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Is that a gun in your pocket?

This is just one of many stories I could tell that explains my stance on gun control and my view that guns don’t kill people, morons with guns kill people. Before you gun-toting freedom fighters out there jump up and down, I know morons without guns kill people too, but small cowardly morons with guns kill people they would never have been able to kill without them. Ok sermon over, let’s get on with the story.

A few years ago MDW and I were in LA visiting her family. MDW has always suffered badly from jet-lag, that is until we figured out how to combat it, and when this happened she was in bed asleep getting ove a bad case of it (it was mid afternoon). Her brother Kenny is a nice guy but he sure isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw. He kind of reminds me of that little dog in the cartoon that bounds around encircling the big bully dog and eagerly does it’s bidding in an attempt to ingratiate itself.

The ‘bullies’ in this case were from the LAPD, they were not actual bullies, it’s just a figure of speech carrying on from the previous point. Also, I’m not suggesting that they would beat up citizens of darker complexion or anything like that, these were just a bunch of cops who belonged to a gun club that Kenny also belonged to, and he was always trying to emulate them and be one of the gang.

As it happened, a few days before we got there, the house next door was robbed, and while MDW was alseep in bed, Kenny was explaining what he would do if it ever happened to them. He explained in great detail how he would approach the burglars and what instructions he would give them while brandishing his weapon. Oh, did I mention he went and got his .45 Magnum to illustrate this lesson?

Well apparently, you instruct the bad guys to lie face down on the floor and if they are slow to respond you can pop a cap in their butt or just fire into the floor to get their attention. All the while he was explaining this he held his gun in the two handed grip like you see on TV and acted out the scenario. At which point his mother (my MIL) said "You be careful with that gun Kenny, you could hurt someone".

He looked at her like she was a retard, similar to how  you would look at someone if they told you they thought G. Dubya would be able to program a VCR, and of course he retorted "Don’t be so stupid (his exact words), I belong to a gun club, do you think I’d have a loaded gun in the house". And to further prove his point, he pulled the trigger.

I can’t say that I have never heard anything so loud, I’ve worked in mining and they blow things up all the time, but it sure was loud. When we got over the initial shock, we noticed the 3" diameter hole that was roughly 2" deep in the concrete floor about 6" from his mother’s foot. To say I was stunned would be a slight understatement, to say MDW  was annoyed would be a huge understatement! Never before and never since, have I seen her so angry she ripped her brother a new one with a fierceness that’s kept me just a little afraid of her ever since!

And this my friends is just one of the many reasons I don’t like guns. One day I’ll tell you some more of them.

As always, it’s your prerogative to have your own opinion on guns, and I support your right to hold those views (whatever your views are), and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind one way or the other, so don’t write a long comment defending guns, this is not a debate about gun control, it’s just a story about a firearm accident.

NanooNanoo post #6


38 Responses

  1. Ummm, I take it this isn’t Part IV of “When Hari Meets Kari”, is it?

    Geezaree, he doesn’t sound like he’s related to YDW…!

  2. I grew up around guns. I grew up around idiots brandishing guns. It’s a wonder I grew up at all.

  3. I grew up with a father that cleaned his gun in the living room weekly and, hell, I have lived in Texas forever so I am cool with guns.

    However, the laws we create surrounding them….check out Texas Concealed Handgun laws sometime. If you take an 8 hour class, you are certified not too stupid to carry a gun into a crowded public place.


  4. and a fine post it is, too, WT. jesus. that would be terrifying.

  5. Good grief. I think that illustrates your stance perfectly!!!
    I liked the simile about G. Dubya and the vcr, cracked me up!

    And I can’t wait to see what you’re calling the Nabobobo posts by the time 30 November swings around!!!!!!!

  6. Whoa. I think I love MDW. Strictly platonic of course. But if she makes YOU afraid then I love her. Kenny who just about shot off his mother’s foot? Not so much.

  7. Another incident where it could have been an “accidental gun related death” instead of a hole in the floor. Guns scare me.

  8. Nanooo nannoo to you too.

    My FIL keeps a goddamn shotgun in his house. And I agree with your sentiments for exactly the same reasons. ahem.

  9. “Also, I’m not suggesting that they would beat up citizens of darker complexion or anything like that” :-O

    That is some story. Would this be categorized under one of your near death experiences? I realize it was closer to Momma’s toe, but what it? Right.

  10. Oh man…that was hilarious!! Well the story was hilarious…but I’m sure at the time there wasn’t any thought that it was hilarious. But it sure is now!!

    Sometimes a woman can really make a statement without actually saying anything to the person seeing/hearing the statement.

  11. Actually I’m just happy to see you.

  12. LMAO! Seriously, I’m dying over here.

    See, the idiots are always armed, which is why you should be, too 😉

    Sounds like he’d still be dangerous if he had nothing but fuzz in his pocket!

  13. Robin – There’s an uncanny family resemblance.

    Kaycie – If we could legislate against idiots, we wouldn’t have to worry about gun control at all!

    Fianna – I’ve said it many times before, I honestly have no issue with guns, some of them are a work of art, and in the proper hands present no risk.

