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Putting technology to work.

Ever since the interweb became accessible to the masses, and long before blogging became popular, computers have performed a particularly invaluable service to mankind. This clip from a home shopping show illustrates this point very nicely indeed…

How about some 80s Aussie music…

Yes they are singing in English, but don’t worry if you can’t understand the words, none of us can either. In fact I once saw James Reyne (the singer) asked to translate the lyrics from a couple of his songs that were played to him, and he was unable to decipher the words. But still, the imagery is pretty good.

BlaBlaBlaBlah post #22


21 Responses

  1. 1st video:
    M’kay. (lmao)

    2nd vid:
    Imagery is good? YOU WOULD say that.

    I bet you watch reruns of Baywatch. Go on. Admit it.

  2. Ah, there you are … I thought perhaps you were going to blow your moblopomono thingy and skip a post.
    Very funny first clip.
    2nd one? Am worried – I understood what they were singing. Am I a freak of nature???
    Actually I think part of their problem is their very tight jeans. It’s hard to think straight when everything’s being squeezed like that.

  3. That first clip was hilarious. It makes me want to stay up late and prank call QVC.

    The second video is very John Cougar Mellancamp except not as good music. I started to listen closely to the words, but like Melissa I noticed the lead singer’s (particularly his) jeans. Ewww! Is this some strange method of Aussie birth control? Because I’ve heard that keeping the boys to tightly packed can have that effect. I need to find the brain bleach now. It’s not the mental image I want during Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. Rock on, 80’s. Enjoyed the video, though it did make me very restless to travel again. I’m not a homebody, and, though of course I love my kids, being tied down here is driving me crazy.

    Hey, maybe we should become a missionary family! 😉

    Those lyrics can be anything you want them to be!

  5. The first one was hilarious!

  6. I’d forgotten how tight jeans were in the 80s. Mesmerizing and not in a good way!

    Lovely landscape and the waves were nice – well, what I could see around the frolicking babes.

  7. Great clips. I love the presenters in the first one “that’s awesome!”

  8. The tight jeans kinda gave me a hiney tingle. Actually.

  9. I enjoyed the music clip, thanks for sharing.
    I went light on posting today, what with Merikan Thanksgiving and all.

  10. TLG – I was talking about the HR Holden station wagon driving on the dirt road, the old truck by the tree, the deserted homestead, the beaches, the aborigines and the riots, not the girls (who were a very small piece of the clip).

    Melissa – You only thought you understood. You’re probably not a freak after all.
    Tight jeans ref #1

    Kila – In the mean time, why not just try the missionary position instead. Yes, you can make the song say anything you like.

    Jenni – How very judgemental of you, I didn’t realise it was a competition between the one song of Australian Crawl that you’ve heard, and the complete works of Johnny Cougar (not all a of which were as good as the couple of classics he had). Although as Johnny Cougar at least his jeans were as tight.
    Tight jeans ref #2

    Beckie – It sure was.

    Lene – Yes, it was a song about beaches, surfing and social justice.
    Tight jeans ref #3

    Alix – Who said home shopping was boring?

    TLG – Tight jeans ref #4

    witchypoo – You’re most welcome.

  11. You were talking about a buncha dudes singing in English, and how one of the singers couldn’t even translate….you only mentioned the other stuff in comments;).

    I still bet you watch Baywatch. Prolly w/ the sound off.

  12. TLG – In fact I said “But still, the imagery is pretty good.

    And you lose that bet. I can tell you, hand on heart, that I have never watched so much as a minute of Baywatch, with or without sound. No amount of tits and arse can make up for having to watch a no talent loser like Hasselhoff.

  13. BWAHAHAHA! That first video cracked me up.

    As far as the second: Unfortunately I read the comments before watching and all I could focus on was their jeans.

  14. AAAHAHAHAHAHA the look on their faces AAAHAHAHA!!! The second video? Oh I’m sorry. We’re they singing? I was too busy looking at their…umm…nevermind.

  15. Hey, I have a Dell. Maybe I should check out this porn thing. Or maybe I will just vdeo number two again.

  16. Even if you know the lyrics…What does it mean? Hmmm

    Aint nothing like the windy city
    Where the station wagon died
    Were the wild dogs meet the fences
    And the horsemen fences ride
    Where the flatlands become flatlands
    And the caravans collide
    Im just sittin’ ‘neath the mango
    Running a tide

    Took a ride on a bin train
    50 cars or more
    They say the heads are just insane
    But it’s to risky to score
    Sittin on the lawn with Andrea
    Draggin’ the line for big red
    Everyone looks better with a suntan
    Easier to get you into bed

    Daughters of the northern coast
    Sons of beaches
    Wont deliver the post
    You know the post is a ghost…

  17. WT, that’s how we became a family, so I guess we are a missionary family.

  18. MJD – Actually those lyrics describe an actual event using poetic licence. It all makes sense if you know some slang and the back story. That said, I think you’ll find that most lyrics fall short of concise narrative.

  19. Dell computers are the best for porno? Who knew? I’ll have to ask my bud who works for Dell if he watches porn all day at work….

  20. Ah well, okay, then.

  21. 1) Are those the real lyrics? I heard most of those words in there, but it didn’t make any sense to me. Not that most songs make a whole lot of sense.
    2) Does it really tell about an actual event? Tell us the story please, Grandpa Willowtree.
    3) I heart John Cougar *and* John Cougar Mellancamp and I bet he could kick this Australian Crawl’s butt any day:oP
    4) Just to be fair, I’m going to go look for more of Australian Crawl’s songs. I just hope I don’t have to see any more cleavage. That’s a disturbing look on any guy, on any continent.
    5) How very judgemental of *you*. The German’s love David Hasselhoff. Just because no one in any other country can stand him, that does not mean you should call him a no talent loser. Have you seen his music videos? That guy is quite the comedian. Either that or freakin’ out of his mind, and it’s not nice to laugh at people who are mentally ill.
    6) I think that’s all I have for now.

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