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I got some more awards.

Before I start, I’d just like to explain something to those of you who may have come here yesterday or this morning (Oz time) for the first time through NaBloMe (although I doubt that you would be back here to read this now anyway). Normally the people who comment on my blog are very intelligent, very witty contributors. However, occasionally some of them go off their meds, as was the case yesterday when several of them ran amok and made it very hard for anyone not part of their little game to feel welcome. Rest assured, even if you aren’t part of their little clique, you are more than welcome to leave a comment, and even more welcome if it has something to do with the post.

For those who are interested in talking about  Grey’s Anatomy, or if you would simply like to take over someone’s comments section to deter newcomers from commenting, you could try Hoe, Larry or Curly, they’re always good for a laugh on the rare occasions that they actually post.

Now on to more important things: me. I’ve been somewhat remiss in not acknowledging some recent awards that have be given to me, so I will now make amends. These are in random order, and don’t reflect either timing or importance as they are all equally important to me. As usual I have changed some of the colours to fit in with my colour scheme, but I swear that’s all I changed.

This one was given to me twice, firstly by Rotten Correspondent then by ChrisB. Apart from the Butt Ugly Bodaciaous award that Laurie once gave me, this has to be the ugliest award in the history of blogging, but with the colour change it’s not so bad.

IntellectuallyinspiringLaurie gave me this one, I think to make of for the ugly one she gave me before. Rather peaceful don’t you think?

Totally_fabulous_award_from_lisas_cThis one was from Joy T, she first called me fabulous, then a jerk, so I think she may be a Split personali T. But it’s not so bad one once you get rid of all the pink.

This next one came from Debs, and as I think this is the first one she’s given me, she gets a Dingo II. I’m not sure who this Egel fellow is or why he figures they can deem a blog to be good or otherwise, but hey, it’s an award, and we all know that we blog for either comments or awards, and my comments haven’t been worth shit lately.

And last but not least, I got this from a paranoid schizo blogger who got so freaked out about something that I wrote once that she closed her blog and started another one under an alias! Now that’s power!

So there you go, quite a haul don’t you think? Thanks guy I really appreciate it. And Debs, I’ll email you your bling.

BloMe post #3


33 Responses

  1. Awesome awards! I especially like the alterations!


    Our current Nominations include

    Mark: 9
    Melissa: 7
    Marnie: 2

    Marnie was awarded a DINGO without voting, so I see no reason to keep her name out of the hat. But since Willowtree isn’t the snarky type, and since it’s his award, he’s not up for it unless he volunteers.

    Please continue Nominating until Sunday (in Oz,)
    The amount of nominations will effect the placement on the ballot.

    Thank you from the Dingo Award® Committee.

    Oh shit, I’m such a Dick-in-a-Box!!! Congratulations on the great awards WT. If I wasn’t such a punk I might get some too.

  3. You need an award for having the most awards.

    Being intellectually challenged likely does result in a calmer state of mind, as one would know of few things to worry about, and not realize how deep of a shithole he’s in.

  4. I especially love the Intellectually Challenged Blog award. Alas, I must close my commenting day now, but I trust you’re in good hands with Mar(k)nie and their intoxicating prose.

    ps: I nominate Mar(k)nie in the “special” Dingo Category.

  5. What Kila said, I’m almost certain I’ve never been given an award for anything and I’m pretty sure I’d probably qualify for a slacker award some day.

  6. One of these days the blog police are gonna come after you for what you’re doing to these poor awards…

    …especially sweet Robinella’s!!!!

    Why am I humming the old Mac Davis song right now, “Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in ev-er-y way……..”?! Hmmmmm…..

  7. Very nice awards. I love what you did with them. I do wonder why people keep giving them to you. Is it because you kinda deserve some of them, or is it just to see what you do with them? Hmmmm.

  8. Thanks Other Robin for the kinds words, but I like what he did with it. I was a wee bit worried he would do something else, but I don’t think he is “all that” with the graphics program he uses. Contrary to his beliefs.

    WT – While you were instrumental, it was mostly my psycho “friends” that caused the hi-tailing. AND why don’t I get a Dingo II? Last time you gave it anyone who awarded you. (not that I did it for that) You know what? Fuck it, I don’t want it. Okay, I do, but only because I like pretties on my sidebar – so email me the fucking thing already. Thank you, dahling.

  9. Sandy – Thanks, are you a tailor?

    Mark – Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’d get an award too, if you ever posted.