    Laurie – It all happened so fast, you didn’t really have time to be terrified.

    Melissa NZ – Me either, they just come to me so I’m kinda interested in what they will be too.

    Joy T. – Kenny is actually a really nice guy, just a bit unusual.

    Karmyn – It could easily have ended in a fatality, as so many do.

    Melissa – I’m ok with Corey having one, the FIL, not so much.

    Robinella – It’s filed under ‘Close Shaves’ which is where the brush with death stories go, there’s a few more to come.

    Sirdar – I agree on both counts, since no-one died, I think it’s a funny story, and an angry woman can peel paint with a look.

    Simply Jenn – Thanks Mae.

    Kila – LOL! You got that right! Kenny is a weapon of mass distraction.

  14. I would have loved to have seen YDW ripping him a new one. Sounds very entertaining indeed.

  15. Are you channeling Mork and Mindy?? Good God! Everyone must have been just a little bit terrified!

  16. That actually just shows how easily accidents ‘could’ happen. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I really think gun laws should be tighter~ however that in itself will not put a stop to gun crimes. Here in the UK it is so easy to buy guns no matter what age you are!

  17. What Chrisb said. (I was under the illusion there were no guns in UK when I moved here……the truth is far from it, I’m afraid)

  18. That could easily have ended badlyWT, guns and morons are a bad mix.

  19. Wow, two sermons in one week, Father Peter. I will resist the temptation to put in my two-cents on gun control. Your story is amazing especially after your BIL makes a big deal out of being the gun expert. I wonder…did Kenny give up guns after the incident?

  20. Good morning, WT.

  21. Interesting post. Complex social issue I guess but, as a “born here” Aussie – the only “arms” that have ever needed to carry are the two hanging from my shoulders .. heh.

  22. Hunting family here so there are all sorts of shotguns, rifles, and other weapons on the property and out of children’s reach. Our children have hunter’s education classes to teach them gun safety if they want a license to hunt.

    It’s all about respect for the danger of any item. You can accidently kill someone with a knife that you put in the dishwasher the wrong way and baseball bats can become lethal. We don’t have any handguns in the house because I would insist they be locked up in one place and the bullets in another so by the time I found and loaded one, it’d be too late. The baseball bat is handy though.

  23. ( ..and i still think that the “Founding Fathers” of that place over there – north of Mexico and south of Canada – can’t spell .. should be “the right to BARE arms”} .. heh heh.

  24. I’m surprised he hasn’t won a Darwin award yet.

    My uncle was a hunter, but never brandished a gun in the house. Of course, he was big enough that he probably really didn’t need a gun to defend himself.

    I do worry about letting TFYO go over to other people’s homes when I know they have guns. How do I know that they’re storing them safely?

  25. ( ..and i still think that the “Founding Fathers” of that place over there – north of Mexico and south of Canada – can’t spell .. should be “the right to BARE arms”} .. heh heh.

  26. I may be out of the loop because really, I don’t get out much. Here in the frozen tundra that is Canada, hunting rifles are the main deal. We loves us our moose and venison. The hand guns are mostly in the hands of the drug dealers, and one avoids getting shot mostly by staying away from drugs.
    Oh. And by staying out of the woods during hunting season.

  27. I agree with you 100%. This was a very funny story in retrospect! I grew up in a house loaded with guns, that were not secured but at least they weren’t loaded. My Dad taught me gun safety when I was very little, being the only child and NOT a boy he hoped I’d enjoy hunting…LOL! My grandfather was a Marine and then a Deputy Sheriff so he had handguns in his house.
    Too me there are only 2 types of gun owners the responsible educated gun owner and the uneducated irresponsible gun owner.

  28. Why is it always the idiots who say ‘Do you think I’d keep a loaded gun?’ are the ones who then proceed to blow hole in something?
    Then again, you’d have to be an idiot to keep a gun, so…..

  29. Not a fun experience, granted, but your telling is funny!

  30. Not everyone who owns or has a gun is an idiot.

    Clearly this person is an idiot and should not have one in his possession.

  31. Wow.

    Love the “Nanoo Nanoo” part.

  32. I agree with Jen. There’s a Darwin out there for this one.

  33. Yeah, well. Of course Cory doesn’t have one, but the FIL keeps his under the bed in the guest room. Where guests stay! Like my kids. Their reassurances include “it’s not loaded” and “we told the kids not to touch it.” Thanks, family!

  34. Yikes, very very scary. I really don’t like guns. As mid says does Kenny still have a gun?

  35. When my Dad was doing his internship a fellow intern decided that the doctor’s lounge was the perfect place to clean his gun. The gun went off…the bullet first went through his hand and then through the floor.

    Dumbass…and the poster child for 2nd opinions…

  36. There are people on this earth that are too dumb to use our air.

    Fortunately for me, my wife and kids are not one of them when it comes to guns. The kids even help me clean them**LOL**

  37. That is complete insanity! I guess I’m not the only one who has family that’s a bit coo-coo. I can see why you don’t like guns around. Geesh!

  38. some folks are just born stupid…when it comes to guns

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