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A mini drama.

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not my normal ebullient self. It has nothing to do with the majority of yesterday’s commenters paying more attention to James Reyne’s knackers than the song itself. No, the reason I’m not too bubbly is that, as of right now, Belle has been missing for 24 hours.

Animals going missing from here isn’t such a big deal in itself, the cats do it all the time, and even Bentley has been gone overnight before. What makes this a bit of a worry are the circumstances. Yesterday when I came back from doing some shopping, I let the guys go for a run as usual. Ten minutes later Buddy came home, and fifteen minutes after that Bentley showed up.

About ten minutes after Bentley showed up there was a huge thunderstorm and unbeknownst to me, the gate that I leave open for the guys to get in, was blown shut. So I’m guessing Belle came home and couldn’t get in, so she took off again and got scared by all the thunder, plus the rain would have washed away much of the scent she would have used to find her way back. On top of that, she’s only seven months old with no road sense.

I’ve driven around the area, and at least I didn’t find her on the side of the road, so I guess that’s a good thing. The bad news is that she wears a tag with my phone number and no-one has called, so if she has been picked up by someone, they aren’t pure of heart.

I don’t want you to get all worried about this, I’m worried enough for all of us.

NoMoBelle post #23


42 Responses

  1. Peter,
    I hope Belle comes home safe and sound very soon.
    Take care.

  2. Oh, Peter. Animals gone missing is such a sickening feeling and I wish so much that you weren’t having to go through this. I know it’s no consolation, but you’ll have a worldwide horde of worriers by the time the day is through.Keep us posted, please.

    I’m holding a very positive thought.

  3. Oh, no! I certainly hope Belle shows up again soon!! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  4. I hope she finds her way back soon.

  5. I’m not holding out too much hope at this stage, this is a dog that really likes her food, to be gone this long is serious.

  6. Crap, I hope she finds her way home.

  7. It was a pretty vicious storm. I guess you’ve run through all the scenarios. Its good that she has her name on her collar, it would be pretty hopeless if she didn’t. If she’d been flattened by a car, you’d get a call, if she’d been impounded, taken to the vet’s etc, you’d eventually get a call. I’d guess she’s laying low and only being seven months’ old she’s bound to wind up on the odd misadventure.

    She is such a sweet dog, I guess she could’ve been dognapped. I guess you’ve sent the boys out to look?
    Mini drama? I don’t think so. Major. Bloody animals. Its a small town. Put the word out.

  8. Peter, I’m so sorry – I know the stress of missing animals, it’s awful. And we will worry too, we can’t help it.

  9. Oh Peter, I can’t help being worried with you. Squeezing my eyes shut and saying a prayer she makes her way home, safely and quickly!! xo

  10. My thoughts are with you and Belle. It is the worst feeling not knowing. Tell Beau to send out good thoughts to guide her back home.

  11. Our dog with the little flappy ears went missing and it was three days later we found her. Her ear had gotten hooked on the bottom strand of the barbed wire fence, and it was only patrolling the fence line that we found her.
    She was okay for her ordeal, but she pooped all the way to the house without stopping.
    We were sure happy to find her.
    I hope you have the same happy poopy ending.

  12. Do you have any bush near you? I get the feeling that she is hiding as she is very scared. Open the gate and let Bentley out, he will find her for you. She is fine. Dont worry.

  13. Just another thought. Did you check the shed? Just that my brothers cat went missing for 3 days once after a storm and he had somehow managed to get locked in the shed. Anyway, obviously I am thinking of you and her. I hope she turns up soon.

  14. :(…just saw this…praying for Belle’s return :/. {{hugs}} to you….

  15. Oh, I hope she’s home by the time you read this comment. I’ll be thinking about you and her. A missing pet is just the worst. {{{{hugs}}}}

  16. HI,
    I’m a fairly new reader to your site. We moved to a country setting about 4 years ago and with it (the week we moved in) we found a mama ‘farm cat’ and 5 brand new babies in one of our out buildings. I befriended her and handled the kittens everyday. Ok, I even took her to the vet, had her and the kittens ‘fixed’ and given their vaccines…our vet thinks I’m nuts, but I don’t care. They have all the food they could want and shelter in our barn with blanketed beds. We have lost a couple of the cats due to unfortunate circumstances. However, when I felt they went off the property for too long, I would walk around and yell their name… In case they were lost in the tall grasses. Almost every time, within a couple of hours, they returned home. Could be just a coincidence, but made me feel like I helped them along. You may feel odd going for a walk and yelling out a cat name, but if it brings your sweetie home – so be it! Good luck!

