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Home Sweet Hovel.

Ah it’s good to be home! The peace, the serenity, the high-speed internet connection!!! The car is all fixed and the bank account is all empty, but hey, that’s life in the new millennium. There was a time when getting your car fixed meant taking it to a workshop, having it worked on, paying the bill, and then pissing off.

But that was before the blogorama became a popular form of entertainment. Now you can’t get it fixed without taking pictures so that people on the other side of the world who don’t give a shit about your car anyway, can have images of the event…

I was actually planning to get the radiator fixed soon, so I killed two birds with one mechanic…


And speaking of the mechanic, here he is…


Blogging don’t get no better than this!!



26 Responses

  1. He looks a cheerful guy. I do recognise a few things under the bonnet and it looks pretty clean to me. Glad it’s all sorted and you are back where you belong and it’s given you a topic for today!!

  2. Glad everything is back to relatively normal. And how cool are you to just fill up a post with pics instead of writing something substantive? *grin* Glad you”re back.

  3. Well, the mechanic looks very happy! Did he milk you? (And I mean for money, no dirty ideas people)

  4. Dear willowtree. Beautiful photos. I appreciate that you took them for me and the rest of the blorld.

  5. I can’t seem to get the rules of blogging down. I had my car in last week and forgot to take pictures and everything!

  6. Poor mechanic. Did you let him know he was killing birds while fixing your car? Probably not, he might have charged you more.

  7. Welcome back! and, oh, my gosh, your engine compartment is clean! I’m always ashamed to open mine – everything is dust colored. That would be road dust, not the never clean anything variety!

  8. This one made me smile!! Glad your back!

  9. I don’t know what to tell you. Thanks so much for the pics of your car. I’m not sure what my morning would be like without them.

  10. That does not look like my mechanic’s garage at all. Your mechanic is very . . . clean.

  11. Yup, he’s smiling because he just screwed you royally. Do you have people sign a disclaimer before you plaster their photos on the ‘net?? Better watch it – he might get you for even more!

  12. Tell your mechanic I said hello.
    tee hee

  13. Is your bank account empty because you sent Marnie all your money again? I told you, that Canadian is up to no good.

    Your mechanic looks so nice and friendly.

  14. I looked everywhere for the picture of your check, but never could find it.

    Glad you’re back. It’s been too nice and tame around here.

  15. Yeah … I don’t even go to the loo sans camera anymore in case I miss out on some blogfodder. Your engine looks nice and clean.

  16. Car talk = greek to me.

  17. Ditto to what Karmyn said. 🙂

    BTW Thanks for the comment about Richard e. Grant. 🙂

  18. ChrisB – That’s Dave, he is a happy chappie.

    Jen – To paraphrase Mae West, it takes a lot of work to be this lazy.

    Karisma – No, quite the opposite, Dave is a great mechanic who is also very honest. He’s worked on this car for 17 years now.

    LMM – You’re welcome.
    PS. I got your calendar while I was on the Coast.

    Min – Disregarding the rules is getting to be a habit with you. Never mind, we can’t all be rule followers.

    S.Jenn – He doesn’t charge for birds, in fact I flipped him one as I was leaving.

    Sandy – I don’t do much driving, and there’s not too much road dust around here. Yet ironically it was driving on a dirt road that initiated the problem.

    KT -Thanks.

    Heather – My guess would be ‘better off’.

    Kaycie – That’s why I stick with him, he’s very good with details.

    Tiff – Only if he finds out!

    Amanda – Will do.

    Melissa – No, bank account is empty because parts for Diahtsu’s are diabolical. Oh, and also I met a hooker on the coast.

    RC – Run that by me again!?

    Melissa in NZ – Ahhh…o.k.a.y…. Most of my pee looks pretty much the same, but I do get the occasional purple one, so maybe I should do that too.

    Karmyn – I don’t think the Greeks make cars.

    Debs – Ditto and you’re welcome.

  19. How did you explain why you were taking his picture? LOL

    Thanks for bringing us along, or rather, bringing it to us. Glad you are home and the car was fixable.

  20. Sadly, after reading Simply Jenn’s comment, I went back to the photos to see the bird that was stuck in the motor. Sigh.

  21. that fellow keeps his place clean. Even his fingernails????

  22. Ahh, marnie was working the coast. I see.

  23. Hmmm, you hadn’t illunminated in my Bloglines for a while, so I popped in to write you a note…THERE WERE TWO POSTS I MISSED? What’s up with that???

    Riveting, I tell ya….riv-et-ting!

  24. Glad your back safely! Nice to see pics of your mechanic and his garage…it’s true…we don’t go anywhere without the camera anymore!

  25. see if i took pics of my mechanic it would be of my hubs or dad under the car that is so free!!!

  26. So…what kind of vehicle do you own? I don’t recognize the make. Sort of looks like a late 80’s Ford Bronco II.

    If I ever get to host Fun Monday…that will be my topic. “What vehicles do you own?” Pictures with year and model. There are so many different types of vehicles out in the world that it would be interesting to see what they all look like.

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