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Fun Monday #38

This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by WT, he wants to see
some clothing art. That’s tee shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, sports
uniforms or any bit of clothing that you or your kids own that has
interesting, funny or artistic graphics.

Seems I didn’t think this one through, most of my good t-shirts and caps are on the Coast, d’oh! Plus I won’t really be able to participate on the day to as I have to drive to the Coast to get my car fixed, so I’ll be out of the loop for a couple of days. MDW has dialup so there’s no way I’m going to go and check out 50+ posts containing mainly graphics! I will get around to everyone eventually though.

Here’s my half-assed effort…




A. Embroidered.
B. Embroidered and Appliqué
C. Embroidered and Silkscreen.
D. Embroidered and Appliqué.





E. Silkscreen.
F. Silkscreen.
G. Silkscreen.
H. Silkscreen and raised acrylic.

Funmonday_38_015   Funmonday_38_016

These two pictures of the Bad Boy, are from a genuine promotional Tee shirt for a bail bond company in San Jose. The first picture is of the chest graphic and is about the size of a pocket, the second one is of the back and takes up the whole back side. I love this tee, I had another one in red but it eventually bit the bullet.

Quick update, I forgot these…





The one with me in it, is a night shirt that MDW gave me for Christmas, the World Series one is from the Series that was cancelled because of an Earthquake, and the Coasties Cup was from when I was President of the League. And yes, that is a dog in the picture, I got tired of trying to keep her off it.

It’s probably too late to help you, but I found that putting the t-shirts on a pillow made them easier to photograph.

Have a Fun Monday and I’ll see you when I get back.


50 Responses

  1. Oh no, you have real art on your t-shirts. As usual, your display is very nice. I love the embroidered otter. Thank you for hosting this Fun Monday. You always set such a high standard for the rest of us. Maybe I will rethink my Fun Monday post…Naw.

    I hope that your trip is good, fun, and fruitful.

  2. Great t-shirts, especially the bad Boy ones! Better go and take some pictures for my entry now. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s t-shirts. Thanks for hosting and have a good trip.

  3. Wow, you have some nice T-shirts. Why is it that I expected all funny/snarky T-shirts from you? The last two are my favorite.

  4. Hurrah! The Monterey Bay Aquarium Otter. 🙂

  5. Nice tees. I might actually need the last one if I get anymore tickets.

  6. You have to drive to the coast to get your car fixed?? Am I the only one who can see a potential problem arising? 😉

  7. Why do you have so many California Tee Shirt? I do like the bail bond one.. very clever marketing.

    Good luck on the car thing, I hope it is already at the coast waiting for repairs?!

  8. Please send the California tee-shirts to us. We need them.
    Swampy wants to play. Please post my name. I have worked very diligently from this laptop here in California to follow your instructions in detail. It’s been difficult to use what was in my suitcase, but I think you’ll be impressed that for once, I tried to do what I was asked to do.

  9. I’d like to say that I have taste and would be unable play this week…in fact I will say that!!!!

  10. Good show.

  11. Rebecca how could you say that!!
    WT I think you have a great collection and the bail bond one is great fun.

  12. The Bad Boy would be my favorite, too. Nice selection!

  13. I like the otter and the Boston one with the ship! Way cool.

    Hope nothing is terribly wrong with your car. Dang, that costs an arm and a leg to have them repaired.

    Happy Fun Monday.

  14. Whew, that’s much more tame than I was expecting from you, LOL.

    Safe travels to you. I’ll get to work on my post. Will have a Boston one in my collection, too.

  15. Nice, WT. You got very decorative clothes.
    There can’t be that much wrong with your car if you’re driving it to the coast. What’s the matter – do you need help with your seat covers???

  16. I sure hope you never have to call Mr. Stanley … haha.

    Good job for not having your best stuff at the coast.

  17. I love the historical one (shocker, I know). Very Hudson River School in the portrait. I also want to say this was a very tough FM for me.

  18. Molly and Jenni – The irony is not lost on me, despite having mostly crass tastes, I won’t wear crass t-shirts.

    Lene – No you’re not, I too see potential for disaster! Specially since I have to go over a mountain range.

    Devon – My wife’s family is in LA so I usually get a few when she goes back to visit. Plus I used to live there.

    Swampy – Hey, you’re in CA get your own!

    Beccy – Read your mother’s comment!

