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It’s all in the presentation

There’s Geek Tee Shirts…

And then there’s Geek Tee shirts…

Hell there’s even Geek Kitties…



33 Responses

  1. First again, woohoo, I’m on a roll.

    The align right kitties made me laugh 🙂

  2. You are such a geek.

  3. I hesitate to say this but tits and kitties? Hmmmm.

  4. Yeah man!!!

  5. So do her titties disappear if she wears a different tee?

  6. Question: Does the “TITS” t-shirt have “TITS” written in two places for a reason?, Like for example…the “TITS” on top are for after the boob job and the “TITS” on bottom are for before the boob job…..or maybe on top for 20 year olds and on bottom for 40 year olds without boob jobs?? Curious minds want to know!!

  7. Funny. Still chucking over the aligning cats.

  8. align right kitties made me lol(cat)

  9. Sandy – There were no butts in this post, only tits and kitties.

    Claudia – Now that’s a very good question! I’d me more inclined to think they’d disappear if someone wanted their silicon back.

    Alison – You’re definitely not a geek. You need to consult an HTML manual to get your answer.

  10. There are kittens too?

  11. Ha – they are funny. Only my husband just said he might get me a shirt like that middle one. I suppose I could wear it to my mum’s house for Christmas Day, that would be festive.

  12. Your male readers are a little more vocal with this post.


  13. Oops sorry, for the blank comment. Trying to be a geek, I placed lolmjd inside the “less than” and “more than” symbols. Anyway, the pictures are very funny.

  14. No wonder you “use” HMLT, HLMT, HLTM…HTML…or something with those letters.
    It took me a minute or three to get the align the kitties and I’m not talkin’ about the “kitties” in the second photo.
    Please explain the difference in the two codes on the middle chicks t-shirt. Will they automatically appear down below as she ages or what? Where is ?

  15. not to mention geek blogs…

  16. It’s a good thing she labeled em. Wonder if it says on her backside.

  17. I think I’m a geek just for being able to read the html. Two years ago I never even knew what it was…

  18. I love these! I also like the one that says “webmistress” on the front, and has a submit button on the back.

  19. What I want to know is if that’s your siding behind white t-shirt girl.

  20. I want to see a pair of pants on a guy – with wording across the crotch


  21. What would happen if you align the T-shirt one?

  22. LOL @ Karmyn. Since we’re talking like that today.

  23. some of us know what happens to those t-shirts if you drop the html code

  24. oops… I forgot to change my code after I commented on Swampy.

    Strange how it kind of went with the theme, tho.

  25. I want both of those t-shirts. Must get.

  26. I hope you’re working on the Sunday sermon. ‘Cuz I really need one.

  27. Love your taste in T-Shirts. Of course there is no way in heck I could get Dawn to wear that middle one….

  28. I still don’t know what lolcats are or get the align comment. I’m so lost.

    Although you’ll probably love this…screw the boobs…see…

    if html will give her those boobs, I wonder if there is an html code that will give me my waist back.

  29. OMG…too funny! Of course, you remember The Offspring’s t-shirt…well, she picked out a new one, that I’m NOT letting her get. It’s funny, tho…but too risque for an almost-14-but-dammit-mom-I’m-really-21-year-old:


  30. Damn. That link was a bastard. Sorry.

  31. I’m still laughing over the cats. And I think I’d be a hero walking into work with that 2nd T. Thanks for the laugh!

  32. LOVE your geek humor – lol!

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