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Fun Monday #43

This Fun Monday is brought to us by Blue Momma, who seems to live in a fishbowl, she wants to see unfinished projects. At first I just resigned myself to missing out on this one, as I really don’t have any unfinished projects. It’s not that I finish all my projects, it more that I’m too lazy to start them in the first place. But then I remembered the tree!

This tree was on its last legs when I bought this place, it died shortly after I moved in (a combination of the drought and horses ring-barking it eventually killed it). So I decided to put it to good use. I’ve got another winter left.

Here we have me moving stuff up from the Coast, you can see the tree next to my trailer. At this stage it still had some bark on it…Trailer_05_2

This series was when I cut down the first of it’s four main trunks two winters ago…


Here’s a picture of how it looked this winter after I had cut down the second of the trunks and was preparing to cut down the third…

And this is what I want it for…

A combination of three factors 1) the size of the tree, 2) the efficiency of my slow combustion heater, and 3) the relatively mild winters her in Oz, means that I don’t need to get all that much wood. In fact one trunk and a few fallen branches will pretty much do it for me.

I only go through about three of these per winter…

I thought I should probably do a current photo to show why this is an unfinished project, so I just now swivelled around on my gas lifting, high backed, tilting manager’s chair that I use for my computing and took this photo. This is how the tree looks as of 30 seconds ago (the time taken to to type this). Next year it should be gone. I’m leaving the stump up to about waist height as it will make a good work bench.

I’ve left this particular trunk until last as it’s the one that is most likely to demolish my shed, so I’m taking some time to figure out how to do it without ending up on Funniest Home Videos.

Enjoy your Fun Monday.

YadaYadaYada post #26

Update: It never ceases to amaze me that people ask rather than search (I mean it’s less keystrokes to simply type the term into the search bar than it is to type the question), however for the sake of expediency, here’s the explanation of Ring-barking.


50 Responses

  1. You should totally video things when you decide to take it down for good.

    You know. Just in case you end up with some great footage;).

    I could post hundreds of photos on unfinished projects, but I’m too lazy to go take photos…..

  2. my okie brother has a similar tree. it’s one that’s a little ways outside of town, and it had been dead for some time, so he decided to take it down himself and saw it into wood for the stove that heats his house.

    he got some books and studied how to take down a tree, and he did it, and he was quite thrilled when it fell the right direction. (this is the history professor brother, not the math professor, so geometry isn’t really his thing.)

    and now whenever he needs wood and/or excercise he goes out to the edge of town and saws away at it and hauls some chunks home in the back of his truck.

    you know what they say–chopping wood warms you twice.

  3. I still have a tree stump in my backyard – you’re welcome to come get it out of the ground and burn it.

  4. When I was a little girl and stupid enough to tell my parents that I was bored, chopping firewood was one of the tasks assigned. Painting the picket fence was the other. When I got older, I would just go chop firewood whenever I felt like laying open my brother’s head…lol.

    Great post and great job of recycling – Karmyn would be proud!

  5. That tree dwarfs everything around it! Your ladder (which I imagine probably goes up to your roof etc) looks completely inadequate alongside.

    Most of the “boys” (read: men) I know would give their left AND right for a chainsaw and a few dead trees. It’s quite bizarre but there you go.

  6. Maybe you should hold a “tree felling” party when the time comes, a sort of BYO Chainsaw and cut my firewood for me deal, toss in a teacake and I’m there.

  7. It looks like a pretty busy on-going project. We used to heat with wood, then we didn’t, then our house burned and now I freak out every time I smell burning wood, we even converted our fireplace in the new house to gas.

  8. a southwesterly just might save you the bother if you wait long enough!

  9. Melissa – Very astute. That ladder is a 12′ to 20′ extension ladder, which is plenty to get to the roof. In the picture it’s at the 12′ height so it gives an idea of not only how high the tree is, but how round the main trunk is (my arms don’t even go halfway around it).

    Brenda – Seems to me that setting your house on fire is a bit of overkill just to get warm.

    Pamela – A good thought, but I don’t get sou’westerlies here, about 5 miles to the South West is the Great Dividing Range, so that stops them. Most of my winds are either Westerly (which would work ok) or Northerly (which would put the tree on the shed).

  10. We have a huge dead tree – our only large tree, of course – and hubby is just dieing to chop it down. Of course we’d take out our fence, the neighbors fence, the playset and probably part of our house.

    I think we’ll leave ours to the pros!!

  11. Your tree project has be done in a timely manner. The wood is there for you as you need it for warmth.It is only unfinished in that it does not need to be finished.

  12. Workbench? I don’t get it. That wood looks good and dry. Perfect for burning.

  13. hmmm. is wt sportin’ wood for fun monday. (oooh, did i say that??) 🙂

  14. Might want to call in a pro for that one. Too bad Grandpa isn’t still alive, or I’d ask him–he was a lumberjack in his youth. Oh, and if a pro does it, and it demolishes your shed, at least your damage will be covered.

    Cute little truck and trailer. Nice shed! Is that a water container-thingy next to it?

