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How Sweet It Is!!

For those of you too young to know, that title was Jackie Gleason’s signature phrase.

Now, on to business…some time ago (around the time Moses was still playing fly half for Israel), Melissa in NZ wrote me an email and telling me she was going to send me the world’s best fudge. Now, I take such claims with a grain of salt, I’ve been promised treasures before, and nothing showed up. Plus, ‘the world’s best fudge‘, come on!

So it was with mixed feelings that I spied a package waiting for me on my return from the Coast…


You should have figured out why I had mixed feelings from those two pictures; while I was thrilled that I received a package of something, I was a bit miffed that Dale the postie (mailman to those north of equator) had just left it on the ground beside the letter box. In fairness, he probably though I was at home. Unfortunately it had rained quite heavily while I was away, I have no idea when it was delivered, but it was saturated!

However, all was not lost (in fact none was)…

Apparently the basic ingredients for this particular fudge are plutonium, titanium and kevlar, as the fudge itself was in pristine condition. But how did it taste? That was the question that need to be answered, and being one who likes to answer questions, I ate some. I mentioned earlier that Melissa claims this is the best fudge in the whole wide world, and it seems that on this point I have agree with her. Mind you I’d prefer that it didn’t put me into a sugar induced coma, but what the heck, it’s worth the risk. So not only is it the world’s best fudge, it’s also completely storm proof!

You wanna see what it looks like…
Fudge_04  Fudge_05

That container is mine, I figured I should decant the fudge and let it breathe a little. Hey, what’s that pink thing on the lid? Is that part of the container? Well actually, no it’s not.  Remember I said that Melissa told me ages ago that she was sending me this? Well, what that pink thing is, is an explanation of why it took so long to get here. I’m not saying that’s it’s the best excuse I’ve ever heard, but it certainly does have a ring of truth about it! 

Here see for yourself…

A huge thank you to Melissa, but an even bigger one to Richard, seeing as he’s the one who actually made the fudge!!

NoMoCoMa post #8