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Sunday Service.

I don’t normally post on Sundays, not that I’m anti-religious or anything, it’s just that no-one reads them so why bother writing them. However seeing as I’m posting everyday for BloMonth, then that means I’m going to have to post on Sundays too, in that case it might as well be a Sunday Service. So pull up a pew, get out you hymnal and be ready to feel the spirit (or maybe my hand on your butt).

Today’s Service is to remember Beep, who has gone to a better place. She was a good little cat who never really flourished here due to all the other animals getting in her face all the time. Whenever it was just me and her in the house she was a completely different cat, friendly and confident, but when there were other animals around she would go to her safe place and stay there. I think this is because she came from a one pet home (her previous care giver was a little old lady who died). So is is with a sense of sadness that prepare myself for life without her.

But don’t you feel sad, when I say she’s gone to a better place I mean it. She’s gone to live with my very good friends. "How good a friends are they?"

"Well I was the best man at their wedding"

They lost the cat they had taken in some time ago and fate put all the pieces of the puzzle together last time I was on the Coast. After having a prescription filled not far from where they live, and despite it being a working day (both of them have jobs), I called around on impulse and lo and behold (that’s Sunday speak) Ruth was home (come to think of it, that’s a biblical name too). While we were having coffee, I got my blog up to show her some pictures of the critters and somehow we got talking about Beep and how she wasn’t all that happy about all the animal activity around my place.

Next thing you know we’ve come to an agreement that they would take over her care. This was not a decision made to benefit me (I’m well and truly out of pocket), plus you don’t even notice one extra animal with all the ones I’ve got up here, and she was no trouble (in fact she was the least hassle of all the cats up here). No, it was done with Beep’s interests at heart, I just want the best for her, it’s not her fault the old lady died and left her orphaned. I’ve known Joel for almost 20 years, and he’s great with cats (as is Ruth). In fact here he is playing with Buzz when he was only about 5 months old…


Plus his cats have always been well tempered and totally non neurotic which speaks volumes, so Beep will love it there, and she will be loved.

Hey while we’re speaking about pet loving, get a load of this! This is some inter-species lovin’. Luckily with Belle being a girl at least they’re not homos like Buddy and Bentley…

I can’t be completely sure of this, but it seems to me that Beau is looking at Buddy kinda funny, I think he’s trying to get a ménage à trois going.

The noise you hear in the background is rain, in case you were wondering.

MaBloPa post #4


32 Responses

  1. Meanie. I thought she was…you know. Gone.

    Glad Beep is happy, wherever she roams.

  2. Awww, dey weally wuv each other. Do they sleep together?
    Beau looked like he was askin’ Buddy what the hell he was lookin’ at.

  3. you did a nice thing, WT.
    be careful or someone else will give you another award.

  4. A man who thinks as much of his animals as you do, and loves them enough to give one up, has got to be quite a guy. You surprise me all the time, Willow.

  5. Very nice Sunday Service…the cat and dog video is sweet. I am glad that you keep pictures of your pets in the sidebar. That way, we can keep the players straight.

    There, see how cordial my comment is? You hardly can remember that I sinned on Friday/Saturday.

  6. You’ve done a good deed today. If you want a sermon in comic book form, I’ve two from the boys night of Trick or Treating. I can’t believe someone gave them a “come be a member of my church” comic. Really lame to sneak about like that.

  7. Happy Sunday to you, WT. It’s still Saturday here. You should consider writing more on Sundays – maybe I’ll crawl out of the little hole I’ve been in for the past few months, log on, and read!

    Or maybe I’ll just crawl back in my little hole – which is off the face of the earth somewhere…in Timbuktu…which I think is in BFE.

    On another note, Beau looks exactly like the cat I had for 19 years…who really HAS gone on to a better place 😦 (*sniff*)

  8. Oh how I wish it was Sunday here already. I really, really, do.

    Friendly animals you’ve got there. 🙂

  9. Good that you found a good home for Beep. We had to give up our outside dog because it wouldn’t stay home. It is now out at the farm where we can see her every time we go out there.

