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A preview of what’s to come.

Well it’s 3:30pm on Wed the 31st Oct where I am, which means that tomorrow (my time) NaBloMe officially starts. Unlike all those anxiety ridden bloggers out there panicking (where did that ‘k’ come from?) about posting every day for a month, I’m totally relaxed about the whole deal.

Could it be perhaps that I have absolute faith in my writing ability? …Nah. Or maybe I have a secret stash of draft posts just waiting to be published (as has been suggest by a few of my readers)…maybe, nah. No, it’s nothing like that, the secret lies with my complete lack of standards when it comes to posting. Nothing is too mundane, or too boring to be rejected as a possible post by me. But even more importantly, I have been known to publish posts that have said nothing more than I have nothing to post (bizarrely, they always get the most comments!).

With blogging ethics like mine, why the hell would I be worried? But I must confess I do have a secret weapon up my sleeve. Over the past few months I’ve come across some interesting B@rbie pictures which will do quite nicely as a post now and then, in addition to the conclusion of ‘When Hari me Kari’.

Just to get your anticipatory juices flowing, here’s a B@rbie clip I found a few minutes ago (because the one I have been saving for months for just such an occasion has suddenly disappeared! Grrr)…

This one was nowhere near as good as the one that got away. Damned if I know where I put it!!


26 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    And what happened to the flipping Dingo Award? Are we not voting for that anymore?

  2. They really need a new acronym for this November blogging festival. I see the one you’ve got and it always looks like “Na.. Blow Me.” Sort of a response to someone’s query, like: “Want to go to a movie tonight?” “Na… Blow Me.” Now I think I know why you’ve signed up.

  3. p.s. Looks like Barbie uses a Mac too.

  4. I love what you came up with “NaBloMe” Can I use it? Or do I have to have something for someone to blow?

    I’m with mark…where’s the Dingo?

  5. I never owned a barbie. All my friend did. But not me. Nope. deprived, I say.

    So. I’m going to really enjoy your barbie posts.

  6. I’ve not signed up for this one as I’m away for a week during November. Shame really because I do post everyday. As I’m going to visit Sam I may still get to post but decided not to put myself under any pressure.

  7. I can hardly keep up with my daily reading. I’m pretty sure I’d fail miserably at trying to get a post up everyday if I signed up.

  8. I find it hard to believe that Barbie would know the word Dick since no one she knows has ever had one.

    They probably use a lot of strap-ons in that world.

  9. All my Barbies had punk hair cuts coloured with markers. I can’t wait to see what these Barbies, do.

  10. Um, somehow a rogue comma ended up in that last sentence. Must be Halloween gremlins. Sorry.

  11. If it’s funnier than that, FIND IT!

    Daggum, it, Peter, I’m crackin’ up reading your comments…

    And I have a feeling more people are gonna be writing for the next 30 days than reading…

    What’s the point of NaBloPoMo again????

  12. I am sure that each and every one of your posts will be fabulous. I am intrigued by the Barbie video(s). I am not sure that Barbie would say “dick.” However, if she did, I sure that she would giggle just like that.

    Hey wait, Barbie is really just a plastic doll.

  13. ah.. i’ve been waiting for the end of the hari-kiri saga. even though i’m pretty sure hari and kiri get married in the end. (but why? why would she DO that? i wonder.)

  14. You know, I think Barbie should be more concerned about how to find a man who HAS one.

  15. Funny comments people. 🙂

  16. I LOVE the Barbie clip. Awesome.

  17. Do you pay Mark by the comment?

    You can do a post a day no problem. (Pet pix count, right?)

  18. Looks like your stalker Mark is back. Aren’t you excited for Nablome? I know you are. Stop trying to hide it beneath your Aussie pride.

  19. That was great. Thanks for the morning chuckle:o)

  20. Too funny! So after Barbie divorced Ken, she got together with Dick? Cool. Thanks.

  21. Rotten Correspondent – he pays by the kilo. Tightwad.

  22. Ahhh who can resist dissin’ Barbie. I love her in the Toy Story 2 movie, where she is a tour guide. The passengers are screaming that they are going to die…. & Tour Guide Barbie reiterates, (in a prozac voice) please hold your comments until the end of our tour…….

  23. Ahem – I noticed my mother complaining about never owning a Barbie – WELL – I had plenty of them….so if she had ever felt deprived its her own dang fault…she could have played with mine. (in fact, in essence, she did own them because she probably BOUGHT them for me!)

  24. Barbie Vision? All Barbie…All the time? Oh boy…I hope the dingo doesn’t get Barbie before the end of the month.

    Have a fun NaBloPoMo!!

  25. I’ll never look at Barbie the same way again.

  26. That was GREAT! 😀

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