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Musical interpretations.

It’s been a while since I posted a music clip. Why? How the fuck would I know! I just haven’t ok!? Sorry, the meds seem to be a bit slow to take effect today for some reason. Maybe I should take some.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to post three different clips of the same song, bet you’ve never seen that before, me either (probably because it’s such a dumb idea). If you are late for work, or you have a lot of blogs to catch up on because of NaBloMaDness, then just mark this one as read and move on, you’re not really missing much. However, if you’ve got the time, you should check them out, it’s actually almost interesting.

The song is Tipitina, which has been a favourite of mine for some time.

Exhibit 1. The Original by Henry Byrd (Professor Longhair).

Exhibit 2. As interpreted by Malcolm Rebennack (Dr John).

Exhibit 3. As interpreted by some redneck.

I hope you enjoyed this mini concert, Dr John has never been off my playlist since around 1974. And yes, the lyrics the redneck was singing were from the Dukes of Hazard.

NaBloMaDness post #13


21 Responses

  1. I liked Dr John the best.

    I spied a keyboard? electric piano? in yesterday’s BloMoWindo post … what about a clip chronicling (sp? looks wrong.) your musical talents? You can set up your camera and then play for us. C’mon, you’re gonna get pretty desperate for blog fodder soon, yes? You could call that one “Namayamayama-adingodoobeedoo” or something equally creative …

  2. I had to laugh at Melissa’s comment (desperate~you~ never!but it could be fun for the fans!)

    That was a nice little musical interlude while I ate breakfast, not sure but I think my preference might also be Dr John 🙂

  3. I will come back later for the musical interludes.

  4. I will come back later for the musical interludes.

  5. i love tipitina.

    i’ve been to the actual Tipitina’s. i bet you have, too.

  6. Yep, I noticed the keyboard all set up and ready for a show. We’re overdue.

  7. That redneck could play, huh!

  8. Though I’m partial to rednecks, I think I like Dr. John’s interpretation the best. The music sounded fuller and richer than the original and I could understand what the heck he was saying.

    As far as the Dukes of Hazzard lyrics go, I prefer them done just like on the show. I watched this video just to reminisce:

    Man, I miss the original Dukes of Hazzard! Jessica Simpson, maybe, but those two goobers they chose to play Bo and Luke in the movie were ridiculous. And does it freak anyone else out that Bo went on to become that cute young Superman’s DAD?

  9. Maybe it’s my connection, but the video streaming was jerky, which detracted from the experience.
    The first guy’s singing was difficult to decode, but man, did he have the feel for the keyboard!
    I did prefer Dr. John’s vocals.
    Do the critters sing along to music?

  10. Thanks for the free concert! I preferred Dr. John’s also – maybe it’s a generational thing!

  11. you’re getting desperate in nablopomo, aren’t you??

  12. Thanks for the musical interlude while I was paying bills. It made it so much more…um…tolerable.

  13. Is this Sing Along with Willowtree? I will be back to listen and possibly sing-along later. Right now, I’m in the process of loading up the grandkids and opening a beer once they head down the driveway. Ah-h-h!

  14. That redneck was good!

  15. Dr. John’s version was the best.

    And I’m ashamed to admit, but I like the rednecks style. But he should have sang the correct lyrics.

    Golly – you ARE getting desperate – writer’s block?

  16. I liked them all… and could not possibly pick between them. All good, for different situations. The best was the middle one. So yeah I guess I can pick after all!

  17. Hmmm, I liked all the playing, I love seeing people who can really play the piano, but Rednecks style was more me, and Dr John had the best comedy value in the man kind of bopping along, not very in time to the music, in the background. I bet he wished he’d stood somewhere else.

  18. Never heard that song before. Kind of catchy. Dr. John. Haven’t heard that name for a while.

  19. I enjoyed the piano musical interlude. Piano players deserve more respect!

  20. I enjoyed that a nice break from the post holiday washing and ironing

  21. Watching youtube videos requires more mouse clicks than I’m willing to give. Especially when there’s three of them.

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