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A technical type announcement about my feed.

Recently the nice folks at Typepad decided to screw around with the way feeds are generated from TP posts, as usual they didn’t tell anybody they did this, and when things went wrong they didn’t tell anybody on the help desk so that they could provide answers to the poor bastards who were affected by their stuff up (or at least they didn’t tell that snarky fucking bitch Laura).

As a result of being left in the dark for several days, and not being able to generate a valid atom feed, I took it upon myself to fix things. What this means is that you may be subscribed to a feed address than no longer exists (the RSS.xml feeds were ok, but the Atom.xml feeds were corrupted). It would be nice if our feed readers would tell us what was going on but they don’t, they just don’t pick up a feed and you assume that there has been no new post.

If you do subscribe to the Dingo through a feed reader (Bloglines, Google reader etc), and you want to make sure you get your serve of Dingo fresh daily, here’s what you should do…

  • Delete the existing feed
  • Resubscribe using the button below.

Sorry for the stuff up.

In other Interweb news..


32 Responses

  1. Luckily I come here obsessively to taunt you. The bloglines feed has had the red exclamation point of doom on you for a few days. Glad you got it figured out.

  2. Thanks, WT. I wondered why I missed this post.

  3. Okay, Moron Alert. If I don’t subscribe to a feed I don’t need to do anything, right? I just keep compulsively checking in and everything will be the same as it always is, right?

    Loved your comment, BTW. Blogger is having its way with me tonight. It put up two of the same post, as you noticed. Damn it!

  4. It’s okay, rotten correspondent, you are not alone. I have no idea what a “feed” is and I’m always too scared to click that orange icon on sites and blogs ’cause I don’t know what will happen. Compulsive checking in works brilliantly for me, as long as I wash my hands before and after, and once again just in case …

  5. I use LiveClick in Firefox. Noting seems to be out of place for me as I still get the RSS feed. However, if it does go caca, I now know what to do.

  6. I resubscribed. Even though I got this post in my google reader so surely it was still working…

  7. I did as you instructed but I wasn’t actually having any problem all your new posts seem to show in my bloglines.

  8. What is an old woman to do? Should I look into this feed stuff, or should I continue haunting my blog friends the old-fashioned way by clicking on the links on my blog? Hmmm… I won’t ask that “snarky fucking bitch Laura.”

  9. Molly, I can’t believe YOU said that!

    WT, a fresh serving of Dingo daily…that just sounds soooo wrong………!

  10. Molly – ROFLMAO!!!

  11. oh i love the onion. i laughed through that video, thanks WT. i had no idea the onion folks did TV as well. (the nigeria bit was particularly inspired.)

  12. I did as I was told but wasn’t having any problems

  13. Duh what? I didn’t know there was food here. You are feeding us? I’m with the group who just periodically clicks on my Favorites to see if a new post is up. Those of us in this category keep your site meter count up.
    I’ve tried to explain the “Virtual House Warming for Julie and Tiff” in my comments today.
    It’s probably clear as mud.

  14. I use bloglines and mine never stopped working. Weird.

  15. I tried to subscribe to your feed last night, but it didn’t work. Not that I need to. I have a regular route.

    That video clip was FRIGHTENING! This could be another War of the Worlds fiasco. I almost felt like control alt deleting myself while watching it. If it’s a joke, it’s really not funny. I thought that half of the internet disappeared on Saturday. Thank God for that snotty SBC Yahoo tech support lady. I can take a little verbal abuse now and then for the sake of full internet viewability.

  16. “I feel like CTRL ALT DELETEing myself” Don’t we all feel that way sometimes? Sometimes even when reading this blog? I don’t have a problem getting your new posts on google reader.

  17. Ummmaahhh! Molly swore! Im tellin’ on her!

  18. Obviously I’m not the only one who doesn’t do “feeds”. And as a few other folks have said, I feel like CTL ALT Deleting myself on a regular basis. I’ve seen that clip before. Still gives me a chuckle.

  19. Zoom, over my head. I don’t even know how to set up a feed dohickey so I just come by here when I can to see if you could.

  20. thx. i resubscribed and took care of it.

  21. Thanks for the great laugh – The onion is too much.

    Poor Nigeria. heh heh heh.

    I was wondering why bloglines was giving you a big red exclamation point. I’m off to fix it.

  22. I have you on bloglines but can still get you, does that mean I have to change?

    Wasn’t really around over the last few days so don’t know how stuffed up it was.

  23. Off topic, but, WT, next time you’re short on blogfodder, perhaps you could teach us your party tricks – that whole switching photo thing on the Fun Monday post was magnificent.

  24. I don’t subscribe…I just click on my bookmarks!! but geez, with highspeed you’re unstoppable!

  25. Someone please explain who Laura the Snarky Effing Beyotch is.

    I had to resubscribe a few days ago when I noticed there was nothing loading. I guess I shoulda emailed you then and mentioned it……but then I guess a part of me thought someone (probably that snarky effing woman Laura) had already alerted you.

  26. I didn’t have any problem at all in locating you. Ignorance=bliss/ and all that apparently. The “Techno Gods” that exist must really like those of us who throw booty at their feet and shriek and moan over any inconsistency of application. Therefore I’m home free since I ably do both of the above. WT you might try making a shrine in your yard. Chuck in a monitor or two, maybe a hard drive along with some disks, cables and candles. Throw off your clothes and dance around it all under a full moon. Let us know what happens. Can’t wait to hear.

  27. Please, please, please don’t tell us you were short of floppies.

  28. I didn’t understand a word of what you typed, but thank you.

    I see you have your own dot com now, how cool!

    As for bloglines and feed readers, I know nothing of those either. I just have you saved under my Favorites. Is that old-fashioned?

    I love, love, love the Onion! Thanks for the laughs. (That was started in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1988 (great year), by a couple of UW students. Hooray for Wisconsin.)

    It’s scary to think of a mind as sharp as yours having so much free time. 😉

  29. this explains why you haven’t been lighting up my bloglines.

  30. I subscribed to a a new feed and ten posts popped up

  31. There’s the trouble! I am slow to figure things out but I finally thought “Hmmm…WT hasn’t posted in a while. How could that be?”
    I always come around eventually.

  32. Wait…is it only Jens who occasionally feel like control alt deleting themselves? Strange.

    If you try altaglow’s suggestions, PLEASE do NOT video it for your blog. You have to know where the line is, my friend, and that would be WAY over it.

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