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The results have been tabulated.

Thank you all for participating in my well conceived, brilliantly executed, in depth scientific experiment on blogging trends. Ha ha ha ha! Man I’m such a pudding head, that’s too much hyperbole even for me! Ok, let me rephrase that first sentence…After yesterday’s monumental dummy-spit because I didn’t feel my post got the recognition it deserved, I noticed something interesting. Hmmm, yes, that’s seems to be a more apt description of what happened.

So here are the results of the whine experiment :

1. Well researched post of an interesting musical oddity – 20 comments*.
2. Two sentence whine saying there will be no post – 37 comments.

Conclusion: If I really am serious about attracting comments, I should stop posting.

As a thank you for participating in the experiment, I’m having a little competition (Australians are ineligible). Here’s the question. "Cartographically speaking, where in Australian do most women sit".

The prize is your choice of either of these gems…


Pretty sweet little prizes heh? (and yes, the t-shirt is brand new, it’s an XL so if you have boobs it should still fit).  The competition will close when I get the correct answer.

* The last 6 comments were after my whine so it’s not clear if they were just sympathy comments.

MaBloPa post #15


40 Responses

  1. They live on the coast don’t they? Isn’t that why you are always there?

  2. I forgot to say FIRST. I’m never first here. I feel special.

  3. They sit in the dog house.

    They sit on a chair.

    They sit on a hawt hunks lap.

    They sit in Parliament.

    There. Those are my guesses.

  4. Oh. And they sit on their arses.

  5. TLG – Would you like me to respond?

  6. cartographically speaking? they sit in australia.

    i’ll take the flag.

  7. I’m ineligible. Which is just as well because I don’t want to have to get my dictionary out to be able to understand the question.

  8. Where do Australian women sit cartographically?

    Sheesh – they avoid the desert areas and probably mostly hang out mostly in Melbourne.

  9. Anywhere they damn well please.

  10. On their arse.

  11. yep, they sit in a seat…in Australia.

  12. The only women that I know there sit in the Melbourne area…but I only know one.

  13. I understand the word cartographically, but that doesn’t make the question any clearer. Is this some kind of riddle? Oh well, I don’t know what I’d do with an Australian flag or a shirt that requires boobs.

  14. well if I was a woman in Australia I would want to live in Queensland

  15. Why is Ma blowing Pa again?

    Where do they sit? South of the equator. But not south of YOUR equator.

    Urban costal areas I suppose. I’ll guess the southeast side. Is that specific enough?

  16. P.S. Have you been to Tasmania? I’ve always wanted to check it out.

  17. Thank the lord I’m ineligible cartographically, (whatever that means )

  18. “Cartographically speaking, where in Australian do most women sit”.

    Where IN an Australian? Is that what you mean?

    I was going to say something about your face…but now I’m totally confused.


  19. Oh…wait…we have to SAY it IN Australian? I knew you guys had your own language…but sheesh.

  20. Mappa Tassie

  21. Grundies?

  22. Well, since Im not allowed to enter anyway. Im gonna’ go right ahead and tell you all that we sit on our BUMS just like the rest of you!

    I really like that T-shirt. And I would like to buy a vowel, thanks.

  23. Sorry, the contest is over. The prize has been won.

  24. Well, since Im not allowed to enter anyway. Im gonna’ go right ahead and tell you all that we sit on our BUMS just like the rest of you!

    I really like that T-shirt. And I would like to buy a vowel, thanks.

  25. I am not sure that I understand the question correctly, but the women sit on their arses along the eastern seaboard and the south-eastern corner of the continent.

  26. PAMELA!! It was PAMELA all up in here with that “Mappa Tassie?” WOOHOO!

  27. what?????

  28. Now we have to learn Australian to read your blog??????? Way to go, Pamela! I never would have guessed! Too funny!

  29. Congrats Pamela, I think.

  30. Oh, too hard. THe only Aussie woman I know is Karisma, and she said it herself – she sits on her bum/bottom/arsey-poo.

  31. Well I’m still confused WT, what is the answer?

  32. You can tell me if I got the right answer. Smart arse.

  33. Or just give me the shirt already.

    Incidentally? I dreamt about the missing vowel shirt last night. It was funny. Thank you, because it was way better than the dream I had the night before.

  34. How come you closed this so quickly. I didn’t read the comments until I researched the answer so it’s no good me telling you it’s ‘mappa tassie’!!

  35. Damn it! Why am I always late for these things?!

  36. In a chair, on a stool, on the sofa?

    uh, my booms are bigger than XL.

  37. Refrigerator. Which is my answer to everything I’m not sure about.

  38. I’m apparently just as confused as everyone else in the comments.

    I would ASSume most women in Australia sit on their butts like everyone else in the world. But what do I know? I’m Canadian.

  39. On their behinds…?

    I feel your pain re: well-researched, informative posts we are proud of- that completely sail over other readers’ heads. That’s why I don’t do them very often. I enjoy writing such, but the lack of interaction frustrates me.

  40. They sit…down? In Australia? Oh these brain teasers are too much….

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