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Supporting a friend

My good friend Robin tore me a new one mentioned that I have been conspicuous by my absence from her poetry potpourri. My feeble attempt at deflecting her attack explaining that I don’t do poetry didn’t seem to help, she just told me that this month was limericks. And face it, who can’t do limericks for chrissake!

You know it’s funny, but I just can’t seem to write a post that involves Robin without using copious strikethroughs!

Mid-month Every Month at PENSIEVE

So in support of my friend,
here’s my Thanksgiving limerick.

This thing that you all call Thanksgiving
depends a lot on where you are living.
Seems we’re just out of luck.
There’s no turkey or duck.
Australia had a different beginning.

Here’s the social conscience version

The best way to show your success
is to eat mounds of food to excess.
But I think it’s really quite rude,
when people without any food
whine ’cause they have so much less.

A bonus one….

This sure is the right way to go
when the posts are coming too slow.
This is such a cool way
to write a post just for today
and satisfy NaBloPoMo.

MyPoemDoBlo post #21


43 Responses

  1. Brilliant! Limericks are my favourite form of poetry. And for once a post which doesn’t make me gag, shudder, roll my eyes or want to pee.
    I also like the two versions of the same pic, it’s very good!

  2. Do you do those things all at the same time?

  3. I was gonna tell you how impressed I was by your poetry and artwork but now? If you can get pics of Melissa doing all those things simultaneously, it could be the post of the year!


    Do over…….>:( )

    Whah, Willowtree, Ah have no ide-ah whot you-ah tawlkin’ about……;).

    But, bravo friend…bravo! Sharp, sardonic, and predictably over the top.

    I can hardly wait to see you churn out a cinquain……..!

  5. I came back to ask WHAT THE HECK’S WRONG WITH COPIOUS STRIKETHROUGHS? They’re my calling card crap trademark double crap raison d’etre crap with chocolate sauce on top strong suit I’m outta control distinguishing blogging style craziness thoughts inside my head you mutha evidence of serious mental disorders secret weapon of destructive annoyance own way of having fun when I blog…

    (hands on hips, lips poked WAY out) Hmph…so THERE! 😡



    You totally rigged your blog to remove them from my comments, didn’t you? You KNEW I’d come back and use a zillion (which I did) AND NOW MY COMMENT ABOVE JUST LOOKS SILLY.

    p.s. This is NOT an attempt to win another Dingo……

    [WT. They look fine to me ;)]

  7. I can feel you laughing AT me right now…10,000 miles away.


    Me likey to make people laugh.

    (Of course, now your readers who don’t “know” me are going to think I’m a freak. Or a stalker.)

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that ;).)

  8. No, sadly only combinations of three at a time. See, when I gag, I generally shudder. Ditto when I want to pee. And my eyes generally roll of their own accord, whatever I’m doing. But gagging and wanting to pee simultaneously is hard cos you don’t know which end to put to the loo.

    (Sorry, you asked!!)

  9. Do you think I can single-handedly push your comments to triple digits?

    Bet you wish I’d quietly fly back under the radar, huh?

    Now I’M laughing…….:)

  10. I was going to say I was impressed by your first limerick but then I got so impressed with Robin’s dedication to filling up your comments that I forgot all about your poems!

  11. Robin – I think your medication needs to be adjusted.

    Melissa – No, that’s fine, I was after clarification. Have you ever coughed so hard that you shit your pants? No reason, just asking…

    ToB – Yes, she’s her own imaginary friend.

  12. Damn, your good! When’s the last time someone told you that?

  13. I could have sworn I read these earlier. I think I actually visited your site 6 times before I could finish reading a single post. Kids, dinner, phones, sheesh.

    OH, nice job!

  14. Perfect…well almost perfect.

  15. Love the white trash Thanksgiving pic. Wherever did you find that?

    And it pains me to say it but I liked the limericks.

  16. And Swampy wonders how long I’ll be a Neophyte? I figured out strike-thrus ONCE..and can’t remember how to do them. I would use them a LOT otherwise.

    For now, you are stuck with CAPS for emphasis.

    Oh, and I trashed you on my latest post. But not badly. Enjoy.

  17. Laughing my ass off at/with Robin. Not sure if it’s more at or with.

    Oh, and I enjoyed your limericks, too.

    Now I’m off to Google/Wikipedia Australia’s history… Surely your island (OK, continent) consists of more than descendants of prisoners.

  18. Beckie – It’s never often enough.

    Robinella – Sure blame the kids, sounds like you’ve got ADHD to me.

    Molly – Almost!?!?!?!

    RC – Why would it pain you to acknowledge sheer brilliance?

    Tiff – I already saw it, and responded accordingly.

