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Fun Monday #39

Here we are again, Monday here and some other day there! This week’s it’s brought to you by the very candid Karina. She wants to see what see can’t leave home without, all that essential stuff that if you forgot to bring it with you, you’d die immediately and the vulchers would tear the flesh from your bones. I’m not quite sure that’s exactly what she said, but it’s pretty damn close.

Being a guy, I don’t really take that much with me under normal circumstances, in fact all I take are these three things. My keys (house and car), my wallet and my sunglasses which are prescription polarised Mako glasses that I got for playing golf but now use when I drive the car. I don’t drive a t night (I haven’t for over four years).

But it would be a pretty sorry post if that’s all I did now wouldn’t it. SO what I’m about to show you is what I take whenever I go to the Coast. I never take any clothes because I have what I need already down there, but there are a few things that I use all the time so when I’m leaving the house for more than a day, or if I’m going to be doing something far from home and will be gone all day, this stuff always comes too.

I’ve had this daypack for a few years now and it suits me perfectly, it has three compartments, the font one that is featured in the closeup that has heaps of pockets, one the same size that I put my big camera and other valuable stuff in, and a big one at the back in case I need to take a change of clothes (if I’m not staying on the Coast).



Now we get to the detail, on most cases all that I take in the pack are these…


You have to click on the big photo, I did something clever.

I don’t have to go looking for all my treasures when I go to the Coast, they all live in one place which is here…


And to put it into perspective…


I hope you all have a fun Monday.



50 Responses

  1. First again and I had no internet for over 24 hours. Where is everyone?

    You did get your Fun Monday up early, I once again have not even written mine. Last minute entries seem to be my style. I was most impressed with your organization skills. I spend a good twenty minutes running around trying to find my glasses before we get out the door. LOL

    I was also impressed with your skills on the “click on the big photo. Very clever.

  2. wow, can you do that trick with photos of people, too? undress them, i mean? i might put in a few requests, if that’s the case.

    you sure do like black things, don’t you?

  3. wow you are so organised! We try to have a shelf where everything lives but it seems to spread round the room, down the back of sofa’s etc so we are always delayed leaving the house.
    Love the photo trick – very clever.
    Have a fun Monday

  4. You make me feel inadequate.

  5. love what you did with that photo. that was awesome.

    and i too love your organizational skills. do you give classes in that?

  6. Your photo switch was hella cool, WT. 😉

  7. Great photo trick. And I wish my home was that neat (why’d think I’ve never done the Fun monday thing?). Or do you straighten things up before taking the picture?

    And what inquiring minds want to know most of all – why don’t you drive at night? Which might be an incredibly impertinent and rude question, so feel free to ignore if that’s the case.

  8. Okay, that photo trick? Pretty impressive.

    The glasses, however? Not impressive.

    I think you need some new frames. Something a little less 1988.

  9. Mad photo skillz! Very impressed – I kept clicking back and forth, just, you know, for fun. (Poss. need to get out more).
    I think you’re very neat and tidy and organized. And you have lots of cool gizmos and gadgets. We also love those daypacks, they fit absolutely everything so nicely.
    I think I’d like to see pics of the inside of your car sometime.

  10. Very impressed, but I must say you take more stuff with you than I do! Loved the photo trick. Pretty clever!

  11. Neat trick – I agree, I’d also like to see you do that with people. Possibly I would pick different victims though.

  12. Karisma – It’s Sunday in the States, and no-one blogs on Sundays.

    Laurie – Send me a couple of photos of you and I’ll give it a try.

    Alix – MDW started me out by getting me to put a hook in the wall for my keys when we first got married, and it just grew from there. It’s easier if you live alone.

    LizB – Come on, you don’t need me for that!

    Janet – Sorry, despite what Oprah says, you either have it or you don’t.

    Melissa – Hi Melissa!

    Lene – I never straighten things up before I take a picture, I will move stuff off the counter sometimes so I can take a picture of something.

    Jenny – Ha this just proves you don’t know everything! In fact I got those glasses in 1987 (seriously). I never wear them outside the house, they’re just for reading and watching TV.

    Melissa in NZ – The car would be clean if I didn’t take the dogs with me all the time.

  13. Ooh, all that black leather in one place! Seriously, great photo and I love the trick click. Great job – and incredibly organized!

  14. What you did with the photo was really good. You are very well organised. I must tell Embee he can never find anything.
    Travelling light (sigh) I only wish I could!

  15. Geeze, I think I’ll get you a purse for Christmas!

  16. You never straighten up before you take a photo? Still, I think of you as very neat and organized. Maybe you never need to straighten things because you never let things get messy. In any event, I am duly impressed by the neat photo trick, by the black leather cases that you have for all of your gadgets, and your organizational powers.

  17. AH!! it’s like X-ray foto!

  18. Dear WT- Austin, Kansas City, Little Rock, Denver, Santa Fe

    Nice x-ray camera. Where’d you get it?

