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Oliver Beep and some non-sequiters

Before I give an update on the Beep sitch, I’ve got a bit of housekeeping to do. First off, if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m on the Coast and will be until at least Wed (when I see my specialist), I have to come down a few days beforehand so that can take blood and urine samples (well actually they take the blood but I give the urine). So you won’t bee seeing my humorous and insightful comments on your blogs until I get back to computing civilization (which ironically is in the middle of nowhere and about as far from actual civilization as you would want to be).

Secondly, I’m not participating in this week’s Fun Monday, it’s not that the topic is no good, in fact it’s a very good one, it’s just that my memories of holiday traditions aren’t so good and I don’t want to be a wet blanket. Fact is, the only holiday tradition my family ever had (and it goes back to when I was an infant) is that every Christmas someone in the family had to fight someone else in the family. When I was a kid that meant the older generation; my day and his siblings or my mother and her mother in law, or any combination thereof. If it was my dad and his brothers it would be physical, if it were his sisters, my mother or my grandmother it would be verbal.

When I got older the responsibility fell to the next generation, and I can’t remember a Christmas without me and/or my brothers and/or cousins getting into it. Now that my parents are both dead, and I haven’t spoken to  (or in fact even seen) either brother for many years, this obviously no longer happens, plus I stopped the cycle by not having children myself. So no, I don’t have any holiday traditions I’d like to write about.

Now, on to current events… Well, the adoption process went off without a hitch yesterday, I actually wrote the post before the event knowing that I wouldn’t get a chance to post once I left the farm, as it’s a three hour drive and then I’d be caught up with human interaction. Oh, speaking of a three hour drive (how come all of a sudden I have an image of Gilligan in my mind’s eye?), I forgot how noisy Beep was in the car, which is strange as she’s not usually a talker. I had three hours of nonstop meowing! It was the same when I took her up to the farm when I first got her, but I’d forgotten about that. Beau, on the other hand didn’t make a sound. If you’re keeping count, that would be 3 dogs and 2 cats in the car for a three hour trip.

It was actually a bit embarrassing really, I felt like Mr Bumble dropping off one of the orphans at the new, rich foster parents’ house. They had gone out and bought just about every cat toy ever made, plus one of those scratch pole deals with little hidey holes and sleeping quarters, sheesh! And to make matters worse, that little bitch of a cat went straight to the cat food and chowed down like she hadn’t eaten in a week, even though it was actually only about three hours since she last ate! And it wasn’t like it was special food or anything, it was the same crap that I give them!

But wait there’s more. While the little bitch was stuffing her face and acting like she’d been mistreated, Ruth, who had also bought one of those cat grooming gloves, decided to try it out by giving her a quick brush. She came into the room where Joel and I were watching TV and held up what I initially thought was Booey (who I haven’t seen for a few days), but which turned out to be fur that Beep was no longer wearing seeing as how it was now summer. Ok, I’ll cop to that one, Beep didn’t get all that much individual attention, plus all the other cats have sleek fur so I tend not to brush them (not to mention the the fun I have watching them trying to dislodge furballs). But it did look pretty bad for me. Oh well.

So as it turned out, Beep settled in immediately and made herself right at home, it was almost as if she were relieved! On the other hand, Beau the most friendly and gregarious cat I’ve ever had, hid under our couch for the first five hours, go figure.

Have a good Fun Monday if you’re doing it.

BloMeDown post #5