    Kila – Not really.

  19. stick to the pics when you’re hard up for posts.
    just kidding.

  20. Thanksgiving has a lot of different meanings too. We had our Thanksgiving last month as it is to celebrate the harvest and have a feast. And we did just that. The Americans celebrate thanksgiving by celebrating the watching football 😆

  21. Hey. Those were pretty good. Who said you couldn’t write a limerick? (even if a bit twisted)

  22. omigod, you guys are gonna make me spit stuffing all over the keyboard. stop stop stop.

    or no, don’t.

  23. The bonus limerick gets my vote. And where did you find the photoshopped version of Rockwell’s Freedom From Want? I’ve seen a lot of takes on it, but the KFC one is new to me.

  24. those are great!

    i had no idea it was possible to write a limerick that didn’t start, “there once was a man from Nantucket…”

  25. 1) Love the limericks!
    2) What I wouldn’t give for a stalker like Robin to fill up my comments and push up my page loads.
    3) I’m insulted that Rotten Correspondent referred to a portrait of my family as “white trash”. Just because we alternate between KFC and Spam for the Thanksgiving feast, drink beer from the can, and Granny is never seen without a cigarette between her lips does not make us white trash.

  26. What does NaBloMaPo stand for? I know. I know. Everyone in the World knows but I.
    Secondly, how does Robin do strike-throughs on her comment? If you use the four-letter word, HTML, I’ll reach through your computer screen and choke you.

  27. (In reverse order):

    Swampy, 1) National Blog Posting Month (you had the initials in the wrong order. 2) I DIDN’T DO THE FLIPPIN’ STRIKETHROUGHS (here in comments)…WT “fixed” them…and yes, Lambchop, he did it with dreaded HTML (but not with the traditional command :/.

    Jenni, Thanks for the invitation, I’ll be right over.

    Willowtree, do I thank you (for fixing the strikethroughs) or smack you (for your little “additions” and for making me look bi-polar)?

    And I KNOW you’ll say I made MYSELF look bi-polar all on my own, so I’m saving you the keystrokes.


  28. Way cool. I can do haiku, but I have never tried a limerick. I also refused to do the NaBloPooNoMo because that would be like a commitment with deadlines. If I wanted a deadline, I would be a real writer.

  29. Awesome! Gosh I wish I could get away with just buying some greasy chicken from KFC tomorrow. But Alas, I think I will be slaving over the stove instead…

    Great post– you always make me smile 😉

  30. twighlight zone. I read this last night and was sure that I commented. But then – Robin made up for my oversight.

    You missed your calling wt. you should be writing for a card company or something! Of course, they wouldn’t be the mushy sentimental ones, tho.

  31. twilight zone. I read this last night and was sure that I commented. But then – Robin made up for my oversight.

    You missed your calling wt. you should be writing for a card company or something! Of course, they wouldn’t be the mushy sentimental ones, tho.

  32. Ahahahahaha, do you have a larger print of the
    social conscience version? I need one to post on my blog. Excellent limericks!

  33. So you’re saying you *don’t* celebrate Thanksgiving?

    How bizarre.

    But you do still celebrate the 4th of July and Columbus Day, right?

  34. LOL! I love it all!

  35. Jenny – Well of course we celebrate the 4th of July, we just celebrate it on the 26th of January.

    And who doesn’t celebrate Columbus Day? You’d have to be an idiot not to honour the city that gave us Wendy’s.

  36. WT your second picture was funny.

    Good job on the limericks.

  37. (taking a deep breath)

    a t’day without lots of excess
    clearly would be a failed mess
    turkey’s abound
    all food is by the pound
    that’s how we know we are blest

    there once was a man from Oz
    who asked “can we please take a pause?’
    Explain your custom
    Of eating then bustin’
    The peace, your friends, and the laws?

    For family on thanksgiving day
    is time to put troubles away
    then uncle Bob shouts
    auntie jill pouts
    and the twins call homicide play

    Sister Sue pulled out a sharp shiv
    to torment her young brother with
    Mom threatens divorce
    Dad files with the courts
    And the dog is just praying to live.

  38. Hayden – WTF??? Etiquette dictates that for the sake of politeness, you should not:

    1) Write more limericks than me
    2) Write better limericks than me
    3) Have yours form a complete story

    Clearly, you are not being polite!

  39. Well, I was about to sing your poetic praises. But clearly Hayden has outdone you!

  40. DAMN! You really ARE good!!!!!! Send this thing in to Random House and I bet you could make a million!

  41. ooops.

    must. not. join. in. the. fun.

  42. Hal;skdj

    damn – try typing on mom’s ergo-economic typing pad.

    What I meant to say was: Brilliant

  43. Love them.

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