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Bonus Post.

Since I missed a post while I was on the Coast, here’s a little something extra for you. The regularly scheduled drivel will be posted later today, I think it will be Karmyn’s meme.

For those of you with boys – enjoy, for the rest, be thankful…

Please click here.

Update** Melissa (the one in NZ) just made a good point, the link is safe for work.


15 Responses

  1. First! (If I type real quick now) I was afraid to click because you usually rate it — okay to click at work or whatever — so I wasn’t sure how bad it was going to be!!
    But it was funny … am a little worried about raising our boy now. And his sister copies everything he does so she’s not much help. Think I might go get a cat to sort of balance things out a bit.

  2. Which one is you, WT?

  3. You realize, of course, that this is the story of my frickin’ life.

    I’m laughing. It’s through tears, but I’m laughing.

  4. Oh, yeah. As the mother of two boys, I am quite familiar with most of those concepts. It’s a wonder any boy has ever lived to be a man, just judging by my own boys. Very funny, Willow.

  5. WHY ME? At least I am not alone. I will be amazed if my 3 boys make it to 18. Then it will take a miracle for them to make it to 30.

  6. NO BOYS!! Oh, wait – I forgot – they are to the “kissing my daughter” stage – so yeah. I hate boys.

  7. I forwarded (thus true to my gender), yet am itching to try mixing Clorox and brake fluid. Wonder if taht really does work?

  8. ohgoodgod!! That was funny!!!

  9. oh this made me laugh and laugh – I have just got in from the pub but I think it will be as funny in the morning! After 2 cups of tea of course before that everything will be grey and horrible and too early!

  10. It’s nice to start the day with a laugh!

  11. Brilliant and yes I forwarded it to loads of people but like Lene I’m tempted to try and make some smoke!

  12. which makes me all the more grateful i have girls..

    now my husband.. he thinks the other way

    he also wants to buy a chasity belt

  13. Oh see, now, this is why I freaked out a little when I heard my twin babies, like their older brother, would be boys too!

  14. I got that in an email recently. Those pictures are priceless.

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