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Aspirational B@rbies

It seems that the good folks at M@ttel assume that everyone (by that I mean every young girl) wants to be a  doctor, or a company exec, or maybe even a zoo doctor

(WTF?). Or as the Dianne Carrol Barbie on the right indicates, a nurse (how sexist is that one?)

But what about those who are too poor, to dumb, or too lazy to achieve those lofty goals? Or those who will simply make the wrong choice in men? Well fear not, there is now a range of "Aspirational B@rbies" to suit all needs and all life choices.

First off what have Waitress B@rbie, but if the thought of being pleasant to everyone (including obnoxious, self important fucktards™) and remembering which orders go where, seems to hard, then there’s always McDon@lds B@rbie.

I mentioned earleir that there was a range of "Aspirational B@rbies" for those who plan on making completely wrong life choices, and here they are, the first one is for those who live in the city, and the second is for those who don’t…

Inner_city_2  Ghost_3

Ok, I appreciate that not all women will choose losers for partners, so for them there’s this one…


Stay tuned for even more ridonculous™ B@rbie posts.

NahBloPa post #2