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New M$ V1sta add.

I came across this the other day, it would be funny if it wasn’t so accurate.

I guess I should write something. Nah, blow it.

NaBloIt post #7


28 Responses

  1. I loved the video of Gates big production/intro of Windows 95. It crashed. None of that matters. Microcrap’s marketing is Machiavellian (sp?) IT schools get dirt cheap software and it is available free to the students, making sure that those going into the workplace are all good Microcrap do-bees.
    Had you noticed how closely DOS resembles Unix?
    Thieving buggah.

  2. What’s windows? I love my mac. ;)-

  3. I’m with Melissa!

  4. hee-hee.
    hey, i don’t think i’ve ever been so high up in the comments list. yay for me.

  5. Microsoft is a dirty word around here.

  6. Hmmm, should I switch to Apple and deal with the nice Steve Jobs?

  7. Some retailers are offering XP Pro with a new computer as an option, says a lot for Vista.

  8. Thanks for the laughs! Just what I needed to prevent MYSELF from crashing.

  9. Sinkhole of Support! That about sums it up.

  10. I have Windows. But it’s so old, it thinks Mac is something you put on when it’s raining so your clothes don’t get wet.

  11. I’ve never tried Vista yet. One day I am sure only because you can’t get away from it. Now that I run a Mac…and an old XP box…I’m good for a while.

  12. Brilliant, having spent all day today battling with windows – NO I don’t want to send a bloody error message I just want you to work – I am very happy to be back with my beautiful mac

  13. Ditto on the laughs! Very funny

  14. “Blow it.” I like your attitude!!

  15. I’m with Melissa on this!! 🙂
    Actually, tho’ I read a bit of an article about ….oh what was it??? Linux! That’s it….and it’s free…the problem was that for many people it was too complicated to load up and get working-but you’re a techie! What’s the deal?

  16. witchypoo – DOS actually resembles CP/M (which is understandable given that Bill Gates and Paul Allen borrowed the CP/M Manuals from the library and copied them). They did the same with Xerox’s software developed at PARC that later became Windows.

    Claudia – Linux has always been free, and while getting it up and running isn’t all that difficult, as with UNIX, it’s the lack of APIs and an effective GUI that makes it more attractive to geeks and techies and less attractive to people who just want to type crap into the computer.

  17. Lazy-ass is what you are *grin* We’ve been mulling a mac, but my favourite audio editing software won’t run on a Mac, and since Adobe Audition is becoming the standard at various radio workplaces, I may have to stick with Windows. But I’m hanging on to my XP as long as I can.

  18. Danny has Vista on his new laptop and I believe he’s been to the Sinkhole of Support a number of times already. The most maddening thing, and I’m not sure if it is Vista or whatever he’s got his photos on, is that half the photos turn sideways so you can only see the edge and they will not allow you to flip them straight. You have to open each and every photo to find the one you want. When he tried googling for an answer to the problem, he got pages of search results leading to g@y p*rn sites. Caleb and I started teasing him that Google Search is like TIVO, it automatically programs in your preferences:oD

  19. My son got a new computer with Vista. Immediately he removed it and put a copy of XP in its place. We have a PC with XP and a new IMac. I like both.

  20. We had Longhorn, removed Longhorn, had Vista, removed Vista….

  21. oh my god that is hysterically funny! I’m so glad I switched to Apple. I’m simply not computer literate enough to struggle successfully with microsoft. can’t do it any more.

    amazing how you don’t need to pay for support when you get a product that works.

  22. My VISTA runs really well, thank-you!

  23. After getting use to Vista I love it. We have not had any problems with it at all.

    Windows ME was AWFUL. I could not get rid of it fast enough.

    I want a Mac. 😀

  24. That’s very, very funny. Any time I start thinking about upgrading my system, I remember Vista and apologize to my current computer. Yikes! I hear the latest version of Office/Word is just as maddening.

  25. I’d watch it if my satellite weren’t being a bitch and would let me.

  26. Willow!! you’re talking computer talk!! stop it!! my head is going to explode!! I could barely remember the name Linux and then you go and throw all these guis and buis and afi and puu and and and…ok…you get the message!! Remember that tech quiz you posted once upon a time?? I got something like 3 right and it told me I’m the person that gives tech help nightmares I’m so clueless!! 🙂

  27. I abhore Vista – I won’t allow it on any of my machines.

    I’m still a Windows XP girl, but I WANT a MAC!

  28. Hey WT … How were things at the Quack? And, where’s BlomoNomoKokomo #8? We Kiwis are going to bed soon, you know.

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