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Sunday Service No 2

Welcome my children to this second Sunday Service™, I’m sure you’ll find today’s McService both spiritual and enlightening. Could those who believed that last sentence please meet me behind the church after the second sermon©, as I’ve got some great deals on real estate, including some bridges and a couple of national monuments. Update** Seems that some of my flock are more interested in a ‘laying of the hands’ tryst behind the altar…shame on you!

Today’s lesson is all about expectations, and what we want out of life. I have always found the only true way to achieve inner satisfaction is to set the bar so low that it’s absolutely impossible to fail, yet strangely I still seem to manage to do just that (Hmmm, must look into that one day). However, for the rest of you, do as I say and not as I do, for I am merely a conduit for someone much greater than me. Hahahahaha now that was funny! Who the hell is greater than me!?  (that was a rhetorical question)

So my first lesson is to accept what you are, don’t keep wishing things were different or you’ll just end up being all angst ridden like this parishioner…

You see how unhappy she seems? Don’t let that happen to you! Pay heed to my words of wisdom lest ye find yourselves running around willy nilly trying to discover the meaning of life, like these poor deluded parishioners…

That, in case you haven’t already figured it out, is why the guys were pooped in yesterday’s photos. They did that for about 30 minutes and then ran out of gas.

Now, go forth and multiply…or go fifth and divide, it’s up to you, but don’t forget to leave your donation in the box provided.

MaBloMe post #11

23 Responses

  1. Sheesh, I thought you were gonna say ‘meet me behind the church after the service so I can show you my candy’….or something naughty.

    (I’m gonna refrain from screaming ‘i’m first’…coz who gives a sh1t anyway).

  2. I, too, thought there was going to be an offer behind the church of something a little, uh, more interesting than real estate.

    It is kind of funny…my Barbie & Ken used to do the same sort of thing when the were under their Barbie quilt, but my Barbie never stopped to complain about her arms not bending. I guess I didn’t know it was an option back then.

    Those dogs are hilarious.

  3. I kept alternating between watching the TV and waiting for someone to run into furniture.

    And hey – there was a tryst? Why wasn’t I invited?

  4. There’s going to be trysting?? Will Marmite be involved?

  5. She’s not satisfied because her arms don’t bend and her lips don’t move? Isn’t there something else missing in this equation? What could they possibly be doing under those covers?

  6. Hey! Speaking as a healer “Let me put my healing hands upon you” is an awesome pick up line. The expectation is no matter what happens, you are going to feel good.
    I’m still marvelling about the bone pointer dog.

  7. I’d like to hear more about the tryst…

  8. Geez! You people are too much! If I wasn’t a registered sex pervert, I’d be disgusted with the lot of you!

    Jenni – I was thinking the same thing! In fact that was what the lost clip was all about.

  9. Dear willowtree. What jenni in KS said. Here I was, expecting some kinda serious dilemma, and all the can bang on about is her lips not moving and her arms not bending.

  10. Sometimes my ankles don’t want to bend after I sit on them.

  11. Aside from Ken not having all of his parts, a Barbie who can think?!? What’ll you think of next?

    Great video of the pups!

  12. life without dogs: just not as interesting as life with dogs.

  13. Love the pet videos. 😀

    Barbie is unhappy because, she knows the meaning of life for her is a shallow one. Plus being made in China must be hell.

  14. This looks like the Stepford Wives version of Barbie!

    Your last clip makes me think our dog needs a playmate. Hmm.

  15. Oh my god is that ever funny!

    …”should my arms bend…?”


  16. Um….Amen?

  17. Oh, that second video had me laughing out loud! Hilarious.

    How fun for them that there is a circle for them to run around in. The only circle here is around the dining room table.

    The first video was good, too. You’re right, there’s always something to bitch about. Gotta count blessings instead. Good sermon, Father.

  18. Poor Ken and Barbie, they don’t even know what they are missing.

    Your dogs are something else. Aren’t you tired too after watching the dog revelry for thirty whole minutes?

  19. No time to read or enjoy the videos between dirty diapers and projectile vomiting…aren’t you glad I stopped by with that little visual?
    Who’s hosting Fun Monday?

  20. So this counts for me going to church, right?

  21. For some reason both videos says “Were sorry, this video is no longer available.”

    I bet they were funny!!

  22. whats all the noise about there not actually doing anything now that is lip service!!

    your pups are cute;) and funny and sweet!!!

  23. Doesn’t anyone else want to know what program was on the telly????

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