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Fun Monday debrief & car update.

Well that was a swell Fun Monday! (I’ve always wanted to use swell in a context other than what my penis does). Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and, from the posts that I got to see, everyone pretty much followed the instructions, even Swampy  (wow, didn’t see that coming!). Min seemed to find her own special way to combine her love of photography with her objectification of men. Obviously I didn’t get to see everyone’s posts (damn dial up, grrrrr! I swear I would have stopped blogging if I didn’t finally get DSL), but unless you delete your posts over the next day or so, it shouldn’t be a problem as I’ll get to them eventually.

I went to the five & dime high class souvenir shoppe (see, I even spelled with an ‘e’ so it must be classy) to get more crap high class prizes for future competitions, and I found a brilliant t-shirt! It’s so good that I can’t keep it to myself, so it too will be a prize, but it’s going to need a really hard contest to do it justice.

On the car front, the mechanic thinks he will have Fred put back together sometime tomorrow if he can find all the parts (I told him to put them in a bucket!), I’ve got pictures of the car and the t-shirt but I can’t upload them as this isn’t my computer (no software)

Took the dogs to the local park to try to get them to use up some energy and Belle disappointed me by getting into a fight with another dog, that’s the Border Collie half, beagles never fight (unless there’s food involved).

Yibidee yibadah…that’s all folks!


32 Responses

  1. First! Woo Hoo.

    Thanks WT. Fun Monday was fun this week, many interesting shirts to be found out there in the blogsphere.

  2. Poor Belle. Actually, I suppose poor you for having to dig her out of there.

    I enjoyed reading the Fun Monday posts.

  3. that belle. nothing but trouble. you know what to do with her. i’ll wait for the UPS man.

  4. You’re channeling Porky Pig AND talking about swollen penises in the same post?

    Wowza…now that’s some fine talent.

    On a “serious” note, do kids today even KNOW what a dimestore is? My kids barely believe me when I talk about penny candy.

  5. Min’s post was the best Fun Monday entry ever! What’s wrong with objectificating men? (like my new word?)

  6. It was a great Fun Monday, there are some fabulous t-shirts out there. I have to agree with Nikki Min’s post should go down in the Fun Monday Hall of Fame – a great start to the week.
    Hope Belle is okay and the car gets fixed

  7. The Fun Monday stuff I saw was very cool. I didn’t get to Min’s site, but now I’m so curious I’ll have to check it out.

    The penis comment made me laugh out loud. Jack thinks I’m nuts.

  8. Well great. Now I have a visual I’d really rather not have. Thanks a lot.

  9. Thanks for a swell start to my morning!

  10. Belle is welcome to come here for a visit and fight my “neighbor’s” feral cats any time…

  11. Yeah…. coulda lived without imagining your swollen member…..

    Glad you had fun hosting fun monday!

    And no, I am not exactly sure what Dimestore, Robin. Thanks for making me feel dumb. 😉

  12. Do you take all of your babies with you when you visit the coast?

  13. LOL sounds like you been busy… all the things you fit into one post never cease to amaze me…

  14. We have ‘pound and pound stretcher’ stores which I guess is like your ‘high class’ souvenir shoppe.

  15. Oh, I hate breaking up dog fights. I hate it even more when my dog gets hurt. Makes me want to fight the other owner! I guess I’m not all that different than my dog. I even drool when I smell good food.

  16. Hosting fun Monday isn’t easy, but you did a great job. I loved the topic!

  17. Karisma – There sure were, weren’t there?

    Jen – Poor Belle!? She’s the one who started it!

    Laurie – You got that right! Do I need to put some holes in the box?

    Robin – That’s jut the kinda guy I am. People don’t believe me when I tell that that when McDonald’s first opened in Australia (just near my school) their slogan was “A burger, a shake and fries, and still get change from a dollar”.

    Nikki – Well of course, you’d would say that now wouldn’t you.

    Alix – Don’t encourage her (actually, either of them).

    Kaycie – I’m not even going to do anything with your comment, you make it too easy! In two lines you mention Min, penis and nuts!

    RC – You liar!

    Sandy – It’s hard in the morning, so a good laugh is alway a treat.

    Shades – You’ll have to work out a Belle sharing roster with Laurie.

    Amanda – You’re a liar too. But I believe you about the dimestore.

    Robinella – Just the dogs, the cats can fend for themselves. Although I almost brought Beau.

    Wolfbaby – Me either.

    ChrisB – You have shope where you can beat the shit out of emergency equipment?

    Stepherz – Well my dog won (the little bitch) and I was talking to the other owner when it happened.

  18. Min – I don’t mind doing it if the ‘no shows’ are kept to a minimum. I like next week’s assignment.

  19. I like next week’s assignment, too. What is it? You know me. I like ALL the Fun Monday assignments.

  20. Hey, are you making fun of me? That’s the last time I tell you that you’re still cute. Now I’m just gonna say you’re mean. And hairy.

  21. I am always amused by the word debrief. If one is debriefed, are one’s briefs removed? (Then, I am easily amused.)

  22. I like objectificating men too, Nikki!

    I have had a problem with fun monday since it got so big – I feel like I have to read and comment on everything and I just don’t have time to do that. The only reason I come here on a regular basis is because I remember your url. Well, that and the abuse you give the commenters. 😉

  23. Sheesh – what kind of parent are you WT? What have you been teaching Belle? You know, they learn by what they see more than what you tell them. Have you been fighting in front of her?

  24. this was a great fun monday…i am actually getting to everyone this week…and it has been a great way to get to know everyone…thanks.

  25. Sorry to hear that your kid embarrassed you in public. I can sympathize.

    Good luck with the car!

  26. I’m all atwitter with anticipation….which is NOT good, since I need to be saving my energy for this damn NaBloPoMo crap. I think I’ll blame you for sucking me in.

  27. trying to post g
    from my iPhoneBroom.Not easy

  28. Hey, Willow. I’ve tagged you. Take it or leave it, whatever you wish. You can get the details from my latest post. Kinda.

  29. It ended up being a pretty fun monday, even if I did try to back out of it. I’m just not used to calling my tshirts “art”.

    No video of your dog attacking in the park? Come on, your slipping a bit aren’t you?

  30. The first sentence and I’m already laughing!

  31. Hey don’t diss border collies, our dog was mostly border collie and never got in a fight!

  32. Fun Monday was fun. Good topic you picked.

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