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The Final Sunday Service (#4)

This is the post that almost wasn’t. Not only was I feeling too bummed to post, this post features Belle the wonder dog in her first acting performance. I got the idea a couple of weeks ago when I shot the clip, but since she was missing I just couldn’t do it, now that she’s back everything is fine, so let’s proceed.

My dear Brethren, let us paws and reflect on the story of the Prodigal Son. Ok now lets move on, as it has nothing to do with today’s sermon. "Why not?", you ask. Well for a start, Belle didn’t come home of her own accord, she was brought back. Second, she’s not a son she’s a daughter, and finally…she’s a dog.

No, today’s sermon being the last one before Christmas, in fact the last one ever, as this stupid fucking BloMe thing is finally coming to an end (Hmmm, I wonder if that crack will cost me a prize?), I would like to focus on the Christmas fairytale.

The gang wanted to perform the complete Passion Play, but after I explained to them that it was the wrong holiday (damn, those dogs a dumb bastards). In truth, it wasn’t so much that it’s supposed to be performed in Lent (leading up to Easter), that was the reason I was against it; I just didn’t want to have to build and erect crosses (I’m sick of digging holes).

After I explained to them that we needed a Christmas fairytale, they wanted to be the Three Wise Men. Are you kidding me?? This from three four-legged critters who love to eat crap and wash it down with toilet bowl water, how wise is that? In the end we compromised.

May I present "No Room at the Inn" by the three K9’s…

Go in Peace, or as the dogs believe the saying to be, go and piss.


38 Responses

  1. Am I first? You need a bigger Inn.

  2. That’s what Joseph said too.

  3. Well, no wonder she didn’t want to come in from the rain! She’s not stupid – there’s no friggin’ room!!!

    Just kidding – pleased beyond anything that she’s safe and sound.

  4. BloMe…. Heheh…

    A-hem. Onwards! Wonderful acting by the star of the show – just the right kind of woeful and “WTF you doin’, dad? Just gimme some food, will ya?”. She’s such a teenager. The supporting cast were worthy of mention, too, for their determined exclusion. Standing O all around!

  5. That was SO funny, it’s like an (almost) silent movie. Poor Belle / Mary, getting turned away like that. At least there were no donkeys involved.
    BUt now that they’ve revealed their hidden talents, we fully expect an unabridged version of the Passion Play for Easter. You’ve got a few months to rehearse.

  6. Poor little guy!! They shoulda made room for him, he’s just too cute. He could sleep in my bed anyday. 🙂

  7. Oh. SHE. Sorry.

  8. She is just too cute kissing the camera!

  9. Wow, shes grown up. Im not too sure about those acting skills though. I thought maybe she would just push the boys out of the basket. Thats what our Bella would have done.

  10. HA! that was GREAT! “go and piss”… BloMe…

  11. Belle!!!! She’s so preetty!!

  12. She is so cute, loved the reproachful look at the end, you should have made room for her!

  13. Your dogs all have such expressive faces. Maybe it’s time you found them an agent so they can put that talent to work.

    Very cute video.

  14. Awww no one could skooch their butts over and make room for poor Belle? Don’t they know what she’s been through?! She’s so pretty too, maybe they’re all jealous. Next time I think you should narrate. I’m just saying.

  15. she’s grown so much. When she figures out she’s bigger than the boys, I think fur will fly.

  16. As a buddhist I can tell you that I think belle was excellent in the film. I’ve always known she was a buddist Beagle. I can also say that I think the director of the video might possibly be a bit marginalizing on some religious aspects that could be important to some. But, as they say, what the hell?

  17. Ah O-k-a-y…..

  18. Ahhh – it must be so nice to have Belle home.

    I love her!!

  19. The entirety of this post is perfect from the explanation of why Belle’s return was not a reenactment of the Prodigal Son to the video No Room at the Inn.

    After your inspiring sermon, I am off to see if the Methodists can measure up on this fine Sunday morning.

  20. 1) I was afraid to click the link for Passion Play, but I did anyway. I’m partly relieved and partly disappointed.
    2) I thought you said all cats are girls and all dogs are boys.
    3) There are awards for this thing?
    4) Whether a boy dog with an effiminate name or an oxymoron (girl dog), I’m glad Belle is back where he/she belongs.
    5) No, I didn’t just call your dog stupid.

  21. Oh, and I would like to point out to Joy T. that when dogs do skootch their butts, it isn’t a good thing. It usually means they need a wormer or to have their glands expressed.

  22. ah, man, so pathetic. no wonder she ran off.

    and i believe the expression is “go and pee.”

  23. ps i was looking at your list of blogs that don’t read you.

    is there anything meaner or funnier than gofugyourself? well, you’re pretty mean and funny, too, of course. but i think they might outrank you just a tad.

  24. Glad she is back. I knew she would get home eventually. Loved that video – her last look back…man, that was a tear jerker.

  25. I go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose. And then you post another dog video. Sheesh. I do love the last look Belle gives you as she exits the room. It was like “Why are you holding that stupid f-ing camera, when you could have moved those guys out of my way?” At least, that’s what I think she meant.

  26. Buddy and Bentley look pretty tired from the long journey to find the Christ child.

    This can’t be the last Sunday sermon! It’s become a regular, addicting feature!

  27. humm, I KNOW I left a comment yesterday – anyway, glad she’s home and I’ll bet she is too!

  28. I’m so glad Belle is back safe and sound. It’s almost like it’s finally safe to tell you that Grey’s this week was a two-parter, and that Dr. Bailey doesn’t want anyone calling her the Nazi ever again, since she had to operate on a white supremacist. See? I feel like I can comment again now that Belle is safe and sound. Belle really made things better around here.

    I can’t wait till fucking Nablopomo is over either. I can’t believe someone got you to join this stupid thing. 😉

  29. Do ya think you need a bigger bed so all can cuddle up? Or would Belle still be ostracized because of low ranking on the totem pole?

  30. I just re-read this…what? are your dogs italian? go an’ piss??

  31. I know…..let all the pets sleep on your bed? Then there will be room for all of them. If Belle could talk she would be saying, “Why aren’t you yelling at the other guys to make room for me?”

  32. SO glad she is back!

    I am ready for NaBloBoZo to be over, too – even though I have the highest number of reads ever for my blog this month.

    I am VERY late with today’s post…lessee if I can make it.

    I just want to hug Belle!

  33. Caroline – They do all sleep on the bed, plus two of the cats.

  34. I am so glad she is home. 🙂

  35. So does that mean belle is about to give birth to the son of god? Or more like Brian?

  36. I am so glad to know that Belle is home safe and sound! Whew!

    and methinks you need a bigger “inn”.

    Belle is getting to be big!

  37. ha so at least i wasn’t the only one MIA…

    glad she made it home safe!!

  38. Those two other dogs sure didn’t learn the sharing sermon very well…

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