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You guys kille me

What the hell is wrong with you people‽ I put together an (update – almost) interesting post with three different versions of the same song (including one by the guy who actually wrote it), and all half of you could do was accuse me of being desperate for content. Jeezuz! I thought I was showing you something (update – almost) interesting.


NoMoPoFoYo post #14

PS. If I was really desperate I’d do a post something like this one.


41 Responses

  1. ahem. you did describe it as “almost interesting.”
    (I’m a big Dr. John fan too)

  2. Hayden – Yes, but not desperate.

  3. There were more people that said they enjoyed the music than the couple who said you were getting desperate. Don’t be so hard on us!

  4. Hey! I deserve better – I believe my exact words were “thanks”.

  5. I said “and all half of you could do was accuse me of being desperate…” so obviously you were both in the other half.

  6. Hey wait a minute! Amanda, you saw this post first so that’s kinda cheating.

    PS. I know it was only two (and one of them was actually a question, not a statement), but somehow it wouldn’t have had the same impact if I’d used the truth.

  7. yeah the truth is seldom as powerful as exaggeration.

    so…HAVE you been to tipitina’s?

    and i do love that song. i have it in my head right now. the professor longhair version.

  8. ps–did you know that you can get all three youtube videos going at the same time? it’s a bit dischordant (i think that’s spelled wrong) but it’s a concert!

  9. Can we have SOUP??

    (do y’all get Seinfeld humor down under??? Whoa…)

  10. Hey, all I did was give a suggestion for something you might do when you DO eventually get desperate (which let’s face it, is inevitable).

    Now I feel all, like, PUNISHED for sitting with the group of kids who were talking in class when I wasn’t actually talking myself, and now I’m like, SULKING cause this isn’t a real post, it’s a miserable EXCUSE for a post, written by a DESPERATE blogger.


    They should make a tv serial out of you.

  11. No post for you. Come back 1 year?

  12. I didn’t cheat – I was halfway through listening to your other post before I noticed this was even here. So ner. My feed reader seems to send me posts ages after they are posted. In fact this one hasn’t come up in it yet. Combined with my own natural seven second delay, it can be rather a long time before I notice things! 🙂

  13. Laurie – No I haven’t unfortunately. And yes I have had multiple clips going at once.

    Shama-Lama – Not so much these days (it’s been 10 years since it ended), we get reruns sometimes, but the network who shows it is showing Simpsons instead. But I was a huge fan.

    Melissa NZ- You weren’t even in the bad girls group, but you are now!

    AFF – Yes, come back 1 year!

    Amanda – Bloglines has had a lot of trouble lately.

    I’m glad so many people got the Soup Nazi reference, it makes it all worthwhile.

  14. I was impressed that you found three of the same songs let alone one like that.

    Now there have been many remakes of original songs and some haven’t been too bad…but the original is still the original.

  15. Blog nazi.

  16. I did enjoy the concert, thank you. It was especially fun to play all 3 at once.

  17. Are you sure that you didn’t mean NoPo…MoFoYu or maybe NoPoYuMoFo?

    Actually, I was just returning now to listen to the concert.

  18. Are you sure that you didn’t mean NoPo…MoFoYu or maybe NoPoYuMoFo?

    Actually, I was just returning now to listen to the concert.

  19. TOTALLY laughing at Jenny! BLOG NAZI!

    But then, as a cheer coach, they called me The Cheer Nazi…and those girls looked GOOD.

    And I still don’t understand bloglines, RSS, or any of that NaBloTechNoRaRa crap.

  20. You do realize that from this day forward you will be called the Blog Nazi,right?!
    I think that is my favorite nablo thing you have come up with so far! I really like Tiggerlanes!!

  21. Look on the bright side. At least you got comments!

  22. hey, it’s not that often I get to pick on you!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

  23. You see what I mean? No remorse whatsoever!

  24. Oh shush now. I wasn’t in either group because my blasted Blogarithm says you haven’t posted for two days. I was actually coming over here to give you a hard time about it. You know. Kind of like the Seinfeld episode where Kramer was NOT master of his domain.

  25. And you’ve still got 24 comments for two sentences and I’m adding to it!

  26. Oh the NOES! It’s the “Post Nazi”! hahahahaaa

  27. What about those who wrote a comment as long as your original post? No post for us either? You *are* a post Nazi. What the hell am I ‘sposed to do? Ree isn’t posting at regular intervals any more and now this? I’m going to go cry in my coffee now and read one of the million Christmas catalogs that has already come in the mail. Then maybe I’ll write an epic song about the day the blogging died. Or maybe I’ll just drink some whiskey and rye, something which I don’t even understand because everyone knows it goes better with Coke and who wants soggy bread in their whiskey.

  28. I’m going to have to read the posts I missed now to see what this is all about – cunning!

  29. My mother taught me if I didn’t have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all. That’s all I have to say.

  30. And you got another post out of it too!! hahahah!!!

  31. Tipitina is one of my favourites – there’s no such thing as “too much Tipitina”. I was disappointed there were only three.

  32. p.s. although that giggle at the end of the last one? Sorta disturbing in a Deliverance kinda way…

  33. tee hee hee
    You’re cute!

  34. Don’t worry, be happy.

  35. Everyone quit picking on WT! He’s a sensitive man and you’ll make him cry.

    And that is NO fun.

  36. What happened to my comment?

    More animal videos!!!!!!

  37. I listened. And I watched. Now I’m commenting.

    What else do you want from me?

  38. Well to tell you the truth, I looked at it, didn’t listen to it and did not leave a comment. Was that bad?

  39. RC- Lavish praise, please.

    Karisma – It wasn’t until you told me.

  40. Well just fl*ck*ing ignore me already.

    Would YOU like to buy a vowel?

  41. I have willowtree overload, ever since you coerced us all into subscribing to your new feed, now I get double the dose. Again, unsubscribing from one of them requires more mouse clicks that I’m willing to give, but I’ll write a whole long comment complaining about it, no probs.

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