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Let’s start off with awards.

Here it is the first of the month (Oz time) which means it’s time for me to present awards. On that front, I have some bad news, the Dingo will not be awarded this month.

As you are aware the Dingo is awarded for excellence in snark, but what you may not know (unless you’ve won it) is that along with the spectacular bling you get for your blog (which you get to keep), you also get the real thing for a month, which you have to hand back in order for it to be passed on. Well it seems that Mark really enjoyed winning the Dingo, in fact he enjoyed it so much that the actual trphy became so firmly lodged that as yet no-one has been either willing or able to retrieve it. However, being the resourceful type that he is, he was able to make the best of an embarrassing situation and still managed to make the staff Halloween party. Doesn’t he look good?


My second award can be presented though. To win this one you need a broad range of knowledge, lighting quick reflexes and a whole lot of luck. This month’s WT Trivia Challenge was won by Lene. Congratulations Lene.

I’m taking a bit of a risk announcing this now, as the quiz site
appears to have pooped itself and I can’t get in to verify, but Lene
had an unassailable lead so I think it’s a pretty safe bet.

(not as safe as you would think, read on…)

Hold the phones!!!  (Update) I was finally
able to get into the site and you wouldn’t believe it, we may either
have a tie or a different winner! In the last game of the month,
Melissa is leading Lene by 6 points at present, but Lene only had a five
point lead over all, with Melissa coming second. Hold on to your hats.

Update #2. It’s official, Melissa pipped Lene at the post and won by 2 points. Well done Melissa! You smart arse. Sorry Lene, you need to give your award to Melissa (even though she’s already got one).

Finally just a quick thank you to Laurie and Rotten Correspondent who gave me a couple of awards earlier this month, and I think there may have been one other (if there was, I apologise for not remembering, but I’m sure you’ll let me know). I didn’t post the awards here this time as one is so ugly (although the sentiment isn’t) that I’m not going to include it in my sidebar, and the other is so nice that I’m not going to modify it.

Update #3. Damn! I knew there was one I forgot, why did it have to be someone who gets so pissed when I don’t measure up!? The luverly Joy T. gave me the Totally Fabulous award, and then called me a jerk because I forgot.

Update #4. (Five minutes later) Hey wait a minute! What am I apologising for? I just went to Joy’s to refresh my memory of the award, and not only is it awfully gay looking, I was just one of eleven (yes that’s right 11!) people she gave it to! Talk about prestigious! But wait there’s more! Here’s what she said when awarding it to me, "Willowtree from A Dingo’s Got My Barbie – Because he’s grown on me like a fungus." Now I remember why I forgot it.

To all those of you who celebrate Halloween (or whatever PC term you have to use) ‘have a good one’.

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