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Belle is a bird dog.

Further to a point made in yesterday’s post regarding the sheer insanity of fractions (see I can speak legal too), I have recently discovered that Belle is half Border Collie, half Beagle and half Satin Bowerbird. The devil you say? What in tarnation do you mean? (I got that from the Waltons). Well, you see Belle has this thing about dragging crap from everywhere and making a bower just like the Satin Bowerbird.

This is a Bowerbird’s bower (this is not my photo)…

And this is Belle’s effort…

I don’t even know where she gets half this stuff from! Oh, the other thing she does to prove how smart she is, is to drag the water dish all around the yard thus leaving her and the other guys without water when they’re outside. This doesn’t happen every now and then, it happens every day!

In case any of you are wondering about the things sticking out between the to top of the piers and the bottom of the wall, they are termite caps.

Addendum: I don’t know if you noticed, but all the crap around the Satin’s bower is blue. This is no accident, they only like blue crap. When we used to go surfing on the South Coast we saw them all the time, and they would often come into our camp looking for blue stuff like pen tops, milk bottle caps and plastic straws.

Every now and then we’d be mean to one of them and out a Eveready red ‘D’ battery in its bower and watch as he tries to roll it away from the bower. Boy was that ever fun! (we were such jerks)


28 Responses

  1. At least Belle gathers all her rubbish in one place so it’s easy for you to clear up!

  2. Gee you must have huge termites if that’s the size of their caps.
    I had forgotten about The Waltons. ‘Night John-Boy. I mean, Willow-tree.

  3. I think it must be standard puppy supplies these days.

    Looks just like Bella’s mess, except she would have also chewed them all to bits, dragged a nice sized pile to leave at the back door for me to trip over and the rest would be all over the yard. (Not my garden though, she leaves that for digging up)

    The garden shed is like the puppy toy store. Lots of colourful pots to pinch.

  4. Belle is a funny and cute dog. It must be hilarious seeing her drag this stuff to her lair.

  5. Wow, is that a gigantic leg bone in belle’s bower?

  6. As I read your text and looked at the photo of the bowerbird’s bower, I could not yet see Belle’s bower; when I got to that photo, it was NOT what I was expecting (who knows what was in my mind right then?), and I laughed. Out loud. Funny pup, she is.

    The water bowl thing wasn’t that odd to me, though. Aussie grabs a huge bite of her food (bowl located in our garage) and carries it out to the yard where she drops the pile of food and eats it in smaller bites. We haven’t figured out that one, either :/.

    Nevah heard of a bowerbird…once again, blogging is educational.

  7. Patty P – Yes it is, this is cattle country so there’s always the odd one lying around.

  8. I thought inter-spieces interbreeding was kinda illegal? heh heh
    Silly puppeahs 🙂 Thanx for the pics too.
    Mal 🙂

  9. it’s the border collie in her. she’s herding stuff.

    boscoe does this, too. he herds all the puffy toys in the house. they all end up in a heap on the couch and then he sits on them and riley stands there, outraged.

  10. At least she doesn’t seem to be a manic plastic chewer! Or are you only presenting her good side?

    This morning I had to clean out a sock wrapped in shit from the Idiot Big Dog’s cage. The damn dog goes around the house swallowing socks whole. I have no clue what to do about this.

  11. My dog is so weird – she doesn’t do anything. Like, anything? At all. Before I had her, we had a golden retreiver, and he would chew things, and take things, and generally be a retreiver. My dog doesn’t chew, doesn’t try to steal my food off the coffee table, nothing. I can take her ears and twirl them around like pipe cleaners and she practically falls asleep.

    Right now the area she uses to go to the bathroom is muddy because it’s been raining, and so she poops along the fence, in a perfectly straight line. If you don’t pick it up for a couple of days, it looks like a little poop ladder. I think she’s OCD.

    That last picture made me giggle. 🙂

  12. A tidy dog! Don’t knock it!

  13. I love Belle. She’s so adorable.

    Jack loves paper. Newspaper, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, homework papers. The kids really have had him eat homework. Heh.

  14. That’s what I was going to say, she does put it all in a pile for you. My dog used to put his toys away in a box in the house, I was always amazed. It was his box and then he would sit down on all of it.

  15. Belle is too precious. Zoe does a similar thing – but with the kids toys. She has to be carrying around something all the time and they usually end up on the sunroom couch with her – so eventually there is a pile. I’ll have to get a pic.

    Bower Bird – why blue?

  16. My husband does the same damn thing.

  17. I think it’s strange that they have a preference for color, considering dogs are (supposedly) colorblind. Verrry interesting..

  18. Congrats on raising a “kid” who doesn’t discriminate 😉

    So your home is raised, no basement?

  19. Simply Jenn – She’s a chewer too, but at least she brings things to me for inspection before she destroys them, so does Bentley.

    Melissa – I’ll trade you, yours sounds more like what I want!

    Junebug – She’s good at taking the toys out of the toy box, putting them back, not so much.

    Karmyn – Bentley carries things sometimes, but Belle always has something in her mouth.

    Gawilli – Does he lick himself too?

    Amanda – The bowerbird collects blue things, not the dog!

    Kila – It’s extremely rare to find a house with a basement in Oz. We don’t nromally have central heating (so no furnace) and the winters just don’t get cold enough to require a storage/workshop room accessible from inside the house.

  20. I love Belle’s bower – very colorful. The BowerBird’s is rather bland in comparison. I especially love the huge bone! My grandson is getting his animal husbandry lessons from the various goat parts (including leg with hoof) that Buddy has been dragging home. It certainly reminds me how very close to wolves and coyotes our little darlings are.

  21. Bower bird? I learned something! That’s really interesting! The blue part cracks me up!

    Belle sure is a creative little gal.

  22. Now that would be something to write home about!

  23. Well…at least he brings stuff home…not the other way around.

  24. that’s funny…kind of wierd that it is all blue but funny none the less

  25. i have had my share of furry friends that have done this same thing.. never ceases to amuse and frustrate me

  26. I posted here the other day but I’m lost.
    Sort of like the whole of last week.

  27. Belle unearthed a mastadon bone! Maybe you need to set up an archeological dig in your yard??? My dog, when he was a pup enjoyed chewing on old tough rose bushes with huge thorns? His water bowl has chew marks on it, but he did not dump it.

  28. You got yourself one fabulous dog! It’s pretty neat that she brings all that stuff back to her little spot. Chloe does this too, but on a much smaller scale.

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