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Here’s something to try at home.

You may think that his is a cop out, a post without posting, just a BloMeYoHoHo post, a real lazy post, an attempt to look like I’m actually posting, and guess what? You’re wrong, this post should be of interest to anyone with children, a camera, and some imagination.

While this post is no more than a link to another site, I consider it more of a public service announcement to all you mothers out there (and I mean that in the way it’s meant to be used). If you have kids (a prerequisite to being a mother), you might like to try something like this.

Now, on a completely unrelated matter, a lot of you were confused about the answer to my little competition the other day that Pamela won (the prize is on it’s way). However, being the the good bloggers you are (read: having the attention spans of a bunch of gnats), you all just moved on and forgot about it.

So here’s what I’m going to do, I’ll give an Aussie flag and a fridge magnet to the person who a) best explains what the correct answer actually means, and b) tells me where exactly they sit. For those who were unable (or more correctly, unmotivated) to find out what the correct answer was, here it is.

Cartographically speaking, most women in Australia sit on their mappatassie.

BloMeYoHoHo post #20