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Free dogs can be expensive.


34 Responses

  1. Ha Ha Ha! Well, There is always cash!

    Oh Come on now! She was worth every cent. And by the way your vet consult is $20 cheaper than ours. Who is your vet? Mind you with the petrol going at $1.47 a litre this weekend I think the trip may send me broke. Our medication came in at $58 for the heart pills which will need to be replaced every 28 days and $15 for the other ones. Hmmm I wonder if we could lobby our new government for medicare and health care cards for them. Afterall, they do seem to cost more than the kids.

    And by the way “FIRST” for those who complain if we dont say it (Melissa in NZ) Personally I dont really give a s#!T if im first or last.

  2. She’s styling now! Is it just the light or do her eyes have a blue tint to them?

  3. She’s totally working it in that photo.
    GO GIRL:).

  4. Nonsense Karisma, you’re DELIGHTED you’re first! You DO give a s#!t!! Tut.

    WT your madd photoshopp skillz improve daily … much hysteria in NZ tonight over this one!!
    And if I were there I’d be giving Belle all manner of doggy treats right now – those EYES!

  5. Ahhhh! She’s voguing! You need to get 3 more doggie socks now! They won’t be near as expensive without the vet attached :/.

    And you’d empty your wallet for her, you aren’t kidding anyone….;).

  6. But Belle’s photo and your accompanying comments are priceless.

  7. i’ll write you a snail mail letter and include a check. you rustle up a crate and some international postage stamps.

    that face! oh that Riley-like face!

  8. You’ve got a long way to go to beat my tortoise vet bill earlier this year and they’re don’t even look appealing!!

  9. As my mom always says:

    24 karat parasite.

    She’s too cute.

  10. She just needs a stripe of green on her red cast and then she’d be stylin’ for the holidays.

  11. Well, of course they’re worthless! Worthless? Priceless? Neither one has a monetary amount attached. I find that the word I’m using is in direct response to the length of time from the last/next vet visit!

    She is SO cute!

  12. OUCH!!
    I feel your pain Willowtree…….

    Our dog Larry hit his paw and broke a toenail earlier this year. It was one of those things he wouldn’t let me mess with, so I took him to the vet figuring I could ask one of the techs to give it a quick snip and off we’d go…….

    We went alright, but not until he had what amounted to a $130.00 pedicure!!

  13. She is precious. What had to be done to that little paw?

  14. Oh…by the way….He was a freebie too….

  15. that face is irresistible…

  16. Well, I’m so taken with Belle that I will take her off your hands any time. That face. That cute little face. Who cares about vet bills when you have a dog that wonderful (except for the getting lost bit).

  17. Yeah, you bitch and moan, but she’s just too cute, and you adore her. You big softie.

  18. Willowtree, you missed your calling. You really should be writing ads for Leo Burnett or MacCann Erikson or some firm big and rich.

  19. Ah, what happened? (maybe you said something in a post when i was out of town–i don’t bother catching up on old posts. it’s hard enough keeping up with new ones.)

  20. Awww poor baby! That’s for Belle not you. Absolutely adorable. Again Belle not you.

  21. Yes, but she’s worth every penny. Just look at that face!

  22. Yeah…I have a $500.00 “FREE” cat >^..^< I feel your pain buddy.

  23. It’s amazing how the four legged ones cost more than the two legged ones. Oh, and the pet psychologist? SO NOT WORTH IT. Learned that the hard way.

  24. awwwwww.

    bet that pretty red sock is dirty already.

  25. Hayden – It was dirty last night before she went to bed!

  26. Uh oh, what was wrong? Was her owee from running away serious after all?

    Buy her two green socks, and one red one, and she’s ready for the Christmas parties.

  27. That is so adorable! Poor baby girl.

  28. At least she was free. It just means that now you paid for her. Glad she is alright and home safe and sound.

  29. Wow, we’ve never gotten out of the vet’s office that cheap for an emergency. Lucky you and lucky pup that she has you.

  30. I love my dogs to death, but I could not agree more with the pic! 😀

  31. Ha!! I love it…I haven’t read what happened to the poor girl, but I love this. Our “free” pets have cost us a fortune!! And they pay it back in doggy kisses, and kitty purrs..

  32. Poor Baby, Belle ! Stop your whining, DubYaT. What was the procedure on the foot?

  33. Belle is absolutely adorable and I really do think that you are a closet “softie”.

  34. Poor Belle! but the post was too funny!

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