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Supporting a friend

My good friend Robin tore me a new one mentioned that I have been conspicuous by my absence from her poetry potpourri. My feeble attempt at deflecting her attack explaining that I don’t do poetry didn’t seem to help, she just told me that this month was limericks. And face it, who can’t do limericks for chrissake!

You know it’s funny, but I just can’t seem to write a post that involves Robin without using copious strikethroughs!

Mid-month Every Month at PENSIEVE

So in support of my friend,
here’s my Thanksgiving limerick.

This thing that you all call Thanksgiving
depends a lot on where you are living.
Seems we’re just out of luck.
There’s no turkey or duck.
Australia had a different beginning.

Here’s the social conscience version

The best way to show your success
is to eat mounds of food to excess.
But I think it’s really quite rude,
when people without any food
whine ’cause they have so much less.

A bonus one….

This sure is the right way to go
when the posts are coming too slow.
This is such a cool way
to write a post just for today
and satisfy NaBloPoMo.

MyPoemDoBlo post #21