    Kila – Hey that’s a great idea! Why don’t you make me one?

    Brenda – Just tell people you don’t want them, then they’ll come streaming in (at least that how I do it).

    Robin – Nah, they don’t care.

    Kaycie – “Is it because you kinda deserve some of them” Huh!? Could you even be more supportive? But the truth is, it’s mostly to see what I’ll do with them.

    Robinella – What exactly does “all that” mean anyway? Boy are you ever going to be embarrassed about whining so much for not getting the Dingo II when you check your email. It was sent long before you left this comment bitching about not getting it.

  10. I am not sure that you are right about the clique of commenters. The interplay among the commenters seems friendly. Anyway, congratulations on the copious amount of awards. See how much you are loved and admired?

    I will try to be good and gracious (at least until November 9th.)

  11. Stop being grumpy. And if I thought this were a clique group, I wouldn’t be coming over here. Which you would probably like but no one listens to you anyway. Because I hate cliques. Now. I can’t help but wonder when someone’s going to make up a Grey’s Anatomy award and present it to you.

  12. Wow, this BloMe business has someone’s shorts in a sling, doesn’t it?

    Are you getting enough iron? Plenty of sleep? Had any good Stepford Wives lately?

    Congrats on the awards though. Seriously.

    No,really. Seriously.

  13. you forgot one, willow.

    you know. the dingo boomerang.

  14. I read blog after whiny blog, written by bitchy complaining bloggers, and am always either supportive or silent (check my comments on your blogs if you don’t believe me), yet when my blog gets hijacked for someone else’s amusement, it seems I’m not allowed to be even the slightest bit put out by it. Thanks for all the support and understanding.

  15. I’m starting to notice that awards are starting to be like chain mail…but at least they all thought of you…I am sure most in a good light 😉


  16. I think I am going to have to come up with my own award … just to see what you will DO to it….hahahahaha LOVE what you did to Joy’s Fabulous Award!

  17. Sirdar – That’s exactly why I have a policy of not passing them on.

    Bermuda – Why not? I made my own. I like what I did with the Smile one best, surprisingly that was the hardest to do.

  18. WT said “Sirdar – That’s exactly why I have a policy of not passing them on.”

    I did it once. Never again. I actually have a post in draft for this very topic. It will show up one day soon…

  19. I’m just mad b/c I’M MOE.

    He was the Stooge I despised. Damn.

  20. Tiff – Not to worry, I’ll fix that for ya!

  21. Liftin’ up my skirt for ya, willowtree. Congrats on the awards.

  22. I have to agree I rather like your colour change, but I was not rude enough did not think to alter mine!

  23. Ahh I tried to put a line through the rude enough bit, it didn’t work!!

  24. It’s happened again, the comments make me forget your post…oh yes awards…Congratulations on all your awards WT and I’m sure you’ve more to come!

  25. WT thank you for the award. I already have it on my blog. I am becoming an award whore. Yikes.

  26. I love how you changed them ALL! If I could get the new and improved “I’m Fucking Fab” Award I would be so stoked! I hate Pink! Please keep that in mind if I ever get the Dingo…Not that I’m snarky enough but just in case!
    Congrats on all the cool refurbished awards!

  27. Think I’m going to have to stop reading the comments by the time I get to the end I realise I’m not funny enough to comment! but as I’m trying not to lurk I’ll go for the boring but true – well done on your awards – like the colour changes!

  28. MUCH better. My reputation (and hairstyle) are restored.

  29. “I porked a Stepford Wife”– OMG, lmao.

    I think you deserve the awards you get– but I don’t think I would have considered you intellectually challenged. That’s part of the fun though, right? Insulting someone AND awarding them in the same breath. Sound like my old job… Shit, sounds like my current job…

  30. Your award edits are especially funny this time.

    If these awards are like chain mail where is the one that is a picture of your guardian angel and says if you don’t forward it to 10 friends in the next 60 seconds and say 10 Hail Marys for each of them while passing it on your cousin’s best friend’s sister’s mother’s ex husband’s great uncle will die in a fiery car crash? (Wow! 65 words in that sentence!)

  31. I am quite capable of being more supportive, thank you very much.

    You are most worthy of every award ever bestowed upon you, dear sir.

    Is that better?

  32. Alright, I’m sorry. And thanks.

  33. You modify awards better than anyone else out there WT. Esp. poor Robinella’s.

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