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A technical type announcement about my feed.

Recently the nice folks at Typepad decided to screw around with the way feeds are generated from TP posts, as usual they didn’t tell anybody they did this, and when things went wrong they didn’t tell anybody on the help desk so that they could provide answers to the poor bastards who were affected by their stuff up (or at least they didn’t tell that snarky fucking bitch Laura).

As a result of being left in the dark for several days, and not being able to generate a valid atom feed, I took it upon myself to fix things. What this means is that you may be subscribed to a feed address than no longer exists (the RSS.xml feeds were ok, but the Atom.xml feeds were corrupted). It would be nice if our feed readers would tell us what was going on but they don’t, they just don’t pick up a feed and you assume that there has been no new post.

If you do subscribe to the Dingo through a feed reader (Bloglines, Google reader etc), and you want to make sure you get your serve of Dingo fresh daily, here’s what you should do…

  • Delete the existing feed
  • Resubscribe using the button below.

Sorry for the stuff up.

In other Interweb news..