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A blogging housewarming party.

Good old Swampy came up with an idea for welcoming Julie and Tiffany
into their respective new homes. The idea is that we all post on Friday
16th Nov, which is what I’m doing, but my Friday is before yours so I’m
a bit early. The idea is to lavish cybergifts upon them.


I thought this was a great idea because it saved me actually sending them a real gift. But just because I didn’t have to actually send a 3D object doesn’t’ mean that I went overboard, no sir (I mean it). You have to click to see the gifts.



And this is for the Hubbies, they get one set each.


Happy House-warming and I hope you all live happily ever after in your beautiful new homes.

MyPoBlo post #16


34 Responses

  1. Cool presents and you did the fun click the picture trick.

    Even if it is Friday already in Australia where women are sitting on something, I think that the date is the 16th. Of course, I could be wrong because WT is almost always right.

  2. Molly – Thanks, err I mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. First photo? SO YOU! lol

    Nice gifts for the ladies. (aw, you do have a heart)

    Hilarious gifts for the guys. (typical….but hilarious. I know – I already said that…but it is and I don’t care if I repeat myself.)

  4. hahaha – I wouldn’t want to use that BBQ around a bunch of drunk guys.

  5. How come I never get cool presents like Tiffany’s? Unfair.

  6. Totally perfect gift! And here I was expecting a set of dog dentures.

    Thanks, WT! You know me well!

  7. Totally perfect gift for me, WT! And here I was, expecting a set of dog dentures.

    AWESOME GIFTS! (And Roger like his, too!)

  8. WTF…I must have tried my gift already…how did I post twice, before I meant to? AAARRGGHH!

    The party has started early for me!

  9. The hubby gifts cracked me up! That is cool – I think. 🙂

  10. OMG, the wiener roast. gotta have it. please take time out of your busy day to tell how to make the pictures do that. either in a post or you can email me. (just make sure and use the new one)

  11. Fabulous Gifts! See….deep down, you really ARE a good guy.

  12. OMG, only a man could come up with that!

  13. You do know how to make the unwrapping suspenseful.
    Of course we’re lining up to have you teach us how to do this magic trick.

    Great gifts. I have to admit the PIe (3.14?) caught me off guard for at least 10 seconds.

    clever clever….

  14. damn you are clever!! Great gifts too!

  15. Uh….nice gifts. I am sure they would enjoy them….if they actually could touch them.

  16. I love the wrapping paper. You are SO clever! I also love Tiffany’s present. Can I have one too? I’ve been good!

  17. Brilliant idea and terrific presents, I wish I was building a new house.

  18. These gifts say sooooo much about YOU!

    1) You’re really attentive.

    2) You do have a thoughtful bone in your body (giggles).

    3) You’ve got one heckuva imagination.

    4) You have GOT to share your “click & change” photo trick!

    Okay, that last one doesn’t exactly say something about you the way it’s worded, but I wanna know how to do it.

  19. That was so clever a blog post about how to do that picture linking thing please, pretty please. Does this technique even have a name
    Great gifts too the BBQ is hilarious

  20. I must be easily amused, because I can’t stop clicking on those photo s. Great gifts! (I may be here for hours).

  21. LOL! Ok, I need someone to scrape the oatmeal off my monitor!
    (LOVE the click the picture trick!)

  22. Okay, I actually have that pie dish. I feel like a total geek.

    Very nice prezzies.

  23. Funny comic and cute idea.

  24. Great gifts though I’m not sure I’d like to eat meat cooked on the BBQ!!!

    Please share the click on photo trick?

  25. Nice gifts. But I was over for the Grey’s Anatomy meeting. Damn. Has it moved and no one told me because I missed it last night and was hoping for an update. I saw on a preview where there was a school bus accident and something about a pencil in the eye and….well anyway. I’ll come back in case I was early for the meeting.

  26. Joy, I believe I have been enjoined from speaking about Grey’s here, but I can tell you that pencil in the eye kid did not make it through his surgery. Also, Derek admitted to being a band geek in high school.

  27. I don’t know them but they can have the homeless people I blogged about.

  28. Great gifts, but I think it was the wrap that put it over the top! Outstanding job.

  29. LOL’s at all those gifts, and the presentation is divinely clever as well. 😀

  30. I’m still in awe and love over the click the picture see whats inside thing!! The gifts were great!!

  31. but I thought that pie are square.
    And? You totally gave the mens the best prezzies.

  32. Great gifts, and I think it was wonderful how we all got to unwrap them. How fun.

  33. How’djadodat?

  34. Oh, genius!

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