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The Final Sunday Service (#4)

This is the post that almost wasn’t. Not only was I feeling too bummed to post, this post features Belle the wonder dog in her first acting performance. I got the idea a couple of weeks ago when I shot the clip, but since she was missing I just couldn’t do it, now that she’s back everything is fine, so let’s proceed.

My dear Brethren, let us paws and reflect on the story of the Prodigal Son. Ok now lets move on, as it has nothing to do with today’s sermon. "Why not?", you ask. Well for a start, Belle didn’t come home of her own accord, she was brought back. Second, she’s not a son she’s a daughter, and finally…she’s a dog.

No, today’s sermon being the last one before Christmas, in fact the last one ever, as this stupid fucking BloMe thing is finally coming to an end (Hmmm, I wonder if that crack will cost me a prize?), I would like to focus on the Christmas fairytale.

The gang wanted to perform the complete Passion Play, but after I explained to them that it was the wrong holiday (damn, those dogs a dumb bastards). In truth, it wasn’t so much that it’s supposed to be performed in Lent (leading up to Easter), that was the reason I was against it; I just didn’t want to have to build and erect crosses (I’m sick of digging holes).

After I explained to them that we needed a Christmas fairytale, they wanted to be the Three Wise Men. Are you kidding me?? This from three four-legged critters who love to eat crap and wash it down with toilet bowl water, how wise is that? In the end we compromised.

May I present "No Room at the Inn" by the three K9’s…

Go in Peace, or as the dogs believe the saying to be, go and piss.