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Pseudo Fun Monday

I didn’t think I’d be able to play Fun Monday this week, as after finally  deciphering the instructions, I realised that for me it would simply be another "view from my front door" or even "view from my back door" post, which I’ve done four of so far for FM. This is not a criticism of the assignment, which if my house was a bit bigger would have been a really good one for me. No, the problem is at this end.

However, I’ve decided that just about everyone plays pretty loose with the rules of the assignments so that’s what I’ll do.  I’m posting a few pictures of what I see when I stand 30 paces away from my computer. These pictures were not taken specifically for the assignment but roughly satisfy the criteria.








Here are some 15 paces away pictures.




MyFunMon post #12

50 Responses

  1. Lovely pictures. I especially like the one of the trees with the dark sky behind. Beautiful.

  2. is that a peach tree? those are beautiful pictures.
    and no better sight than a tired dog in front of the fire.

  3. I love your pictures. That is a rather fierce-looking lizard. I better go back and carefully read the Fun Monday instructions before I post my entry.

  4. OMG – how big is that lizard? Very pretty photos, all. Glad you chimed in.

  5. Peaches? Yum. Are they actually ready now?

    Everything looks so nice and green.

  6. I was just sitting here wondering what I would write tomorrow. Doh! I forgot all about Fun Monday! I’m glad I stopped by here this evening. You have such lovely views at 30 paces and your house is way to clean for a man who lives alone with a bunch of animals most of the time. Do you clean for photos like I do? I’m not sure Danny would do that.

  7. Um…what kind of snake IS that??

  8. I don’t think I’d ever go into my yard if I had lizards that size there. Not to mention the snake. But I love the peaches! (Those are peaches aren’t they?)

  9. Very lovely pictures!! My fave is the one with the trees and the dark sky behind them…you should frame that or something.

  10. Lovely. And stunning. My second-favourite is the bee in the blossoms (I’ve been attempting to get a shot like that for several years now), but my most favourite is the storm. Again. Just takes my breath away.

  11. Great photos!

    Do you really have peaches ready to eat right now?

    Your place looks pretty spacious. Nice.

  12. Great photos. What I like the best is that I don’t see any other homes. Our place is a bit like that. We can’t see our neighbours, and they can’t see us.

  13. Very nice pictures … very “Pioneer Woman”. Except for the kangaroo, of course.

    I think I’ll call you Pioneer Dingo from now on.

  14. love the storm picture…gorgeous!!

  15. You broke the rules!
    …but you sure came up with some beautiful shots.

  16. Good for you!! Those pictures are really breathtaking!! My absolute favorite of all is the dog in front of the fireplace. Love it!! I’m a little scared of the snake though…

  17. Great pictures. I really like the one with the dark sky in it and also the blooms. Of course nothing like a chubby pup in front of a fireplace to make me smile too. And I always have to remind myself that just because it’s winter where I am, doesn’t mean it is all over the world. Now off to get started on my FM.

  18. What I would give to be able to pick my own peaches. Your views are beautiful as always. I just love the last photo~ a picture of perfect bliss~ no room for the other guys!

  19. Fabulous photography!!
    Your blog url is added.

  20. Oh man, you’re making me want to up sticks and move down under!

  21. Now, I’m getting a chance to really sit down and leave comments that are meaningful after the other players have been added now. LOL

    Just wanted to come back and tell you these are great photos! I love the giant lizard and the cattle amidst the green pasture! All great photos. And this week for fun Monday, we have such a great varied group of photos instead of looking at the same idea over and over for all the players. Like I posted on the day’s hosting page….I came to your blog and saw a giant lizard and left to go to another player’s blog and see a clothes hamper. Very eclectic and fun!! Thanks for playing.

  22. Copperhead?

    Hot dog.

  23. Looks like he’s been mauled, on closer inspection. (That’s the snake not Bentley)

  24. Those peaches look delicious. Lucky you. Great photos. I love the blue tongue lizard. But I really don’t like that snake. I don’t know why I am so scared of snakes and not lizards. I even held a huge python to try and get over it. But but skin still crawls if I get too close.

