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How Sweet It Is!!

For those of you too young to know, that title was Jackie Gleason’s signature phrase.

Now, on to business…some time ago (around the time Moses was still playing fly half for Israel), Melissa in NZ wrote me an email and telling me she was going to send me the world’s best fudge. Now, I take such claims with a grain of salt, I’ve been promised treasures before, and nothing showed up. Plus, ‘the world’s best fudge‘, come on!

So it was with mixed feelings that I spied a package waiting for me on my return from the Coast…


You should have figured out why I had mixed feelings from those two pictures; while I was thrilled that I received a package of something, I was a bit miffed that Dale the postie (mailman to those north of equator) had just left it on the ground beside the letter box. In fairness, he probably though I was at home. Unfortunately it had rained quite heavily while I was away, I have no idea when it was delivered, but it was saturated!

However, all was not lost (in fact none was)…

Apparently the basic ingredients for this particular fudge are plutonium, titanium and kevlar, as the fudge itself was in pristine condition. But how did it taste? That was the question that need to be answered, and being one who likes to answer questions, I ate some. I mentioned earlier that Melissa claims this is the best fudge in the whole wide world, and it seems that on this point I have agree with her. Mind you I’d prefer that it didn’t put me into a sugar induced coma, but what the heck, it’s worth the risk. So not only is it the world’s best fudge, it’s also completely storm proof!

You wanna see what it looks like…
Fudge_04  Fudge_05

That container is mine, I figured I should decant the fudge and let it breathe a little. Hey, what’s that pink thing on the lid? Is that part of the container? Well actually, no it’s not.  Remember I said that Melissa told me ages ago that she was sending me this? Well, what that pink thing is, is an explanation of why it took so long to get here. I’m not saying that’s it’s the best excuse I’ve ever heard, but it certainly does have a ring of truth about it! 

Here see for yourself…

A huge thank you to Melissa, but an even bigger one to Richard, seeing as he’s the one who actually made the fudge!!

NoMoCoMa post #8


33 Responses

  1. Do we need to sick Mark on your mailman?

  2. Pamela – No, Dale is a great bloke, he would have thought he was doing me a favour. They’re supposed to just leave a note saying there’s a package to be picked up at the post office, but he actually delivers them.

  3. Bwahahahaha!! So pleased it got there!!! And if I’d known you were going to blog it (I SHOULD have known!!!) I would’ve typed the note … eww, nasty handwriting!!

    Anyway enjoy …

  4. Melissa – You’re kidding right??? “And if I’d known you were going to blog it…

    I’m doing NaBloMe, I’m so desperate for material that I’ll be blogging about paint drying tomorrow. Don’t forget to tune in, it’s sure to be riveting!

  5. The only problem is the rest of us don’t know if it really is the best fudge unless we taste it!!!

  6. Ditto Chris! There’s enough there you could’ve made a dozen prizes out of it!

    BTW, I’m not “too young”…I knew the reference….

    Hey, WELCOME HOME! You can post pics again without pulling out the hair you have left ;).


  7. I had forgotten that Jackie Gleason said, ” How sweet it is,” but maybe senility is to blame. Melissa’s handwriting looks fine to me, actually better than fine. The fudge looks delicious, and the batch is very generous for one person.

    I cannot wait to read tomorrow’s post about paint drying…same Bat place, same Bat channel?

  8. the note is the best part. well done, melissa!

    ps my brother tommy actually makes the best fudge in the world. but his note woudln’t be as funny.

  9. What is it about you that makes your blog buddies send you things? I haven’t been reading you for that long and this is at least the second present I’ve seen you receive.

    There are subliminal messages embedded in the pet pics, aren’t there?

    “Send Presents”

  10. OK, it is close enough to the holidays to dig out the fudge stuff. You would think that the Hallowe’en candy coma would have made me immune to the power of suggestion, but oh, no…not me. Fudge making this afternoon. Now, chocolate or peanut butter? Hmmmmm.

  11. Okay, I know this is a secret attempt to get me to make my fudge. You will not break me, Australia.

  12. Sorry I have been MIA from your blog, so much going on! Kids had alot of school meetings, I had some stuff going on, Hubby’s work is stressful, and I get the kids almost 24/7 when hubby is working . Needless to say I need a freaking vacation which is coming up Dec 8, my cruise! Hope you are doing well!

    I did manage to post a thursday post, come by and visit if you can. I will try to keep up on my blogs more!


  13. Did she include the recipe? And just what type of fudge is this? It doesn’t look chocolate. Is it a vanilla fudge or like pralines without the nuts and cut in squares? If it is truly the world’s best, I would like the recipe.

  14. Dear willowtree. That’s looks like tablet, a hard fudge that my grandma used to make. Was it hard or soft? Looks yum.

  15. It looks good from here!

  16. Um – right – the best fudge…I won’t believe it until I taste it!!

  17. Very nice post…but I’m really looking forward to the one about paint drying…

  18. Oh that looks yummy, I’m agreeing with Robin you should share!

  19. Jenni in KS – The recipe is on her blog somewhere.

    LMM – It’s hard, and come to think of it, it does remind me of the Scottish stuff.

    Melissa in Ca – Come on, you know you want to make it!

    Robin – Exactly!!

  20. It looks like far too much for one person. It’d be bad for you. I’ll do you a favour and let you send half to me. As a special favour to you.

  21. It’s mine! All mine I tells ya!!!!!

  22. I did a spit take about decanting the fudge.
    The internet is so good to keep me from bothering my children.

  23. What a nice surprise. 😀

  24. Jenni in KS, the recipe is here: http://richardandmelissa.blogspot.com/2007/09/richards-right-royal-fudge-up.html
    Which also tells you how long ago I told poor WT the fudge was coming. Hahahahaha …

    Someone commented that most American fudge, especially homemade, contains chocolate! That sounds heavenly to me!!

  25. oh yes! Why I have the best chocolate fudge recipe in the US! It is melt in your mouth heaven.
    I should get started on my December baking now!!
    All this time I thought chocolate is what made fudge, fudge!!

  26. Mmmm, I can almost taste it. What a nice gift!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, Melissa. I had no idea there were fudge recipes that DIDN’T contain chocolate! The chocolate fudge my family has made is soft and seems to melt in your mouth. I’m curious to try your recipe!

    WT, I guess this month would be a good time to finally send you my package. I’ve been collecting items for you for months, and never get around to sending it off, like I’m afraid it won’t be good enough or something. At this point I might as well include a Christmas gift, too, LOL.

  27. “NoMoCoMa” AAAAHAHAHA! The fudge looks tasty. My teeth hurt just looking at all that sugary goodness!

  28. Paint drying? So that’s NOT an appropriate post? You should have warned me, dammit!

    I know that this is a secret plea for the OTHER Melissa to send you a present.

  29. Okay I am jealous, Melissa. Where is MY fudge? Hah?

  30. That is awesome. Great to get something from a fellow blogger. Fudge is a real good thing to get from a fellow blogger. Enjoy!

  31. Oh, I love fudge! It looks so delish. Too bad you live so far away, I’d make you share.

  32. hmm pretty cool that the package didn’t get messed up!!!

    and she says her handwritting is bad seh should check mine out LOL

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