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Fun Monday #38 Assignment and Signup sheet.

The link to this post has been at the top of the sidebar all week, with instructions to where it was, appearing in several posts (it was done that way because I don’t like sticky posts, it’s just a personal preference), yet despite all that, there are still some people yelling at me that they don’t know what the assignment is!

So far the list of participants is…

Molly, Holtie, Blue Momma, Jenni in KS, Fianna, Min, Robin, Junebug, Stephanie, ChrisB, Kila, Kaytabug, Sandy, Laurie, Retrohipster, Karisma, Lisa, Pam, Beckie, Anglophile Football Fan, Sirdar, Janet, Robin in CA, Mommyca, Joy T, Kerith, Sayre, Katie(kitten), her indoors, Alix, Nikki, Dawn, Susan, Karina, Tiggerlane, Hootin’ Anni, Bethany, Julie, Beth, My4kids, Hayden, AlisonwonderlandEmma, Bindi, AreWeThereYetMom, Arkansas Songbird, SwampAngel65, Lisa, jill, Debs, Pamela, Katie,   

For those who couldn’t figure out the instructions, here’s the original assignment in all its glory….

As you already know, I’m hosting next week’s Fun Monday. Before we
go too far, I feel that I need to do a little explaining about what Fun
Monday is and isn’t. For starters it isn’t a democracy! The host is in
charge and what they say goes, so don’t expect no fancy schmanzy polls
to decide what the assignment will be, I give the assignments here!

As to what Fun Monday is, well its a show and tell that gives
everyone at least one day a week where they can produce a post with out
having to come up with an idea. Recently there has been a tendency to
lean towards wordy stuff requiring lots of adjectives, adverbs and
other such grammatical terms. But a good Fun Monday is one where you
done have to do much thinking. Or to put it another way, one that lends
itself to photos.

As to this weeks assignment (I didn’t really need to start the
paragraph with ‘as’ but then I thought "hey why not bat a thousand!",
for the non Americans I thought "hey why not go for a hat trick!"),
it’s time we got some culture back into Fun Monday, or more
specifically ‘Art Appreciation’. So next weeks assignment should you
choose to accept it, is to show us some good interesting garment art.

WTF!?!?! What is he talking about?? I’m talking about tee shirts,
baseball caps, hoodies or any article of clothing that has graphics on
it. It’s up to how how many you include, as well as whether you include
the actual garment or just the graphic. Think about it, I’m sure you
have something in your house. You don’t even need words for this one,
but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them.

If you do sign up, let’s not all cut an paste this whole thing at the top of our posts, instead how about using the following…

This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by WT, he wants to see
some clothing art. That’s tee shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, sports
uniforms or any bit of clothing that you or your kids own that has
interesting, funny or artistic graphics.

Just a few minor points:

  • If you’re not going to post don’t sign up!
  • If you’re a commercial venture, piss off.
  • If you can’t post for some reason, let people know.
  • If you’re hosting a giveaway, then go away.
  • Unless you’re Swampy, post only the assignment.

The Host for next week is the luverly Karina. (Thanks for being candid, Karina.) 

18 Responses

  1. I am slow this week, but sign me up. 😀

  2. Could you please explain the rules? 😛

  3. Debs – The rules are only meant to confuse.

  4. Rulz. Freaking rulz. Is this Fight Club?

    This is me, commenting, about not participating in Fun Monday. Because I am unfun.

  5. I thought I mentioned in an Email that I’m going to attempt this

  6. But — I’m getting old – I probably just thought I did.

  7. I have time! Count me in too!

  8. I’m all ready signed up but wanted to thank you for thinking of us by your comment…”for the non Americans I thought “hey why not go for a hat trick!”

    Us Canadians appreciate that…and any other hockey nation. I’d say it can only be hockey and not soccer/football and they rarely score three goals total in a game.

  9. GAWD….I am SO glad you mentioned the “don’t post the whole freakin’ paragraph” thing! I didn’t do it last week…heck, I wonder if I had a part in propulgating that tradition.

    Crap. I’m drunk. Did I spell that right?

    At any rate… I KNEW I didn’t throw out that college t-shirt for a reason…THANKS, Comment Whore!

    P.S. You’ll never be Ree. Quit trying so hard.

  10. Tiff – Do my posts look like I’m trying?? But hey, thanks for the support.

    PS. You need to cut back on the urine therapy.

  11. I heart you Willow. And for the record, *I* wasn’t yelling at you, I’m just passionate about my Fun Monday. I still heart you.

  12. I have my college tee, but then everybody would know where I went to college. I try to play when people I sort-of like host, too. 😉

    Maybe if I got some of Tiff’s urine I could solve the problem.

  13. But what if I WANT to post those big huge long paragraphs??

  14. I am going to skip this one. And I tell you why. I am not artistic in any sense of the word. And ths only shirt I ever made would offend most of your readers. (if you want to see it, let me know. ha ha I bet YOU would get a kick out of it.)
    But I’ll be reading them. Thanks for hosting, Mr. AusHottie.

  15. I’m here to tell you that there’s a problem with your blog on my blogreader the past few days–i don’t know if it’s your blog, typepad, or my blog reader, but it’s coming through in all the HTML, which isn’t fun with pics and links.

  16. 55 participants so far?! I’m going to have to take the entire Monday off just to read everyone. Better get the eye drops out again. Anywho. There’s an award for you over at my blog. Bet you’re getting right fed up with receiving so many already. But oh well :o)

  17. No urine today. Totally dehydrated, and have a party to attend tonight. Snork….

    And yes, you ARE trying…but just hard enough.

    I like the rules, btw – I get frustrated when the Fun Monday participants don’t participate…it’s an obligation!

  18. I go essentially the same process for Fun Monday every week. When I read the challenge, I think, “Heck, that leaves me out.” Then, I think, “Well, maybe I can do this.” Then, while working on the post, a flood of ideas come to mind. This week, I confess that I swerved off the path just a little. None the less, I am looking forward to publishing my post, and the post does include clothing art and a little bit more.

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