  10. I think Buddy is acting like the typical male – he likes to watch.

    That Beau is into some serious S&M, with all that nipple-biting!

  11. “Joel and Ruth” … both very Biblical and suitable for a Sunday service, well done WT.

    You did good by Beep. Always harder on the human!

  12. Well that was sad and wonderful at the same time. I find it so hard to part with pets even when they are as obnoxious as my Bella. But sometimes it is in their best interest, not ours. I hope she settles in to her new home quickly.
    Im sure her new owners will love her to bits.

  13. Geez, what kind of whorehouse do you have going on there? I think Belle got a couple of hickeys.

    God Bless you, Beep. We’ll miss you.

  14. Glad Beep is somewhere she can be number one! Must have been hard parting with her though.
    Nice to have a Sunday blog 🙂

  15. Nice thing you did there! If that was a sample of your sermons….I’d join your church!

  16. I started off feeling sad thinking the worst, so I’m glad it has a happy ending for Beep~ everyone needs to feel ‘top cat’ sometimes!

  17. I wouldn’t mind going to the church of Willowtree on Sunday. The sermon had a little of everything and ended with a good little thump to the heart.

  18. I’m glad you found a place where she’ll be happier. It doesn’t matter how many pets you have, it’s always hard to see one go. At least maybe you’ll be able to visit her when you go to the coast.

    The video was very cute. I wish Bear would warm up to the cats a little. He hurt his leg and has been in the house for the past two weeks. Every time I let him outside to go to the bathroom, I have to drag him out because he’s afraid of the cats that cluster around the door. He doesn’t realize they all just want to play with him. All except Galleta anyway, he hisses and arches his back. The rest of the cats are very affectionate and want attention from whoever will give it to them, even a dog.

  19. WT you started your own church? I want to join. 😀

    Just keep your hands to yourself. 😛

    Glad Beep will be happy being the one and only. 🙂

    I was upset at first thinking the worst. That was really mean of you, but yet funny.

  20. I think loving those animals so much makes up for the Dingo. Pretty much, anyway.

  21. Lovely Sunday post! Glad you’ve found a good home for Beep and one where you get visiting privileges, too. Clever.

    That video made me laugh so hard I cried. Is Beau licking Belle or trying to strangle his prey? Very, very cute.

  22. See, I thought Bella was looking at Buddy like, Man you need to help a canine out!

  23. That is THE best pet video I’ve ever seen. I laughed so hard and cried out, ‘Awww’, so many times. Then Belle put her paw on Buddy and I died.

    (Glad Beep is in a place that’s best for her)


  24. Oh. You just HAD to ruin your Sunday Service with that ménage à trois comment, didn’t you.
    Sick bastard.
    Now go and repent.

  25. LOVED the video. Of course.

    Glad you were able to work out such a great home for Beep.

  26. Slap! That’s for the hand on the butt. Now. Does Beau only play with Belle like that? I ask because he was looking like he wanted to maybe play with Buddy but thought better of it.

  27. Geez – you scared me to death. I was all ready to start bawling my eyes out at the thought of losing Beep…I’m so glad she is alive and well….even if it is someplace else. Whew!

  28. bummer i mean it’s great for beep and all but bummer cause your going to miss beep so much, however, this does leave room for a newbie;)

  29. So, I finally got around to clickin’ the pet video. Yep, the cutest one EVAH! You can’t TRAIN animals to act like that!

    Enter the clip in a contest…it’d win. Of course, that depends on the contest ;).

  30. Congrats, Beep! It’s nice when life just works out that way.

  31. Rain is good, right?
    I’ll miss beep.

  32. Manage a trois! You are too hilarious! 🙂 I’m glad Beep has a nice new home where she can be herself.

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