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The results have been tabulated.

Thank you all for participating in my well conceived, brilliantly executed, in depth scientific experiment on blogging trends. Ha ha ha ha! Man I’m such a pudding head, that’s too much hyperbole even for me! Ok, let me rephrase that first sentence…After yesterday’s monumental dummy-spit because I didn’t feel my post got the recognition it deserved, I noticed something interesting. Hmmm, yes, that’s seems to be a more apt description of what happened.

So here are the results of the whine experiment :

1. Well researched post of an interesting musical oddity – 20 comments*.
2. Two sentence whine saying there will be no post – 37 comments.

Conclusion: If I really am serious about attracting comments, I should stop posting.

As a thank you for participating in the experiment, I’m having a little competition (Australians are ineligible). Here’s the question. "Cartographically speaking, where in Australian do most women sit".

The prize is your choice of either of these gems…


Pretty sweet little prizes heh? (and yes, the t-shirt is brand new, it’s an XL so if you have boobs it should still fit).  The competition will close when I get the correct answer.

* The last 6 comments were after my whine so it’s not clear if they were just sympathy comments.

MaBloPa post #15