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Fun Monday #42

I’m writing this Fun Monday post before I go to to bed as I’ll be leaving for the farm early tomorrow, and may not get a chance to do it later. This week Karisma wants us to embarrass ourselves with a funny story from when we were younger. I thought for a while and then remembered this episode.

This is a picture of just about the only holiday we ever had that didn’t involve staying at my grandmother’s place, which was always filled with tension, because my mother and my Grandmother (her MIL) really didn’t like each other at all. So for this one and only solo holiday, Mum and Dad went to great lengths to keep the location of our rented lakeside house a secret, as it was only 25 miles from where Gran lived (and ironically only about half a mile from where MDW and I bought our first home).  It didn’t help, she found us anyway. We’re talking about a woman who raised four children virtually alone, lost her husband in the war, and worked as a cook on various sheep stations during shearing season. Nothing could stop her.

But this story isn’t about her, it’s about me (as per instructions). The photo on the right shows my mother, me and my two brothers in the yard of the house dad rented for a week. Looks idyllic doesn’t it?  Sadly that was soon about to change, and we’re about to find out  why.

My mother really didn’t like the water very much, and it took some heavy duty cajoling for Dad to convince her to get in the canoe. And that was probably all the more reason for me not to sneak into the water behind her and tip her out of the canoe about 90 seconds after this photo was taken.

I still think it was the funniest thing I ever did, she however, went to her grave without ever really forgiving me. Oh well.

**If you look closely at the picture, you may just see the thought being formulated (I’m the little guy just behind mum)…

NaBloFunMo post #19