  25. PS> Have you been feeding that lizard? He looks awfully fat for his length.

  26. Beautiful, beautiful. The picture with the dark sky is breathtaking, WT.

  27. ROFL! (why?) Because just from your shots from 15 paces, your house is BIGGER than mine – well… you’ll see… I had to go round and round to wind up somewhere! LOL! (I’m a stickler for a rule though… I will FOLLOW it to the end of the earth! hehehe!)

    I do LOVE the view from your front/back door – or from 30 paces away! You are in God’s Country, for sure! GREAT shots!!!

  28. First off, those peaches are from last year, this year’s ones are about six weeks away.

    Karisma – The Blue tongue has puffed himself up to look bigger because the Pug is annoying him. He actually ended up biting Buddy.

    Caroline – The older cats got to the snake and ended up killing it.

  29. Those are great pictures, very amusing since you included not only nature but wild life as well, wow!
    Love the trees with the dark background, was a storm coming?? it looks like it.
    What a fun Monday!

  30. I wish my kitchen opened up into the living room like that.

    Right now I just fantasize about knocking walls down.

  31. Photo #4, completely took my breath away!! Was the sky black with rain clouds? Amazingly beautiful. And I love your fireplace!
    I gave up on FunMonday. Our weekends are always just too busy. Maybe if I do the assignment on Friday and hold the post for Monday.

  32. Awesome images! I’m shuddering at the thoughts of the cats bringing their kill in the house.
    Did you determine what kind of snake it was?

  33. Looks like you really need to move and get away from it all!

  34. Love looking at the pics. You can keep the snake.

  35. beautiful photos.

    except the snake. *shudder*

  36. Awesome photos. Our dogs like to cozy up to the wood stove as well. I love that dark sky photo and the bee on the flowers. Your kitchen and living area appears a little larger than ours. Nice fun Monday. I too followed it loosely.

  37. Those are beatiful pictures. Do you really have lizards that big in your backyard and kangaroos too? I don’t know about that snake, we have those (probably not that kind) and one big black got into our van, so we sold it. The van. We got the snake out first! We were going to sell it anyway. 😀

  38. I’m really glad you decided to participate, because those are some great pictures. Love the dark sky one, and the lizzard? Too cool!

  39. bently knows exactly where to lay to be king of the house don’t he though LOL i love your pics;) always cool to see them!!

  40. All I can say is WOW! Love the pics!

  41. The fourth one is great! Love the lighting.
    No need for the land eel, though. Now I have to sit on my feet just in case…

  42. Oh! Peach trees! Now I’m mad at my dad all over again for cutting down the two we had in the yard when I was a kid. He got tired of the mess.
    He also called me a bitch, in front of the neighbors, when I tried to talk him out of cutting them down.

    Those are all great pics. The last one is adorable.

  43. I love the kangaroo picture. It looks so nice, but I heard they are really mean. The peaches look great, wanted to reach out and eat it. Glad that lizard is near you not me!

  44. ok what kind of lizard. is that a kanga or a wallabe (sorry for the atrocious spelling)

  45. Hi Willowtree, I keep seeing you at all my favourite bloggers sites, RC, Jen (snowball’s chance), Blue Momma, Laurie… Your pictures are amazing especially the storm and the flowers. And I miss having a dog by the fire.

  46. Oh, damn, P! Now you’ve got “Watch me Wallaby feed, mate….” stuck in my head! As punishment, I’m requesting one of those amazing peaches!

  47. That last photo is precious. Look for singed belly fur.

    You keep a neat place, for a dude.

  48. Beautiful pics and a very lucky dog. I especially loved the picture with the dark sky and the golden light. Just gorgeous.

  49. Hey…50 flippin’ comments?

    what YOU said on MY post seems to fit here…ditto.

  50. Fabulous photos, I especially like 2, 3 and 4. I’ll be over in 6 weeks when the peaches are ready 🙂

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