internet…writing some really great posts lately hoping that I’ll soon become a blogging superstar, but I’m getting nowhere. Then it dawned on me, I’ve only been stealing pictures, what I should have been stealing is ideas. So I looked around for ideas to steal and I came up with a pretty good one…wait for it…a ‘name that photo‘ contest.

I mean shit! Ree got over 2500 comments yesterday on hers, so I figure I should get at least that many because hers was just some old bulls, whereas mine is me! Now that’s gotta be a winner! Speaking of winners, the winner will be chosen by the rest of you. So without further stalling to make the post look like I’ve actually put some effort into it,  I present "boy in a tree" but you should come up with something better than that…


Because I have a problem with the concept of a complete democracy, I’ll pick five (that’s 5) entries to go on the short-list for voting tomorrow. And yes, of course there’s a prize  (I’m not saying what it is, but you can be pretty sure it won’t be a $600 JC Penny Gift Certificate! I can’t take all Ree’s ideas).

PS. Sorry about all the italics, I got a bit carried away.


50 Responses

  1. First!

    COWboy in the tree.

  2. Is that willow tree in a tree?

    Looks like he’s forked.

  3. “Rock-a-bye Cowboy in the Tree-top”

    Good heavens, why did your parents let you climb up in that tree? Were they trying to get rid of you?

  4. I have a crush on you right now…who knew such a crusty Australian pirate could start out so stinkin’ cute????

    I’ll be back….

  5. “Young Willow finds the perfect angle for cleavage spotting”

  6. Can we have more than one entry???

  7. It’s easy getting up but Will (I get do) ow (n this) Tree. That’s rubbish but it’s a comment!!

  8. ah, but what a pain 2500 comments would be. ree must be a slave to her blog. i am quite happy with the six or seven faithful hits i get a day. makes life simpler.

    yeah, right.


  9. Howdy Doody is a real boy! Take that, Pinocchio!

    You sure were a cutie, Willow.

  10. Awww, you were adorable! What happened? Just kidding, just kidding–sorta. I kinda hate these contests. They really emphasize how lousy I am at coming up with captions and titles, but the prizes are so dang good I sometimes can’t help but rack my brain all day long for what always turns out to be a really lame caption. I’ll have to have some more time and coffee and maybe I’ll be back with something really lame for you, too.

  11. Well, shit and tarnation, weren’t you just the cutiest little thang!

    The only thing I can come up with is…wait a minute…I’ve got nothin’.

    I’ll be back to help boost your numbers.

  12. Before I caption comment, WTF is that holster thing? Is that what it is? Or a frilly tool belt? I’m confused…please clarify.

  13. “What in the hell was I thinking?”

  14. “I made it!”

  15. “I’m King of the World” and you still are – at least in your own mind…lol. That may have come out a little snarkier than I intended. If so, sorry. If not, sorry I said sorry.

  16. “I DARE you to come up here after me..Asshats”

  17. CROCKodile Dundee?

  18. No really guys, My Mommy MADE me wear these pants.
    (I was floored at how many respones Ree got from her Bull photo). (I felt like a superstar when one of my posts got 19 comments!!)

  19. Look, Ma! I bet I can give you a heart attack in under five steps!

  20. Your comments have been making me laugh tea out my nose all week, so I decided to check out your blog! Great day for it! Cute pic.

    My entry:

    “I hope I don’t fall… I’m wearing girl panties!”

  21. Whatsa matter? You got a problem with italics?? Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me??

    Okay, here’s my caption – ME, in a TREE, channeling REE.

    although I like the girl panties…

  22. OMG…mom said “asshats!!” “Fucktard” to follow, I’m sure!

    Oh, and my caption?

    “I have to wait up here, ‘lest the fucktards below beat me up b/c of my frilly holsters.”

  23. I tried cheating but it didn’t work…Dillon’s not feeling creative at the mo!

    ‘After tussling with the bull and losing his lasso WT climbed for cover’.

    Crap, I know, were frilly holsters all the rage in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s?

  24. ok so my strikeouts worked in the preview why not now?

  25. A Willowy Beginning

    My answers always suck – that’s why I never win Ree’s either. My brain goes into fart-mode.

  26. I suck at captions. Suck, suck, suck. As proof, I present the only thing that’s in my head: “look ma, no hands!”, but as you’re (very cutely) clutching at the tree, this is clearly not anywhere close to appropriate. Is there an award for sucking? I’m sure I’d win that one…

    So I’m just leaving a comment to feed the part of you that’s a commentwhore. Don’t say I never did anything for ya.

  27. Can we do more than one or not???????

  28. “Product of the rare Australian Cowboy Tree”
    Note I didn’t say fruit.

  29. Do another one, Robin….he’s just doing this to up his comment numbers. You will be playing right into his nefarious scheme!

  30. Robin – What the hell are you getting your tits in a tangle over??? You haven’t even posted one entry yet! But the answer is…Yes by all means, post as many as you like.

  31. Tiggerlane,

    Willowtree…a comment HOE??? Say it ain’t so!!!

    (for the record, I haven’t submitted one yet…).

  32. I BEG YOUR PARDON????? MAYBE MY BRAIDS, BUT NEVAH….AHEM….”THOSE”. Mainly because they just don’t “go” that far….

    Smack 😡

  33. “Don’t try it; I have the high ground.” (as in Star Wars)

  34. Howdy Doody Climbs a Tree


  35. “Don’t worry about him dear. His ears make perfect wings.”

  36. That’s it! Dumbo! You flew! Boy, am I stupid. Why didn’t I think of this before? Your ears. Just look at ’em, Dumbo. Why, they’re poifect wings!

  37. I can’t stop…

    What’s the matter with his ears? I don’t see nothin’ wrong with ’em. I think they’re cute.

  38. Mary – You do realise this is a picture of me don’t you!?

  39. I climbed up, but I can’t get down!!

  40. Alright, I climbed the damn tree. Now where are the chicks??

  41. Hey Kids!!! Meet me back at Doodyville!!!


  42. I can’t past how cute you were to make a sarcastic remark. They are my specialty and I can’t spit one out.

  43. Quit looking at me with those Yoda ears and beguiling grin. And look at how the rain dances on the underside of the branches.

  44. “heh, heh, I farted” ???

  45. “heh, heh, I farted” ???

  46. “heh, heh, I farted” ???

  47. “A Dingo’s Got My LADDER!”

  48. Up down under.

  49. presumably that’s a hand-tinted black and white photo, willowtree? they didn’t have colour in the forties, did they?

  50. Cowboy destined to be a Pirate?
    You can tell by his Buccaneers

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