  15. Ring-barking? What’s that?

    Is that the tree that looked so gorgeous against the black sky? I get why you have to make it a non-tree, but damn, that was some incredible view you had there…

  16. Wait. You only go through three pieces of wood a winter or three piles of wood that size. Forgive me – I’m a city girl.

    And I’d like to know what ring-barking is too.

  17. Missing a question mark at the end of that second sentence, it seems. Man, it’s going to be a long day.

  18. Ring-barking? I’m not going to click the link…that would ruin the image I have in my head.

  19. I’d love to visit your place….looks interesting! My husband would kill for that ladder!

  20. I would be taking it down ASAP. You know before the next big wind has it squishing your garage there. I really love trees but these ones just do not mix with buildings as we found out in the June storms this year.

  21. Now you have some wood for the fireplace. Ahhhhhhhhh, on the cold winter days, it’s grand isn’t it? I love the odor of a wood-burning stove/fireplace.

    My project is really simple compared to YOURS!!

  22. PS—you made me spew my orange juice on my keyboard with the cock sock comment. Too good Willowtree, too good. :o)

  23. Going…going…and when it’s gone, it’ll remind me of “The Giving Tree”.

  24. You did that all by yourself ???? I have my mouth still open lol ! We could never do that, don’t have the equipment and then it’s quite dangerous with such a big tree !

  25. Just caught up with your posts. Glad to hear that gorgeous wee mini-mutt came home. You must have been worried sick about her. I have two Jack Russells and they are my babies and I would be destraught if they went missing. You have fabulous looking mutts there – all really cute.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog – I choked myself laughing at it! Very funny man that you are.

    Send me some logs when you get that tree felled.

  26. Me thinks you should create a chainsaw sculpture with what’s left of that tree…maybe a giraffe.

  27. I keep forgetting about Fun Monday. Maybe I should sign up for this one late. We have a ton of unfinished projects.

  28. That is a huge tree.

  29. I am with Tiger Lamb Girl, a video of it coming down would be great! Narrated of course :o)

  30. in case you don’t feel like clicking, ring-barking is what a dog does when it develops a severe case of ringworm.

  31. Re:Update.

    Bitch, bitch, bitch.

    Don’t you know that we’re just doing our part to boost your comment count??

  32. That’s one big tree! It makes no sense to chop it all down once…just keep doing as you are…until you decide you really, really need a workbench!

  33. That is a long term project! Very impressive.

    It is so pretty where you live, love that sky

  34. It took my dad like ten years to cut down the dead trees at their house, so I think your doing rather well:o)

  35. I enjoyed all of your photos!

  36. If I were to participate in today’s fun monday, my computer would crash with all of the uploading photos.
    No, that’s not true. I guess I’m more like you. It’s not that they’re started and unfinished. It’s more like I’ve overwhelmed by them and haven’t even started them–like retiling the bathroom and regrouting the shower and sanding the popcorn ceiling in the bedrooms…

  37. since you have some experience and all … you wanna come take the ones down in my yard that need to come down? i beg pretty well.

    awwww man get your mind outta the gutter

  38. Are you calling me lazy?? Thems fightin’ words!

    Well, if they weren’t true, that is…

  39. I just had to move part of a tree that fell on my driveway Thanksgiving Day. It wasn’t as big as yours of course, but I wasn’t about to let it prevent me from getting out of my driveway to make it to Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s house. I got out there in my heels and moved it by myself. A normal girl would have changed shoes, but I’ve never been normal.

  40. Ring-barking reminds me of when little babies discover their hair. They will pull on it where their hands can reach, leaving a bald ring around their head, the opposite hair pattern of balding men. Ring-hairing. Now I’m gonna have to find photos of my kid as a baby and humiliate her.

  41. lol.. I’m having a fire myself here today!

    My Biscuit puppy loved your no room in the inn video.. She barked twice at your dogs..I think she wants to see more!

    It was so lovely to see Belle, Bentley and Buddie! Thank you!

  42. I meant to spell Buddy’s name the right way! Sorry!

    Did I tell you a dingo got my Ken? But that’s ok cause now I can be a cougar! lol…

    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  43. I don’t do projects; that way I’m never disappointed by my inability to finish anything I start!!
    And I always “search”; I am deeply, pathologically lazy and I demand instant gratification. It’s just who I am.

  44. Hi Willowtree. I’m back. Now remind me how I can play the Monday game? I was going to try when Katie sent me here before I dropped out of the blogosphere last spring. Hugs!

  45. Okay! When you get done just hop on over to Mississippi and cut some trees down for me! he!he!

  46. Re: Update

    omg you tree murderer.

  47. Melissa – In the post I said “a combination of the drought and horses ring-barking it eventually killed it” the link I provided says “or by the feeding actions of some herbivores (who feed on bark at their height)”. Exactly what part of those two quotes leads you to accuse me of killing it?

  48. Are you worried about termites? Won’t they get into the firewood if you are using only three pieces per winter?

  49. I guess it’s better to try to bring it down the right way, then let it wait until nature brings it down. It seems to me that when that happens it ALWAYS takes out the building. At least this way you’ve got a fighting chance….

  50. You know…they have those electric log splitters that will make that job a lot easier. I can send one from here if you want 🙂

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