    Hootin Anni – The Boston one is a great tee, it has long sleeves and is really thick. It was given to me for father’s day by the daughter of my best friend who was too young to understand the concept!

    Melissa in NZ – It appears to be a blocked injector.

    Pamela – Too late.

    AFF – I know what you mean, I thought I had better ones, but they are on the Coast.

  19. Good show!! Surprised there were no sports t-shirt emblems.

    I like the Darwin and the pyramid ones the best.

  20. Sirdar – The Pyramid one is actually the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

  21. My favorite is the one from the J. Paul Getty museum. Very cool.

    You know, Willow, I’ll probably get laughed off here for being too nice to you, but I think you’re still just about as cute as that little guy in the tree. Just hairier.

  22. I’m trying to wrap my mind around you wearing a teddy to bed (hahahahahaa)…but hey, YDW gave it to you, so I guess I should shut.up.now.

    Funny to me you got a baker’s dozen of pictures out of this and that’s a “half-a$$ed effort”??? What if had been a WHOLE-a$$ed effort??? Mine are pretty boring compared to yours….(typical;) ).

    What a lovely hostess you make ).

  23. I like these…not sure I want to see the ones on the coast…the ones you posted are great.

  24. I like Universal Studios….Crap…I forgot about Fun Monday! 😦

  25. you’ve got a great collection here! i’ve also posted the Monterey Bay otter!

  26. you’ve got a great collection here! i’ve also posted the Monterey Bay otter!

  27. uh, i didn’t mean to comment twice. 😦

  28. I come back and you’ve added some more now you tell us about the pillow when I spread mine on the bed and got rubbish photos! Very cute nightshirt nod nod wink wink!

  29. Now I’m even more amazed you got to the coast: I’ve had a blocked injector (well not me personally, but my car) and it could barely move, it spluttered so badly.
    I thought the pillow was your tummy!! 🙂

  30. You have added some more shirts including your handsome bearded face.

  31. you sure have a great collection of tee shirts, hope you get the car fixed

  32. i am now missing all the tees I used to have-like my guiness for strength!! sigh..

  33. WOW! WT, you really grew up nicely! Love the beard. Cool tees, of course, I like the baseball ones and I didn’t know they cancelled a world series because of an earthquake!
    Thanks for letting me participate and putting up with all of my whining about not knowing what to do.

  34. I had no idea that they canceled a world series. I guess it would help if I liked baseball. Cool graphics on all!!!

  35. Those are some great tees! I’m partial to the Boston tee, and love the Getty Museum one too.

  36. Nice tees, love the dog!

  37. Somehow I didn’t expect you to have furry critters on your t-shirts. I guess it’s to match the furry face???

    btw..Both are cute! 😉

  38. i love the bail bond t-shirt…i would wear that everyday!!!

  39. Were the bail bond ones a gift with purchase? When they bailed you out they presented you with the shirt? And you had a red one, too. Hmmmmm…

    Sound like more than one story to tell….

  40. I really like the Darwin shirt. Very nice. Great Fun Monday this round!

  41. Thank you for hosting this Fun Monday. Being from L.A., I’m partial to the California ones.
    Your teddy shirt is cute! You posted a wonderful display of art.

  42. Love the pictures of the shirts. My fun monday is up and going, finally. My husband thought it was rather odd of me to be taking pictures of t-shirts. He doesn’t read blogs…doesn’t he know what he is missing? LOL! oh well.

    Having fun. Thanks for hosting!

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  43. I am sorry, one of these days I won’t be able to use the excuse that all of my stuff is in storage. But this time, it really is. I had a couple of cool t-shirts I could have taken photos of. And my CASH (black t with CASH in white letters for Johnny Cash) shirt was in the wash. Shoot!

  44. I like A. It looks like a nutrea eating Texas.

  45. Those are awesome, I can’t believe you have better ones at the coast. You sure have travelled a lot, or have lots of friends in foreign places. Thanks for hosting Fun Monday. Good idea for it.

  46. They say t-shorts tell a story. Your t-shirts tell a travel log**LOL**

  47. The t-shirt on the pillow idea is a good one….I like that you told us EXACTLY the technique used to apply the graphics. I like the Beary Hairy chest!

  48. You have such a kind face. I mean, seriously.

    No, seriously.


  49. This was really a great fun monday. I wasn’t sure at 1st. Love your Teddy Bear tee.

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