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Fun Monday #42

I’m writing this Fun Monday post before I go to to bed as I’ll be leaving for the farm early tomorrow, and may not get a chance to do it later. This week Karisma wants us to embarrass ourselves with a funny story from when we were younger. I thought for a while and then remembered this episode.

This is a picture of just about the only holiday we ever had that didn’t involve staying at my grandmother’s place, which was always filled with tension, because my mother and my Grandmother (her MIL) really didn’t like each other at all. So for this one and only solo holiday, Mum and Dad went to great lengths to keep the location of our rented lakeside house a secret, as it was only 25 miles from where Gran lived (and ironically only about half a mile from where MDW and I bought our first home).  It didn’t help, she found us anyway. We’re talking about a woman who raised four children virtually alone, lost her husband in the war, and worked as a cook on various sheep stations during shearing season. Nothing could stop her.

But this story isn’t about her, it’s about me (as per instructions). The photo on the right shows my mother, me and my two brothers in the yard of the house dad rented for a week. Looks idyllic doesn’t it?  Sadly that was soon about to change, and we’re about to find out  why.

My mother really didn’t like the water very much, and it took some heavy duty cajoling for Dad to convince her to get in the canoe. And that was probably all the more reason for me not to sneak into the water behind her and tip her out of the canoe about 90 seconds after this photo was taken.

I still think it was the funniest thing I ever did, she however, went to her grave without ever really forgiving me. Oh well.

**If you look closely at the picture, you may just see the thought being formulated (I’m the little guy just behind mum)…

NaBloFunMo post #19


50 Responses

  1. How do I know that I have three boys? Because I knew what you were going to say before I even read it.

    Maybe it was your evil body posture.

  2. Your mom is a saint.
    I would have tanned your back side~
    and taken pictures to prove it.

  3. That is so funny, I couldn’t help but LOL. I was looking at the photo when you said you were there, and I recognized the shirt like the one featured in the caption the photo contest) and thought it must be you. Very funny, I wouldn’t laugh if it was me in the boat, but I wasn’t so I am laughing.

  4. LOL

    You know, even before I saw your comment about seeing the “thought”, I was thinking that the boy behind the canoe looked like he was up to something.

    Funny story big guy. Too bad there wasn’t a picture showing the aftermath of your little reign of terror 🙂

  5. Just a touch ornery, were you?

  6. You’re incorrigable! Rather funny, though … 🙂

  7. There’s no photo of my handiwork because Dad spent the first ten minutes after it happened fishing Mum out of the water and trying to calm her down, and then the next 30 minutes were spent looking for me.

  8. You’ve been a devious little bugger all your life then?

  9. I knew I liked you for some reason! That is so something I’d have pulled, though when I was a kid my mother would never get that close to the water.

    Now? With the grandkids? She’s a damn fish.

  10. Yes, there is a certain smile on your face. You were a cute kid!

  11. Thanks for the explanation of why there wasn’t a photo of the aftermath.
    So far, you have posted the most devilish story that I have read.
    How deep was the water, could she swim, and where were you hiding?
    Anyone for possum stew?

  12. Oh, I see that wicked conniving eye!

  13. So apparently typepad is not liking me today. I tried to say how I spotted the wicked, conniving smile (or maybe it was in your eye–who knows?), but the comment just won’t post.

  14. Ooooo what a wicked boy you were (are?)

    And that’s exactly why I didn’t have any boys!

  15. I saw that one coming, I don’t think I would have had enough nerve to anything like that to my mother, too scared of my fathers wrath. On second thoughts it would probably have been my father doing the tipping, this type of humour must be a male thing!!

  16. Too funny. There you are in the background, wringing your hands in precise contemplation. LOL

  17. that made me laugh. i can see thinking that, but i can’t see doing it.

    did your dad find you?

  18. What a mischievious little punk you were! I think I’d be mad at first, but I’d be laughing at the same time.

    I couldn’t think of any stories to tell about myself. At least not anything that the rest of the family won’t let me live down. Those stories are mostly about my brother. Danny’s mom has a lot about him, too. Oh well, now I’ve got to think of something else to write for NaNeNaNeBooBoo.

  19. ROFL….Willowtree, you ornery devil you!!! [but I like it. High 5!] Poor mother. But hey,….I’m still laughing.

  20. You look naughty!! Funny, you’re not so different today from that little trickster in the picture are you? Who’s dingy have you dumped over lately?

  21. That’s just naughty – your poor, poor mum.

  22. LOL! My mom would have found a way to get us back! LOL! I remeber the time when the boys and I were doing something momma told us not to. She picked up a play gun and acted like she was going to kill us all for the mess we made. It scared us to death! Some would take it wrong, but we all had a fun way of making the best of our world and momma being a single parent did to.

  23. I think its funny – and today with our speedy cameras, your dad would have gotten all the pictures of the tip AND her reaction – AND you running away as fast as you could!

  24. Oh naughty but very funny. Great photo too.

  25. Lol ! that’s exactly what I would have done too although I am a girl !

  26. What a little stinker you were. This is so funny!

    What is it about boys and their mothers? This reminds me of the time my older brother came home and wanted to show my mom a new move he learned in karate class that day. He kicked her right in the nose.

  27. Awesome. Just think, it was only the beginning!

  28. I knew that was you in the background – you look like you’re about to do something REALLY bad.

  29. Ha! Really, she was asking for it.

  30. My kids wouldn’t survive doing something like that.

  31. hahahaha!! of course you did!! DUH! I probably would have done it too!!

  32. Awww… Baby gave mommy a bath!

  33. As the mom of a boy and a sister to my awful brother, I totally knew that’s what you were going to say.

  34. You WERE a little booger, weren’t you. Great story, especially with all the secretiveness.

  35. I think that you left out the embarrassing part.
    The part where you ran crying, with snot hanging out your nose, because your Mom was chasing after you with murder in her eyes.
    Or, maybe not.

  36. I love this story. It just has that ring of absolute truth to it, you know?

  37. ok I am Evil. Before I even read your story, I was thinking of, tipping it over.

  38. Hmmmmm, your dad’s a conspirator, of course. If he was standing IN FRONT of your mom with camera in hand, he saw what you were up to BEFORE you tipped the boat.

    Sentence commuted!

  39. Ah, ha, have you changed much since these early days, or do you still want to tip canoes and dump loved ones in the drink?

  40. For some reason this does not surprise me at all!

  41. No way! Oh my gosh. Your mom reminds me of my mother-in-law. Se doesn’t like water either. I can’t even imagine….

  42. My boys would not dare try something like that on me. They know there would be serious payback and I don’t mean that in a disciplinary way either. I can give as good as I get and I can catch them too.

  43. She didn’t beat you with a stick after she got dried off?

  44. I don’t know whether to laugh or spank you! What a naughty thing to do to your mother! The photo makes me laugh–you are definately on the verge of mischief!

  45. Lol, and what happened after your Dad caught you?

  46. You are a bad bad boy, but I knew that already! 😉
    I’m with RC and her first comment…I didn’t have to read to know what the post was about I could tell what that little boy was about to do.

  47. Way too funny! If I would have tipped my mom she would never ever had anything to do with water again. She is terrified of drowning.

  48. Very funny! I would love to see an “after” picture!

  49. Mothers are so humorless. We never laugh when the children play Tarzan on the chandelier or tie the linen tablecloths together for tug of war. We just bring forth 10 pounds of slimy, screaming, LIFE and then let it abuse us for next five decades until it puts us in a nursing home and leaves us to rot while we watch endless episodes of The Young and the Restless. Ooooh, did I sound bitter? Sorry. Funny story. Really!! LOve your mom!

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