  19. You sure take a lot of stuff and you’re so organized. That is unnatural.

  20. Did nobody read the words? I only ever take my wallet, keys and sunglasses.

    It’s only if I’m going away for a few days, that I take the other stuff, which is really only those three things plus an iPod, a camera, a Swiss army knife, a torch and a phone. I’ve always carried a Swiss army knife, some form of music maker and a torch when I travelled.

    How much do you guys take when you’re going for a few days? (hmm maybe that’s a future Fun Monday topic.

  21. Where do you keep your vibrator?

  22. Wow. We were late leaving on our last trip because we couldn’t find the cigar box with all of the USB cables for the cameras. We put it in a safe place. We just didn’t know where. Boy are we slackers.

    Love the photo trick. How long did it take you to put this post together? You’re good.

  23. I find it interesting that all your stuff is black. No brown leather to be seen anywhere.

  24. Read your words? Why the hell would we do that? We’re only here for the pictures.

  25. That photo trick was cool. I noticed (cause I’m observant) that you like your leather pouches or whatever you would call them. Very cool also.

  26. That was a very clever trick.

    What’s on your iPod? That sounds like a good Fun Monday theme. How many songs does a Nano hold? Maybe just your top 10 or 20.

  27. Hey, how’d you do that with the big picture? That WAS clever!

    I just love how organized you are.

  28. That pocket knife just doesn’t seem like it would fit into the pouch in its place. Does it go into something else?

  29. I like your sunglasses and your wallet. Not only are you organized, but seriously stylish. Have a great Monday!

  30. Dear WT- My post was about states. STATES, remember? So when you asked for the capitals of my five closest neighbors why on earth would I even have any reason to think you meant countries? That was your jump of logic, not mine.

    And I admittedly suck at world stuff, as I’m sure you noticed from your trivia.

  31. Willow…what? you want us to actually read what you wrote?? sorry….I was distracted by bold type telling me to click on the picture…you wrote something else?

  32. Jenny is just jealous of your glasses. And I’m jealous because your eyes have apparently not changed in 20 years ? ? ? ?

    As for driving at night – I’m worried that I may have to consider that as well. I’m worried about kangaroo’s jumping out in front of my car… I kid you not. I see things in the night that aren’t really there…so a ‘roo is quite possible.

  33. Pamela – The frames have stayed the same, the prescription hasn’t.

  34. cool trick with the photo. Aren’t you going to share how you did it??

    We have a corner cabinet like that in our kitchen, too, though our collection of items is much messier than yours. Do you have a maid or something because my hubby could never keep things as neat as you seem to!

  35. Wow! cool trick and fabulous collection!

  36. Clever indeed!!!

    But, but….I must say “being a man” —YOU CARRY more than I do!! [and no pun intended here!]

    Mine’s posted…
    Have a great MOANday.

  37. Oh, how I wish I could pack for my child this way. And I like all the black stuff. Most of my carrying cases and such are black.

  38. oh…that picture is clever…you can so tell you are a guy from your stuff…all my hubby’s stuff is black too!

  39. You’re LOVIN’ that none of us know how to do the x-ray photo switch-a-roo, aren’t ya? Cool, though and glad you drew attention to it….otherwise I woulda missed it (cause who the heck has time to supersize FM pics?).

    I have to say, though, YOU, my dear, would’ve been well-equipped to help with Katrina as long as your pack was along for the ride!

    Have you checked in at Karmyn’s today yet? Do so RIGHT.NOW.!! 🙂

  40. Like the trick picture.

  41. I love the “coast cubbie”… what a great idea of keeping everything together in one place!

    Happy Monday!!

    ps… the pepperspray on salad is not the best idea… a little too “peppery”! 😉

  42. Dude, you have tons o’ electronic crap. Like the little picture swap thing-a-ma-bob.

  43. See, guys do have it easier! (Love the picture/in/picture, very cool! Yes, iPod Nano, same one!)

  44. Great to see how organised you are. But why do you have to keep your glasses warm? What sort of coast is it? The Alaskan coast?

  45. I have the same black iPod nano as well.
    I SO LOVED the x-ray photo trick! I clicked back and forth for quite some time I was so entranced by it!
    I also love how organized and neat and tidy you and your house are. I don’t have it. I do have key hooks on the way out to the garage. My keys go there faithfully. Maybe a hook for sunglasses…

  46. That WAS clever. Good job. And all that black and swiss and mag is very masculine. Fun to see what the boys carry.

  47. Hey WT – neat trick with the photo.

    Great post. thanks for sharing

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  48. Cool! That IS clever!

  49. Now, aren’t you just the clever Aussie? Something tells me you have a trove of NaBloPoMo posts, already saved, and ready for publication that are even more impressive.

    New frames = A MUST!

  50. ahh that was a clever trick! i was totally impressed;)

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