  17. btw, I’m allergic to cats otherwise I would have brought them all in and kept them as house pets.

  18. I will send good thoughts that Belle is home soon. Perhaps she’s just enjoying a quick adventure – meeting new friends, tasting new foods, getting her proverbial yayas out? Either way, come home soon Belle!

  19. oh, no. this made me tear up. i reallly, really, really hope you find her.
    if you put out a blanket and a bowl of food for her, maybe she’ll smell it and come back? that worked with a Lab i used to know.

    i also think the idea of letting the other guys look for her is a good one.

    good luck to you. i know how sick you must feel.

  20. I hope you find her soon!

    And on the other matter, I believe I mentioned that it was very John Cougar Mellancamp, but not as good. The music was rather boring and repetitive and the I was too distracted to concentrate on the words.:oP

  21. Oh No! It’s like one of your own kids not coming home. Good luck, I hope Belle finds her way home soon. My thoughts are with you.

  22. I do hope she comes home soon.

  23. Oh, no! Crossing fingers and everything else that you find each other again soon. Please keep us posted.

  24. Prayers are with you and Belle and the other guys, too.

  25. Oh no! Now my tummy’s in knots…however, it’s amazing what animals are capable of, so chances are she’ll be OK. They do find their way home. Our dog has been missing many times over the years, and always comes back safely, despite city traffic. I’ll say prayers for her (whether you like that or not)!

  26. Oh, no! That’s dreadful! I’m definitely sending out positive vibes, prayers for her safety, etc…!

  27. If I were close enough, I would come help you look. I hope she comes home very soon. This made me so sad for you.

  28. I’m sure you’ve done this but it is a good idea to check all neighbors outbuildings. Frequently animals get closed in by accident which certainly could have easily happened in a storm. we’ll keep positive thoughts flowing.

  29. MAJOR drama – not mini!

    And how could I NOT be worried – pets are precious!

    You’d better update us – as soon as she’s found. Here’s hoping for a happy outcome – I’m all a tither, b/c I can’t help look.

  30. i sorry to hear that, willow. i hope your next post is that you’re reunited.

  31. it’s amazing how the news of a little pup in far-away australia is clutching at all of our hearts.

  32. Good luck finding her. My husband is a vet, so believe me, I understand the bond.

  33. You can tell me not to get worried. But I’m WORRIED! I hope you find her or she makes her way back home or maybe the other dogs will find her and bring her back or….you will be seeing lots of hits from Canada on your site meter until I see Belle’s back safe and sound and where she belongs. I’m thinking about you Willow, I know you’re worried.

  34. Remember my comment where Kubi was gone 2-3 days, she came home. Belle will too. If you let the other dogs out again they might find her.

  35. I was thinking also that maybe the other dogs could find her. Then again, she could come trotting up the drive any minute. I sure hope so.

  36. no news yet? I’ve been thinking of Belle all day long.

  37. Peter! I’m so sorry to hear this! Know that you and all your critters are in my thoughts, but especially your Belle!

  38. OH NO! WT -please keep us posted. I hope she comes back. Maybe she is just hanging out with Bobby.

  39. Man, I’m hoping you’re out finding her now, and that’s why you haven’t posted an update.

    Still squeezing my eye shut and praying she’s found now!!

  40. Oh I hope she comes home soon. And if someone has her, I really wish they would just call.

  41. I just came back to see if there’s an update. I wish I wasn’t so far away and could help search. Hopefully she’s hiding out someplace safe, or finds her way back soon. Search all empty buildings, and fences, and put calls out to all vets and animal shelters. (And remember to vote–I see it’s election day in Australia.)

  42. i remember when my baby got adventuras the first time I checked every puppy shelter for months.. i’d go there every week and finally one day it payed off. sometimes it just takes time i guess.. im glad it all worked out see im cheating and reading this back wards;)

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