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Is that a gun in your pocket?

This is just one of many stories I could tell that explains my stance on gun control and my view that guns don’t kill people, morons with guns kill people. Before you gun-toting freedom fighters out there jump up and down, I know morons without guns kill people too, but small cowardly morons with guns kill people they would never have been able to kill without them. Ok sermon over, let’s get on with the story.

A few years ago MDW and I were in LA visiting her family. MDW has always suffered badly from jet-lag, that is until we figured out how to combat it, and when this happened she was in bed asleep getting ove a bad case of it (it was mid afternoon). Her brother Kenny is a nice guy but he sure isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw. He kind of reminds me of that little dog in the cartoon that bounds around encircling the big bully dog and eagerly does it’s bidding in an attempt to ingratiate itself.

The ‘bullies’ in this case were from the LAPD, they were not actual bullies, it’s just a figure of speech carrying on from the previous point. Also, I’m not suggesting that they would beat up citizens of darker complexion or anything like that, these were just a bunch of cops who belonged to a gun club that Kenny also belonged to, and he was always trying to emulate them and be one of the gang.

As it happened, a few days before we got there, the house next door was robbed, and while MDW was alseep in bed, Kenny was explaining what he would do if it ever happened to them. He explained in great detail how he would approach the burglars and what instructions he would give them while brandishing his weapon. Oh, did I mention he went and got his .45 Magnum to illustrate this lesson?

Well apparently, you instruct the bad guys to lie face down on the floor and if they are slow to respond you can pop a cap in their butt or just fire into the floor to get their attention. All the while he was explaining this he held his gun in the two handed grip like you see on TV and acted out the scenario. At which point his mother (my MIL) said "You be careful with that gun Kenny, you could hurt someone".

He looked at her like she was a retard, similar to how  you would look at someone if they told you they thought G. Dubya would be able to program a VCR, and of course he retorted "Don’t be so stupid (his exact words), I belong to a gun club, do you think I’d have a loaded gun in the house". And to further prove his point, he pulled the trigger.

I can’t say that I have never heard anything so loud, I’ve worked in mining and they blow things up all the time, but it sure was loud. When we got over the initial shock, we noticed the 3" diameter hole that was roughly 2" deep in the concrete floor about 6" from his mother’s foot. To say I was stunned would be a slight understatement, to say MDW  was annoyed would be a huge understatement! Never before and never since, have I seen her so angry she ripped her brother a new one with a fierceness that’s kept me just a little afraid of her ever since!

And this my friends is just one of the many reasons I don’t like guns. One day I’ll tell you some more of them.

As always, it’s your prerogative to have your own opinion on guns, and I support your right to hold those views (whatever your views are), and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind one way or the other, so don’t write a long comment defending guns, this is not a debate about gun control, it’s just a story about a firearm accident.

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