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Farewell NaBloMe

This is my last EVER NaBloPoMo post. There will be a PoMo (that’s a Post Mortem) tomorrow.

{PS. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.}

Yo MoFo! NoMo NaBloPoMo FoYo. BloMa, BloPa, BloMe. YoHoHo YoHo. post #30


26 Responses

  1. Hurray! Are you going to do the Christmas post a day for December?????

  2. Ah, come on WT. It really wasn’t that bad. Although I will be glad to hit publish that last time tomorrow morning, too. It was worth it just to see how many variations you could come up with for NaBloPoMo!

  3. and a hohoho and a merry old…isn’t that from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (I mean Little People)? sounds familiar.

  4. It’s your wedding anniversary? Well happy day to you and Mrs. Willowtree

  5. What did you do to this place? It doesn’t seem…You. Too perky. Did Barbie decorate?

    I wonder if you’ve also been talking in NaBloPoMo during normal everyday conversation (whatever normal everyday conversation is when you’re talking to animals)? The affliction seems to be progressing, and aggressively defending against normal WT speak. … Ah ha! It appears you’ve been taken over as its host! Beware of pushing against your abdomen from the inside. Strategically placed duct tape may help.

    Happy Anniversary! I forgot what number you’re on. 27?

  6. Happy Anniversary! How many years have you and the elusive Mrs. W been married?

    And this is how you celebrate? With your last BloMe post? Well, alright then.

    I’m glad the month is over for you. I’m sure you are even happier.

  7. Congratulations on surviving the BloMoPo thingy! Wasn’t so bad, was it??

    And Happy Anniversary to you and YDW!! 🙂

  8. Happy Anniversary and congrats on making it through this NaBloPloMo stuff. Such dedication!

  9. Oh, thank GAWD! Not that you haven’t been entertaining and all that, but the whining about BloMe has been… OK, actually, the whining’s been pretty entertaining, too! 😉

    Happy anniversary to you and your beloved.

  10. Congrats!

    Oh..and you forgot NaBloBoZo. Or is that exclusively mine?

  11. Ke? How did the vets appointment go?

  12. Dear willowtree. YOu seem so positive about these blog initiatives. Can’t wait til ya do another one.

  13. regarding that last line
    pa-mo-lo go ho ho ho fo yo no mo blo

  14. lolol. Yeah, you really suffered through 30 days, eh;).

  15. I’m with Tiger Lamb Girl…you didn’t even break a sweat ;).

  16. OOooo, since YDW doesn’t read your blog, who are you telling Happy Anniversary??

    Or does she and she’s just vewry quiet?

    (Happy Anniversary, no matter what it’s for 🙂 ).

  17. Happy Anniversary to you and your ‘sweetheart’ (I trust that is your DW)!
    You made the month with ease and I will have made it after today’s post without even officially joining in!

  18. Happy Anniversary!
    It’s all over, we made it! It’s been fun and you’ve been very funny, I think you should keep going on your own Dgmyblopoeed

  19. Aw, you snuck in the Happy Anniversary in parentheses at the end. Aren’t you romantic? Now I know why she married you…*grin* Oh, and Happy Anniversary. I’m going to assume you mean your wife and not one of your pets or something.

  20. Ooh! Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    Hey, can you please tell us how you actually feel about NaBloPoMo? I for one am tired of all your hedging on the subject.

  21. Dear willowtree. The dots at the top of your blog are very metrosexual.

  22. Hmmm, where did my earlier comment go? Oh well, Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely wife. The picture of your Belle is priceless.

  23. I actually think that the pressure to blog has added quality to your blog. Your posts from the last week are wonderful and most of them are absolutely hilarious!! Love the abreviated blogspeak! Now I’ve got to test out that picture thing. (Glad your puppy came home safe and mostly sound too!!)

  24. I am glad it is over too. I will have to think long and hard whether I do it next year. I’ve seen one called Blog 365 where you have to post every day for a year. Isn’t that called journalism?

    Oh…and Happy Anniversary!

  25. I am damn happy this crap is done with myself. Sick of stressing over it.

  26. I agree with you on several points but no way could I have said it as good as you did!! Way to go!! Oh and Happy Anniversary!!

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