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Hmmm, that worked well.

Note to self….don’t ever do this again!

Hmmm, there’s more to this photo competition thing than meets the eye. At first I was pretty underwhelmed by the entries, but as the day progressed the standard got much better (except for Mary who just made fun of my ears!).

I think I know what the problem was, Ree used a picture that was two stinky old bulls, so people could focus on coming up with something clever. Whereas I unfortunately used a very cute picture of an extremely cute me. This had the unforeseen effect of turning all those maternal minds out there to mush! I should have realised that once you guys saw me in my all conquering cuteness, you would be powerless to come up with something exceedingly clever. Oh well, live and learn.

But even despite turning everyone’s brains to mush (except Paul, his was already that way), and even though I didn’t quite make it to the 2500 mark, it was still very difficult to come up with a short-list. I was going to have a medium-list instead, but I know my readers well enough to realise that there’d never be a result if I did that. So I’ve narrowed it down to six for the purposes of voting, but really there’s a lot more that could have been on the list.



And for all of those who were laughing at my holsters, they were pockets you morons!!

Hmm, that didn’t really help my case much did it? Oh well, never mind, at least I know I’m one tough dude.

I’ll leave this post up for a day so that you can vote.

Here’s some others that I thought were good…

Is that willow tree in a tree?

Rock-a-bye Cowboy in the Tree-top

Young Willow finds the perfect angle for cleavage spotting

Slippery when wet.

Don’t worry about him dear. His ears make perfect wings.

Shit! There’s a whole world outside that there fence? I’m scared!

I hope I don’t fall… I’m wearing girl panties!

Oh and by the way, It’s is actually Willowtree in a willow tree.


31 Responses

  1. I think I would have let everyone think they were holsters? Those are some pretty ‘fluffy’ pockets.

  2. Cowboy destined to be a Pirate…You can tell by his BuckinEars.

  3. I dunno. I think mebbe you’re blind or sumthin. Coz I put in ‘Dinghoe Boy’ and thought it very befitting and for some crazy, unknown reason it didn’t even make your shortlist.

    *still lmao at those frilly trousers*


    Dang it!

    Oh, well….next time…!

    I’d better go vote :).

    (And personally, yours is just one of the directions I was headed…I’d vote for it if it was in the running.)

  5. TLG – As near as I can figure, it didn’t make the list because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out what a Dinghoe Boy was.

    Robin – Sorry, I know I told you that, but I just didn’t want to drag it out any longer.

  6. I came, I saw, and I failed to create. I wanted to make-up a clever title but failed to do so. Maybe because making fun of the grown-up Willowtree is one thing, but making fun of the little Willowtree is another.

    I voted for “Howdy Doody is a real boy! Take that, Pinocchio!”, which is very clever. I admit this one might be poking fun at young Willowtree…a little bit.

  7. I wouldn’t have made fun if I didn’t know you are now a grown-up. And what’s the difference between mine and Buccaneers?

  8. AGH! The pressure of being a nominee!! It feels like that time..no, wait…I’ve never been in the running for anything! And uh, what’s with the no voting for yourself twice rule? I only have 2 votes and one of the votes is mine.
    Anyway, what’s up with Fun Monday? Aren’t you hosting? I require at least 72 hours to come up with something witty and entertaining. You can’t expect me to be able to blog on the fly. So come on man,…what’s it going to be?

  9. WHAT?? Neither one of mine were good enough for you? I suppose I can (grudgingly) live with that, knowing what I do about your taste level, but what about the girl panties caption?

    Um…you weren’t really wearing girl panties, were you?

  10. I knew they were frilly pockets. I just didn’t want to call you out if you weren’t going to own up to it. But you did, so what a guy!

  11. I won’t vote because I’m coming in on the tail end of this, but I’ve gotta say you sure were a cute little dude.

  12. Say, thanks for putting me in the running and the mention. I think that “Willowtree” would have been a great title since you were in a willow tree too. My dad always loved willow trees and so I have a small one in my front yard.

  13. What? “A dingo got my LADDER” didn’t make it? That one made me laugh (but then, you know me…)

  14. and you can you use the picture for Fun Monday because if that isn’t “clothing art”, I don’t know what it! Just laughing with you. My mother was forever “setting ruffles” on my clothes. Of course, I am a girl!

  15. I like the cuffs on the pants best.

    If Cory weren’t on leave right now I would have been in my usual state of destitute and alone, and in possession of more time to come up with a caption like: “Such a cute baby. What went wrong?”

  16. oh, for pities sake. “because if those pockets aren’t “clothing art”, I don’t know what is!”

  17. Two contests so close together was just too much pressure for me. I bet that’s what happened to the other 2,436 commenters too. Either that or they really were just distracted by all that cuteness. I still just want to pinch your fweckly wittle cheeks.

  18. So, not only did your parents let you hang out in a tree, they dressed you funny, too? Wow. I agree, you should have let everyone keep thinking they were holsters instead of pockets.

    I’m glad you thought my entry was acceptable. Not votable, but acceptable. I can settle for that.

  19. Damn it! I said THAT! IT was my caption “Willowtree squared”…did you miss it? I knew it was a Willow tree for fucks sake! Jezze!Gah!
    You are still a handsome lil boy!

  20. Frilly pockets – damn. Somehow, that makes is SO MUCH WORSE.

  21. You had a pretty good turn out, Willow. Lots of funny ideas.

    I wasn’t making fun of young Willow. I always loved Howdy Doody. And Willow was a cute little guy. Awwww.

  22. I am a really sore loser and used to being the center of attention, so I can’t come back around unless I win. hmph! Well, maybe I’ll come back, but only once a day!!!

  23. as long as the panties are clean without skidmarks, you’re in the clear (no pun intended)

  24. You are so cute!!! I would pinch your cheeks if I was any closer!!!

  25. Okay, I voted, but I won’t tell you who sent me to vote which one. Crap, you are computer guy, you already know. I am not computer genius, but I could figure it out. Hopefully my vote still counts.

  26. Now don’t you come to my new digs acting all hurt and whatnot. You know I covet the Dingo-Dildo. I mean it’s got that pink frilly stuff, and we know I’m all about pink. So buck up buttercup and thanks for the you know what.

  27. Oh yeah, and I interpreted that remark “NO ONE” as meaning “more than one”. I’m just sure that is right.

  28. I tried to vote, but Dawn beat me here and since she uses this computer, the IP address is my Ip address…so apparently we both can’t vote…but if you take comments votes…I vote for the “heh, heh, I farted”

  29. Mushy? Who you calling Mushy? Maternal? Whats that?
    Why is Robin Shouting so much? My head hurts!

    Why is everyone voting for the howdy doody, that is so not Australian.

  30. Hurry, close the polls. I’m winning.

  31. You could fit a lot of treasures in those pockets.

    What a cutie, and you look like a sweet boy… 🙂 Looks like you have quite a fancy belt buckle on, too.

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