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The Bone of Doom.

I’m beginning to think Bentley is part Aborigine, his grandmother must have been a dingo or something. While I was on the Coast, I bought the boys (all dogs are boys and all cats are girls) some dried up hide chews that are tied up to make them look like bones (I’ll take a picture if I can ever get this cat off me!).

The thing about Bentley, is that while he’s a really laid back dude most of the time, he will fight over food. It’s actually worse than that, he’ll pick fights over food, and he’ll bully the other guys mercilessly if there’s real food involved. By real food I mean meat and bones as opposed to processed dog food.

So anyway, Aborigines do this thing called ‘Pointing the bone‘ you should click the link, it’s more interesting than this post. And it seems Bentley’s got everyone fooled into thinking that this is one of those magic bones. But before I tell you about this new trick of his, I’ll have to explain what usually happens…because Bentley beats the crap out of everyone to keep them away from any real food that I give them, the minute I pull a bone out of the bag, the other two dogs head for the hills and don’t come back until Bentley has taken his treasure outside (he’s not allowed to eat them inside as blood gets all over the carpet).

Ok, the cat’s gone so here’s a picture of the bone (which is actually dried hide)…


Now, where was I…oh yeah Bentley and the Magic Bone. I gave them each a ‘bone’ in Gosford, but Buddy and Belle are so scared of Bentley they wouldn’t touch theirs, so Bentley buried one, ate one, and discovered that if he carried last one around in his mouth that the other two dogs would give him a wide berth. Eventually I had to take it off him as the poor guys were suffering from anxiety.

I did however, bring it back up here and he’s refined the system a little bit. Now he doesn’t even carry it around with him any more, he just drops it near where he wants to hang out and bingo! everyone disappears. But it gets even better, if he want some quality time with me, he just follows me to the computer room and drops the magic bone in the doorway, then no-one else will come in the room with us! It’s really pretty funny.

Why are these dogs so tired?


Tune in tomorrow for the answer.

MePntBoNe post #10