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Photo contest results.

The photo caption contest was a really close one that went right down to the wire (anyone know what that means? because sure as shit I don’t). No I mean it! In fact it was almost a tie, and if you look at the poll results themselves you’d think it was a tie. But let’s not forget that this is Willow’s World here and nothing is ever simple.


As you can see there is a tie via the online poll, and this put me in the unenviable position of casting a deciding vote, which I didn’t want to do (not because I don’t want to show favouritism, but because my readers are such whiners! I’ve already copped enough abuse from those who weren’t on the short-list). How come Ree never gets complaints? 2500 entries with nary a bitch or a moan, yet I get 60 entries followed by fifty abusive comments, sheesh!

Anyway, as luck would have it, I received a lifeline in the form of an email which read…

"I tried to vote, but Dawn beat me here and since she uses this computer, the IP address is my IP address…so apparently we both can’t vote…but if you take comments votes…I vote for the "heh, heh, I farted".

So there you have it folks, we have a winner! Robinella contact me with the details. (too bad Kaycie, I’d give two prizes but the postage is killing me!) Thanks for playing, everyone.


21 Responses

  1. damn. i got sick and missed all the fun. they sure were great pockets though.

  2. CRAP! I missed all the fun! I love contests.


  3. So…. no prize for the worst caption, then?

    (thought I’d leave a whiny commnet – your post just begged for it)

  4. If it’s any consolation, the whiners made it over to Ree’s, too. And by the way (don’t you just love people who start a sentence that way), the “down to the wire” refers to a photo finish at a horse race. There you go.

  5. I wonder why everyone voted for farts? I didn’t vote for my own entry because I knew it didn’t stand a chance of winning, but I didn’t vote for farts either. :)) Simply “Willowtree” would be good enough. Come look at my Road Trip post with a tree in your honor.

  6. that’s odd; the buccaneers caption was the funniest.
    who wrote it? hell, I”LL send them a prize.

  7. Lene – Good try, you may yet get something.

    Sandy – What wire are they talking about?

    Junebug – They voted for farts for the same reason they read the Dingo!

    Laurie – I was hoping that one won too, because that was from a friend of mine (the 3D type) so I could have stiffed him over the prize!

  8. Glad I could save your ass. Next time I’ll try and beat Dawn to the computer…except that I am at work while she plays on the interweb. Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to change that….

  9. Oh trust me, Sirdar would rather have it this way. Here he is, the Knight in shining armour with a shining head to go with it, not saving your butt, as much as rescuing the damsel in distress. Okay, really, with all those comments Robinella was making, she was the damsel causing distress…, but I digress; Sirdar is happy to be the tie breaker because otherwise, he would be just one of the regular votes.

  10. What’s the prize, what’s the prize, what’s the prize??????

  11. By the way, I was just kidding about who voted for farts, sorry Robinella and all who voted for farts, it’s ok. He he he.
    Willowtree: I read your sentence differently than you intended it as in “read” past tense and I couldn’t figure out what you were saying. Like they red the Dingo. I guess I must red the Dingo for some other reason.

    Apologies all around. Majority rules!

  12. for a fart caption, the winner should get a home cooked pot of those Will 0′ tree beans that I can nearly smell when you post them simmerin’ on your blog.


  13. Well, thank you Sirdar and thanks to my own boys who gave me the inspiration. They look exactly like that picture when they *~fluffy~*.

    What no Dingo? Oh well, thanks.

  14. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. There is a wire above the finish line so that, in the event of a close race, the camera, pointed downward, will have a point of reference. Also, the phrase “winning by a nose” comes from the same source.

  15. Sandy – Thanks, I knew about the nose bit, but I couldn’t work out where the wire came in.

  16. Shame the ‘cowboy’ one didn’t get more votes but congrats to the winner.

  17. Beaten by a fart joke. I wouldn’t have expected any less, considering the audience. It was fun anyway!

  18. Sigh. I liked the bucaneer one too. Is there a prize for that? Because I think Cory is eyeing my Australia beanie. Something about how he doesn’t have any hair and his head gets cold outside. Whiner.

  19. Congrats Robinella.

    and considering the fart caption won – I smell something rotten.

  20. damn im missed out on all the cool stuff.. teach me for not comming to visit every day

  21. Great contest WT and Congrats Robinella. 😀

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